Power Ranking the Top 50 College Football Student Sections

Alex Callos@@alexcallosCorrespondent IJune 7, 2012

Power Ranking the Top 50 College Football Student Sections

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    There is nothing in sports like the home-field advantage in college football. A raucous crowd can be the difference in a game.

    While the atmosphere of the stadium is based on all of the fans, it all starts with the student section.

    Naturally, the bigger stadiums have the larger student sections and that can make all the difference.

    There are however, some student sections that are loud and proud even if there are not as many students.

    Here are the top 50 college football student sections. Let the debate begin.

50. Fresno State

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    Known as the "Red Zone", the Fresno State student section is not as large as a lot of the big name schools, but they can make plenty of noise before, during and after the game.

    Bulldog Stadium is only home to 41,000 people, but the student section can help make up for the smaller crowds with a lot of noise.

    During the 61st minute when the band plays, they are as loud as ever, especially after a Fresno State win.

49. SMU

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    Gerald J. Ford Stadium is another tiny field, but the SMU Mustangs know how to have a good time at a football game and it all starts in the student section.

    Everybody in Texas loves football and the SMU student section is no different. The group is not that large, but they are extremely loud throughout the game.

    As evidenced by the picture, they can even get a little creative at times.

48. Washington

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    The view from Husky Stadium is nothing short of amazing and for some reason they can never completely fill the stadium.

    Those who show up however are extremely loud. Like many stadiums, these students are even louder at night.

    The stadium has been known to vibrate and shake during the right game and the student section is right in the middle of everything.

47. Rutgers

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    The fans here are very loyal and they consider this "The Birthplace of College Football".

    At High Point Solutions Stadium the fans are loud and proud. Like other Jersey natives, this group is extremely opinionated and vocal.

    When it comes to atmospheres in the Big East, this is one of the best and there are few students sections that can compete in the conference.

46. Kansas

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    The "Rock Chalk" chant is one of the best in all of sports and it rings loud at Memorial Stadium during Saturdays in the fall. 

    Even though Kansas is definitely a basketball school, they still have enough support for their football team and with Charlie Weis now in the fold, that may get even better.

    The chant that can give just about anybody goosebumps helps Kansas crack the list.

45. Houston

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    For a stadium that only holds 32,000, this is one of the rowdiest student sections from any mid-major conference.

    The Cougars have developed into one of the premier teams in Conference USA and they have a small fan base that is very loyal.

    The group loves their Cougars and if they could just get a little more support, they might be a little higher on the list.

44. Missouri

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    With a loyal and faithful fanbase, the Missouri student section knows how to get down and have a good time all game long.

    Between the third and fourth quarters the band plays "The Missouri Waltz", which always gets everybody jumping out of their seats.

    Not many schools have as much pride as the Missouri Tigers and their student section displays that every game.

    The video does not lie, this group loves their team.

43. Connecticut

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    The Connecticut student section is actually a little better than many people would think. Located behind the end zone, this group has their fair share of cheers that they yell throughout the game.

    "Stick it in, stick it in, stick it in" is yelled after each play when the Huskies are inside their opponents 20-yard line.

    There is a lot of tradition in the stadium and the student section plays a large part in that.

42. Southern Mississippi

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    Not many fanbases, and student sections in particular, have been known to be as nice and hospitable as that of the Southern Miss Golden Eagles.

    The student section is perfectly positioned near the visitors locker room and their sidelines.

    This group has one job and that is to stay loud the entire game. They never fail to do just that and create an intimidating environment for a team that is quickly becoming a Conference USA powerhouse.

41. Baylor

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    The Baylor student section has some interesting aspects to it that make it more unique than a lot of the others.

    At the beginning of the game is the "Baylor Line". This is a group of freshmen in yellow shirts that run across the field before the game starts and form a tunnel for the players to run out of.

    After the run through the tunnel, this group takes their seats behind the visitors bench and hassle the opposing team throughout.

40. Cincinnati

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    Nippert Stadium is one of the more unique venues in college football and as one of the oldest stadiums in the country, it has a lot to offer.

    The student section takes their seats in the end zone and while they are not as loud as a lot of stadiums, they offer something no other stadium does.

    When Cincinnati scores, a cannon is shot off and the ROTC members on the field do push-ups for the amount of points Cincinnati has.

    Needless to say the student section goes crazy.

39. Boise State

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    Bronco Stadium only seats 32,000, but this group knows how to enjoy a game and they hardly ever lose at home.

    While the Broncos are almost always blowing out opponents at home, they still know the precise time to get a little louder and make it difficult on the other team.

    The fans always know what color to wear and the student section is certainly tops in the Mountain West.

38. Mississippi State

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    Nothing like some cowbell ringing at a college football game. Even though the SEC and fans of opposing teams may not like it too much, the Bulldogs love to sound their cowbells.

    This is one of the most exciting aspects of David Wade Stadium.

    While there are plenty of other SEC student sections that are a little louder, this is right in the middle of the pack as far as that conference is concerned and is one of the top-40 student sections in the country.

37. Iowa

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    The B1G has some extremely large stadiums and while Iowa is not one of the biggest, it is an atmosphere that is as good as it gets.

    With over 10,000 students, this is one of the larger student sections in the country. Located in the south end zone, these fans will scream constantly throughout the game.

    This place can get rather loud when the Hawkeyes are competitive. Just look at the enthusiasm in the video.

36. Georgia Tech

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    Even though Bobby Dodd stadium is a little more open than many others, it can still get a little louder than most because of the raucous crowd.

    Located right in Atlanta, this stadium fills with students who pack the place from start to finish.

    These students love to support their team, particularly for the big ACC games. Judging by this picture, these students certainly know how to enjoy a game.

35. Arkansas

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    The SEC has a lot of excellent student sections and Arkansas is right up there with the best.

    "Woo Pig Sooie" is a chant that will undoubtedly be heard throughout the game. All of the students typically wear red with the exception of those who have crazy attire, like chest paint for example.

    This is truly one of the best atmospheres in college football.

34. Oklahoma State

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    For multiple chants and traditions, this is the place to go. The "Orange Power" chant is one of the many that ring throughout the stadium during the game.

    These fans will don the orange shirts and scream at the top of their lungs for their Cowboys.

    The student section is extremely large and the front row of students hits the sides of the stadium wall with large sticks.

33. Central Florida

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    These fans have as much passion and energy as anybody in Conference USA. They are constantly yelling throughout the game.

    What they bring to the stadium is an energy that few other groups of fans bring to any stadium across the country.

    For a mid-major school that is headed to the Big East eventually, they are well on their way to having one of the best students sections in the conference.

32. Stanford

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    The student section here is known as the "Red Zone" and they put on quite a show.

    Perhaps the real show however, is the one that the band puts on. Stanford has one of the best bands in the country and the student section certainly enjoys it.

    They are loud and proud throughout, rooting for their Cardinals.

31. Oklahoma

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    From the pregame festivities to the "Boomer, Sooner" chant, the Oklahoma student section knows how to have a good time at a football game.

    For as good as the Sooners are and how large the stadium is, it could be a little louder, but that is no fault of the student section.

    There is enough history and tradition here that this place is perfect to enjoy a college football game.

30. Auburn

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    While the Auburn student section does not do anything to really set themselves apart from a lot of the other schools, they are loud and have some of the coolest cheers in the nation.

    "War Eagle" can be heard throughout Jordan-Hare Stadium on Saturdays in the fall. The Tiger faithful are very proud and will scream at the top of their lungs all day long.

    Here is a video to see just how loud they really can be.

29. Kansas State

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    Despite not being as historically successful as a lot of the the other schools on this list, there is still a lot of tradition at this small college town in Manhattan.

    Simply put, this is one of the most underrated atmospheres in the Big 12 and college football all together.

    They can make it difficult on road teams because they do not cheer throughout, but make it much harder when they get loud on the biggest plays and third down opportunities.

    Be sure to dress in purple at these games.

28. Notre Dame

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    Notre Dame Stadium is filled with more history than probably any college football stadium out there.

    The stadium is always packed with a crowd that ranges from older alumni to a much younger student section.

    Even though it can get loud at times and the student section is great throughout the game, this group is not in the top tier, but still one of the best in the country.

    Check out the video, the push-ups they do after points are pretty cool.

27. Arizona

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    Arizona may not be as good as many other teams on this list, but their student sections is surprisingly one of the best in the Pac-12.

    With over 10,000 students filling every game, the "Zona Zoo" as this group is most commonly known as has helped Arizona Stadium be called one of the toughest points to play in the conference.

    This group covers the entire east sideline from one side to the other.

26. TCU

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    The success that TCU has had in recent years has done nothing but improve their fanbase and their student section.

    Amon G. Carter Stadium just has a complete college atmosphere to it. The crowd is loud and engaged during the entire game and the Horned Frogs are hard to beat at home.

    Along with the students, the alumni help to provide one of the best atmospheres of any team, but the students are what helps put TCU above a lot of other schools.

    Be sure to wear purple.

25. Georgia

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    A Georgia game is like a big party for the fans at Sanford Stadium. Upon entering, opposing teams may be overwhelmed with a sea of red.

    The Bulldogs fans are not afraid of a little intimidation and they know just how to get loud at the right times.

    The SEC has a lot of excellent atmospheres and this is up there with the best of them all. The chant of "Georgia...Bulldogs" can be heard all game long.

    Blackouts are also a possibility here.

24. Arizona State

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    With a section of 9,000 seats located in the southeast corner of the stadium, this group is known as a sea of gold.

    Even though Arizona State has struggled in recent years, the fans will always fill up Sun Devil Stadium and help make it one of the toughest environments in the Pac-12.

    The student section gets everything going from start to finish.

23. Michigan State

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    The student section at Spartan Stadium is very effective and constantly cheering for their team.

    While there are a lot of different cheers, the most popular is when one side of the student section yells, "Go Green", and the other side yells "Go White".

    This student section is always packed full and often moves into other sections of the stadium due to how many students show up.

    They will yell during the entire game, but get a little extra rowdy on third downs and other big plays.

22. North Carolina State

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    The ACC is mostly known as a league that loves their basketball, particularly in the state of North Carolina, but here they are big time into football as well.

    The student section is up there with the best in the ACC. They help to create an atmosphere that is one of the more unique in the conference.

    This group is entertaining and loud from start to finish.

21. Texas

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    As one of the largest football stadiums in the country, Darrell K Royal has a student section that helps to make it one of the most deafening in all of college football.

    Do not even try to attempt to hear anything in here on big third down plays. You can't because of the deafening noise coming from the student section and the rest of the crowd as well.

    'Hook em' Horns' is a saying that will be heard throughout, and Texas fans never seem to get tired of it.

20. West Virginia

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    There is not an environment in college football that is as hostile as the one in Morgantown, West Virginia.

    The fans certainly love their team and will do anything for their Mountaineers. This group makes it one of the more intimidating places to watch a game and is not the place to bring a family for those who are rooting for the opposing team.

    "Take Me Home, Country Roads" is sung, and the student section certainly loves it.

    The video is a little sample of what goes on after a victory.

19. Florida State

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    There is so much tradition at a Florida State football game that this is truly one of the best places to watch a college football game.

    The student section is one of the loudest in the country and there is a lot to intimidate fans, including Chief Osceola riding out on his horse and throwing a flaming spear right into the middle of the field.

    Of course, we all know that famous tomahawk war chant that is one of the most intimidating in all of sports.

18. Tennessee

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    Neyland Stadium is very large and with a student section as big as that at Tennessee, it is easy to see why it is one of the top 20 in the country.

    The student section is always orange clad and loves that old "Rocky Top" chant.

    While there are some SEC crowds that are a bit rowdier, this group knows how to have a good time at a college football game.

17. Navy

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    "The Brigade of Midshipmen" as the Navy student section is called are in complete uniform for every home game.

    The passion they come with at all of the home games is second to none in college football, no matter how good the home team is.

    There are just so many traditions here and the crowd yells chants that are a little more mature than many other stadiums. This place is quite an atmosphere on a Saturday in the fall.

16. Ole Miss

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    How many rally cries are better than "Hotty Toddy"? In my opinion, not too many.

    The student section loves to cheer that among many other chants. There are other school songs, as well as traditions that this crowd takes part in on a consistent basis.

    The party starts here well before the game and continues all day long. The Rebels love their football in Mississippi.

15. Maryland

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    The Maryland Terrapins have a surprisingly excellent home field advantage.The student section does not even think about sitting down the entire game.

    This group is not only loud, but on big defensive plays, they take their keys out and shake them at the opposing team.

    The fans are never afraid to paint their faces and sometimes even dress up as a Terrapin. These students are quite a rowdy bunch to say the least.

14. Michigan

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    Michigan Stadium is the largest in college football and consistently has nearly 110,000 fans at every game.

    A good portion of those fans is the student section and along with the band, this group is loud and proud for their Wolverines.

    The band gets everyone pumped up before the game playing "Hail to the Victors" and marching toward the student section who start cheering and seemingly never stop the entire game.

13. North Carolina

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    North Carolina is certainly a basketball school, but they know how to show up and root for their Tar Heels when it comes to football as well.

    Keenan Memorial Stadium is a place that will be rocking on a Saturday thanks in large part to a raucous student section.

    The group is very intense from start to finish and they are waving pom-poms while cheering on their Tar Heels. Needless to say, they are a little louder for the big games.

12. Nebraska

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    There might not be a student section that is friendlier than that of the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

    The atmosphere here is one of the best in the country and the chant "Husker Power" is one that can be heard throughout the game. 

    Wait until the Cornhuskers score their first touchdown and prepare for the release of balloons up into the air. It is certainly quite a sight to see.

11. Alabama

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    With over 100,000 screaming fans, and a very large student section, there is no question that this is one of the best in the nation.

    There is no group in the country that is more loyal than those fans of the Crimson Tide and the intensity level is up there with the best. 

    The students are very loud throughout the game and the noise is nothing short of deafening toward the end zones, particularly when there is a big play coming up.

10. Clemson

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    When Clemson is playing good, there are few places in the country that can match the deafening noise heard here.

    The student section is located behind the end zone and as evidenced by the video, they can get extremely loud.

    There is so much history and many cool aspects that come from watching a game here, that make the original 'Death Valley' quite an intimidating environment thanks to the student section.

9. South Carolina

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    Located behind the end zone, this student section is one of the most intimidating in the SEC.

    Williams-Brice Stadium is one of the loudest in the country. The student section can get really noisy, helping the stadium to sway and vibrate.

    "If it ain't swayin, we ain't playin'." That is a saying that former head coach Joe Morrison once said.

    That couldn't be further from the truth and it is in large part due to a crazy student section.

8. Ohio State

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    Ohio Stadium is quite an atmosphere and while the student section is not as good as some of the top-tier schools, it is still one of the best in the country.

    "Block O" as the group is called is located in the end zone and is constantly heard throughout the game.

    From the "O-H-I-O" chant and Script Ohio played by the band, this student section is not only one of the best in the B1G, but is one of the most entertaining in the country as well.

7. Virginia Tech

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    There are not many better entrances than that of the Virginia Tech Hokies and when "Enter Sandman" is played, the student section is rocking up and down.

    The stadium and the student section stay loud from the entrance song all the way to the end of the game.

    On big third down plays when the Hokies are on the defensive side of the ball, key chains are out and being shook by many in the student section.

6. Florida

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    The Swamp is an intimidating venue that is one of the best home field advantages in all of college football. It all begins with the student section.

    This group arrives early and supports their team as well as anybody. They are never afraid to come decked out with complete body paint.

    That "Gator Chomp" never gets too old.

5. Oregon

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    Autzen Stadium is one of the smaller venues near the top of the list, but there is so much energy, particularly from the student section that it cracks the top five of the list.

    Consistently known as the toughest atmosphere in the Pac-12, this stadium is one of the loudest in all of college football.

    With the success the Ducks have had in recent years, there are few student sections who are consistently louder than this one.

4. Wisconsin

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    There are few traditions when it comes to student sections that are as loud and interesting as "Jump Around."

    This is played between the third and fourth quarters of every home game.

    The student section is extremely large and loud for all four quarters, but when "Jump Around" is playing, there is no louder student section in America.

3. LSU

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    This is one of the best game day atmospheres in all of college football and the student section helps to set it apart from a lot of the other schools. 

    There are plenty of chants that can be heard consistently throughout the game.

    One that is very popular is "Tiger Bait." Not many fans live and die with their team like this group does and a game here is like one big party, particularly on a Saturday night.

2. Texas A&M

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    As the Home of the 12th Man, Kyle Field has quite an amazing student section. The support from this group is greater than perhaps anywhere else in the country.

    Throw in the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band and the experience is as unique as anywhere.

    These fans are so intense that they meet at the stadium at midnight the night before a big game and hold a "Midnight Yell." Nobody else in the country can stake claim to anything like that.

    The student section here is never afraid to move around to mess with the opposition. See the video as they move to the end zone where the opposing team is headed to try to distract them a little bit.

1. Penn State

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    This student section is the best in the country and for a night game that is also a whiteout, there is nobody even close to what this student section has to offer.

    Beaver Stadium is one of the largest and loudest in the entire country. The student section is a little more brash than a lot of the others, but they stand the whole game in support of their team and are never afraid to say what is on their mind.

    Check out "Zombie Nation" as it is played in the middle of another whiteout crowd. 

    Truly something special.


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