WWE Absurdity: JBL and HBK Story Line Doesn't Make Sense Anymore

Adam JohnstonCorrespondent IFebruary 6, 2009

I really liked where this storyline was going until I heard the match clauses at No Way Out. I mean, wasn't slavery abolished?

Why the hell would HBK (Shawn Michaels) accept a match so stupid where he has to work for no pay?

Why would HBK just let JBL (John Layfield) bully him into a match like that? I understand that he works for him, but don't employees have rights? Could HBK just report JBL to employee authority (human resources, for those of you stateside) and sue him for all he is worth?

This is one of those moments where Kayfabe has gone too far. If HBK wanted out of his contract, couldn't he just release himself? Yes, he might want the package he will get if he's fired or released, but why let JBL walk all over you when you have got nothing to lose in a match anyway?

Why wouldn't HBK superkick the life out of JBL if he was going to be stuck in a contract with JBL, win or lose? Why not weaken JBL before the big match? That is what I would do if I thought I was becoming a slave to Layfield.

Or how about getting Triple H or another face to take JBL out for HBK so it doesn't break the contract that is in place?

These are only suggestions, but they are ones I would like the WWE to take. What do you think could make the "Slavery" storyline more interesting? Let me know.

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