Women's Rugby: Beautiful Side of a Brtual Game

Giorgi DolidzeCorrespondent IFebruary 5, 2009

Women's rugby is one of the fastest-growing sports around.

It's not just for boys and men anymore—and there are more and more women's rugby clubs all over the world.

Whether you just want to play for fun or be right up there challenging for honors, there's a place for everyone.

Some may say that such an aggressive and brutal game as rugby is no place for such beautiful creatures as women.

In my sight of view, rugby is a beautiful game, so are women. This means that women’s rugby is twice as pretty as men’s rugby (just joking). That is not true. Females can’t do great tackles and can’t play like men, but I still like their matches.  

Here are statistics for women’s International Rugby Union:

Total number of countries indexed – 62

Total number of games indexed – 640

Total number of points scored – 23,433

Average points per game – 36.61

Most games played by a team – 128 (by England)

Highest percentage of wins (100 percent) - by Austria/Croatia, Catalonia, China, England Select XV, England Student XV, French Universities, Sweden A, Uganda, USA XV

Highest score – 141 (by Netherlands)

Largest joint score – 144 (Denmark 3-141 Netherlands)

Most wins in row – 19 (by New Zealand)

Most losses in row – 10 (Ireland, Germany, Spain)

Oldest game - 13 Apr 1982 (Netherlands - France)

Women's Rugby World Cup

There have been five women's tournaments played to date, three official Women's Rugby World Cups (Amsterdam 1998, Barcelona 2002 and Edmonton 2006), and two unofficial Women's Rugby World Cups (Cardiff 1991 and Edinburgh 1994).

The staging of the first women’s "World Cup"—albeit unofficial—in Cardiff in 1991, was a pivotal moment. The event broke new ground and for Deborah Griffin and her small team of organizers, the project was a massive challenge. To this day, Griffin is held up as being a leading light and pioneer for the women’s World Cup movement.

Held in 1991, the first women’s event had clashed in the rugby calendar with the second men’s Rugby World Cup in the UK. In order to avoid a recurrence of that problem, the next tournament was brought forward a year to 1994.

The full backing of the International Rugby Board was given in time for the 1998 event, therefore it became the year of the first "official" Women’s Rugby World Cup.

World Cup Final Results

2006: NZ beat England 25-17
2002: NZ beat England 19-9
1998: NZ beat USA 44-12
1994: England beat USA 38-23
1991: USA beat England 19-6


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