The 20 Most Lopsided Rivalries in College Football

Joe PenkalaCorrespondent IMay 25, 2012

The 20 Most Lopsided Rivalries in College Football

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    Over time in college football, certain teams have found a way to take advantage of others. As teams continue to play each other on a regular basis, some matchups are tight and go back and forth, while others show a clear-cut advantage to one team over the other.

    While there are series that have been more lopsided then these, here is a look at 20 matchups that have separated themselves by being not only relevant, but completely one-sided through looking at the number of games and win percentage.

LSU vs Arkansas (35-20)

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    LSU and Arkansas have played great games in the Battle for the Golden Boot. These two teams have been among the SEC's best lately.

    Last year was a classic, and this year may be as well, since both teams will likely be in the Top Ten in the nation. 

Texas A&M vs Baylor (68-31-9)

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    A series that will likely start to dwindle due to Texas A&M's move to the SEC is their game against Baylor—the Battle of the Brazos. This may be a good thing for the Bears, as they have only won twice in this game since 1986.

Utah vs BYU (55-34-4)

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    This is a rivalry that is still lopsided, but it is starting to shift the other way. In this Holy War, Utah has held a 41-8-4 series advantage.

    Since then, the Cougars have gone 26-14 and have managed to make the overall series look more respectable. 

Texas vs Texas Tech (46-15)

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    While these two teams have recently put the Chancellor's Spur on the line, they have been doing battle for a long time.Texas has had the upper hand and is winning three out of every four games these teams play.  

Clemson vs NC State (51-28-1)

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    One of the lesser-known rivalries nationwide is between Clemson and North Carolina State. The Tigers and the Wolfpack met up in the Textile Bowl and, after Clemson's seven-game winning streak in the matchup, NC State finally beat them in 2011.

Georgia vs Georgia Tech (62-39-5)

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    Georgia and Georgia Tech meet up in a game known as "Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate," and the name truly matches the game. Lately, Georgia has dominated and has held the Yellow Jackets to one win in the past 10 years. 

Tennessee vs Kentucky (73-24-9)

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    While the two teams still play, the Battle for the Barrel was discontinued in 1998 after fans were killed in a drunk driving case after the game.

    Along with the off-the-field issues, Kentucky had a hard time keeping up on the field. They are losing this series 73-24-9 and are not making it much of a rivalry. 

Washington vs Washington State (67-31-6)

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    In some years, the Apple Cup is hard to watch for everyone. The majority of the time, this has been a difficult game for Cougar fans.

    Washington holds over a 2-to-1 advantage over their in-state rival and won't let them forget about it. 

Oklahoma vs Missouri (65-25-5)

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    Oklahoma vs. Missouri is a rivalry game that we may not see often anymore. When the two of these teams played, the reward was the Tiger-Sooner Peace Pipe.

    With Missouri moving to the SEC, they may have escaped this routine beatdown. 

Notre Dame vs Army (38-8-4)

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    Though not as bad as their game with the Navy, Notre Dame has a stranglehold on the Army as well. The last time the Army managed to put up a win in this series was in 1958.

LSU vs Tulane (69-22-7)

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    A rivalry that not many people think about is between LSU and Tulane.

    These two teams go at it in the Battle for the Rag. While Tulane does their best, they are outmatched year after year by a better and more talented LSU team. 

Ohio State vs Illinois (62-30-4)

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    While the Big 10 is flooded with various game trophies, one of the lesser known is the Illibuck. It is awarded to the winner of the Ohio State and Illinois game.

    Overall, this has been a series that the Buckeyes have dominated, winning 62 of 96 games played. Though Illinois has been competitive, they have only won three times since 1995. 

Purdue vs Indiana (57-27-3)

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    When Purdue and Indiana lock up in a game, they are battling for the Old Oaken Bucket.

    What this means is that Purdue is winning back this trophy. Purdue has been successful in doing this every year except three since 1996. 

Alabama vs Mississippi State (74-18-3)

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    The game between Alabama and Mississippi State has become extremely lopsided.

    The Tide have managed to build up a 74-18-3 advantage and, based on the current state of both teams, that margin is going to continue to grow as the Tide are among the nation's elite. 

Michigan vs Minnesota (67-22-3)

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    When Michigan and Minnesota battle, the two teams are fighting over the Little Brown Jug.

    While players can get passionate and motivated to try and take ownership of the jug, this has been a one-sided battle. Michigan has earned 67 wins in the series. 

Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State (82-17-7)

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    The Bedlam Series has always meant a lot in the state of Oklahoma but, for most of the series, Oklahoma State has lost on a regular basis.

    The good news from last year: the Cowboys managed yo end an eight-game Sooner winning streak in the series and win big—44-10.

Alabama vs Kentucky (35-2-1)

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    Alabama holds a wide margin of victory over a lot of teams, but none more than their advantage over Kentucky. In the 38 games these two have played, Kentucky has only managed to win two and tie one. 

Michigan vs Indiana (52-9-0)

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    While it is not a huge rivalry, it is a game that has been going on for a long time now.

    Michigan has routinely been handing it to the Hoosiers. To make things worse, Indiana has continued to play awful.

    Michigan has been getting back in to form, meaning this series will only get worse for Indiana. 

Notre Dame vs Navy (71-12-1)

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    The most lopsided rivalry in the nation is between Notre Dame and the Navy.

    Games between these two schools go back generations, as do the beatings.

    Notre Dame wins 84.5 percent of the time over the Midshipmen and doesn't appear to be letting up anytime soon. 

Oklahoma vs Iowa State (69-5-2)

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    Oklahoma has been laying the wood to Iowa State for a long time.

    Since the series began, Oklahoma owns 90 percent of the victories. Anytime a team can build up a 69-5-2 record against another, it is an impressive feat. 


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