Missouri Football: Why the Tigers Are Under More Pressure Than Texas A&M

Adam Spencer@AdamSpencer4Correspondent IMay 22, 2012

Missouri Football: Why the Tigers Are Under More Pressure Than Texas A&M

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    The Missouri Tigers and Texas A&M Aggies are both joining the SEC in 2012. Texas A&M will join the SEC West, and Mizzou will join the SEC East. But the Tigers will be under more pressure next season because of several circumstances.

    Let’s take a look at five reasons why Mizzou will be under more pressure in 2012.

5. Mizzou Made a More Controversial Entrance

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    When Mizzou entered the SEC, it nearly caused the collapse of the Big 12. There were a lot of bitter feelings, especially from Kansas fans.

    So, there will be more people rooting against Mizzou in 2012. Therefore, the Tigers will need to be successful in order to silence many of their critics.

4. Mizzou Doesn't Play LSU or Arkansas

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    Mizzou has an easier schedule than Texas A&M. There's no questioning that.

    Though they do have to play Alabama, the Tigers avoid teams like LSU and Arkansas. So, they’ll be under more pressure to win because they have teams like Kentucky and Vanderbilt on their schedule.

3. Mizzou Is the Better Team

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    Let’s be honest here: Mizzou is better than Texas A&M.

    The Tigers have beaten the Aggies at Kyle Field the past two years. They also are returning their starting quarterback, James Franklin. That consistency will pay off for the Tigers.

    Speaking of quarterbacks…

2. Texas A&M Lost Ryan Tannehill

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    It’s always tough to replace a guy like Ryan Tannehill.

    He was a first-round NFL draft pick and was the unquestioned team leader in 2011.

    Tannehill threw for 3,744 yards and 29 touchdowns last season. The Aggies will be lucky to get that level of production in 2012.

    No one is going to fault the offense if it gets off to a slow start next year.

1. The SEC East Is Easier

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    No one is going to fault the Aggies if they lose to Alabama, Arkansas and LSU and struggle through their first year in the SEC West.

    But with teams like Tennessee, Kentucky and Vanderbilt on the Mizzou schedule, the Tigers will be judged more harshly for a bad performance. They’re going to need to go at least 3-3 in their division in order to have a “successful” season.

    The good news is that they have the potential to go 4-2 or even 5-1 in their division.