My Poem About Super Bowl Sunday

NC Nighthawk@NC Nighthawk (my Xbox gamertag)Analyst IFebruary 1, 2009


Most special is Super Bowl Sunday.

Fans wake up with much hope and anticipation, and a smile because the Super Bowl is today!

Many rise early and many sleep in as believers begin to pray and people start to hope at the beginning of Super Bowl Sunday.

The local Sunday morning newspaper examined for its special Super Bowl edition section.

Team matchups are studied and the televised pregame and game coverage are noted and taken.

Super Bowl ticket holders already know exactly what time that the stadium gates open.

Thousands are already tailgating near and at the Super Bowl site.

Super Bowl pregame coverage on television starts a couple of hours before the first bite of lunch on the east coast and on the west coast, during each breakfast bite.

TV viewers endure hours of pregame speculation, prognostication, and hype.

Team and player statistics, career histories, previous matchups, personal/behind-the scenes stories, Super Bowl trivia and history, and eventually, final points, prognostications, and predictions fill up the televised Sunday afternoon, attempting to put context into Super Bowl life.

Most special is Super Bowl Sunday.

People prepare or order food for the party or for the family for the day.

Ahhh, the aroma of pizza, hot wings, and barbecue chicken stirs appetites in a hungry way.

People ice down soft drinks and beer.

Various people choose to go to the local pub or bar; in rural areas are the bars in which on walls are busts of deer.

Several hours later, many will be of good cheer.

Many wear a favorite player’s NFL replica jersey.

Most special is Super Bowl Sunday.

Super Bowl Sunday is an unofficial national holiday.

It’s late Sunday afternoon and fans from ages 2 to 92 are ready and geared for the Super Bowl blitz.

Super Bowl parties have begun and people are putting on the Ritz.

Only two hours before kickoff, the stadium is already full, and TV viewers are more than prepared.

Surfers check the World Wide Web and TV for player, injury status, and Super Bowl teams’ updates because they care. and earn new records for visits and number of hits.

Hardcore NFL fans read and write articles and post comments at Bleacher Report and they surf reputable sports web sites for substantive pre-Super Bowl analysis and opinion, as they synthesize and sit.

With cell phones, people text friends for Super Bowl and party information as they enjoy socializing.

Commentators on ESPN, the NFL Network, and the old over-the-air network repeatedly inform viewers about what they expect to happen, which team will win the Super Bowl, and why – from notes, teleprompters, and memorizing. 

The TV is on all day but at 6 o’clock viewers really begin to actually listen, tune in, and pay attention to last minute analysis.

Too much pregame hype and analysis from experts and prognosticators on television give viewers mental paralysis.

Most special is Super Bowl Sunday.

As kickoff time nears, the dimming sun sets, hiding its colorful rays.

Fans at the stadium stand,  loudly cheer, and applaud as starters are announced and teams storm on the field with soaring fireworks and flashing cameras.

It’s time for the spectacular National Anthem, the unique toss of the Super Bowl coin, and any final pre-game drama.

Heads or tails, fans of the coin toss winner already think that their team will prevail.

Finally, at sunset, the kickoff comes before tens of thousands of camera flashes and millions of excited, smiling fans, hardcore and casual alike, in front of TVs, many of which are recording digitally as people pray and hope that their team won’t fail.

Teams start mostly conservatively in the first quarter to figure out and adjust to the opposition game plan some more.

Which team will be the first to score?

The first touchdown is scored and the team’s fans give high fives to each other as congratulations.

The new Super Bowl commercials emerge with much  expectation and anticipation.

Scoring bursts in the second quarter with field goals, touchdowns, and extra points followed by loud applause and cheers.

Was the wide receiver’s foot out of bounds?  Did the player have control of the ball?  Was there an inadvertent quick whistle by an official?  Are the referees being booed and jeered?

The head coach tosses the red flag and under the booth, the replay official searches for evidence and makes his decision.

The fans of the team who is behind are already angrily cursing the referees and demand an instant inquisition.

Partly in thanks to the yellow flags thrown by the officials, The first half ends with a tight point differential.

The favored team is pleased and the underdog is beginning to realize their potential.

A singer and the band from decades ago entertain and thrills viewer with an amazing extravaganza and smoking halftime show.

The NFL is again relieved that halftime produced no wardrobe dysfunction from entertainers who are malfunctioned and just blow.

Pundits explain what had been right and wrong thus far about their pregame analysis and prognostications.

On television, network sports pundits tell viewers what adjustments are made by coaches at halftime and how that will play out during the second half demonstrations.

Millions of fans at the stadium, in taverns, and at home rush towards the restrooms, refill their refreshments, and return for second half drama and action.

The second half kicks off into stadium lights blended into the darkness of the sky with the sound of the spectators’ reactions.

The third quarter reflects the halftime adjustments; some work but some don’t; the team making the correct adjustments are Super Bowl championship bound.

The scoreboard seesaws back and forth, up and down, going round and round.

Oh, oh. Another controversial call by the referee.  This time the play is not reviewable.

More Super Bowl commercials appear, some providing amusement, others amazement, and even one is totally unbelievable.

A few commercials may disappoint, but advertisers know that millions are learning about their product and they have little to worry about, although the economy is now down.

Late into the night, the fourth quarter emerges as the game is up for grabs and fans are not wearing smiles, but concerned frowns.

The unexpected happens and drama develops from game events unforeseen and unsung heroes, as the referees keep their yellow flags inside their pockets and allow each team to play.

During another commercial, a final round of restroom visits and refilling refreshments, entering the game’s final stretch of Super Bowl Sunday.

As the games stays close and tight, TV commentators and fans alike start to wonder, will we witness out first Super Bowl with Sudden Death Overtime?

As only time will tell, the final drama and occurrence of events amaze casual fans and serious prognosticators alike in prime time.

Two minute warning: be prepared for last minute miracles from performances that are strong.

The quarterback in the pocket dodges the rush of the defenders, the pass is long.

  Will a terrific play be performed which adds to Super Bowl lore?

Which team will be the last to score?

A final field goal attempt? Touchdown?  It’s good?  Wide right? The quarterback is sacked? The interception seals the game? The final turnover?

Tick, tick, tick; the clock runs out. It’s over!

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a new Super Bowl Champion!

These are the new NFL Champions!

Most special is Super Bowl Sunday.

The champions will forever remember and cherish this fabulous game and superb day.

As the winner of the Super Bowl hoists the Vince Lombardi Trophy and the MVP shouts “I’m going to Disney World,” millions of fans are ecstatic but millions are also heart-broken.

A dropped pin is heard in the losing team’s locker room as their head coach is disappointed but proud of the team’s effort and the great season.

This coach congratulates Super Bowl Champions, showing class and reason.

The pops of the corks from champagne bottled are heard and showers of champagne are everywhere in the winner’s locker room, falling on players, coaches, owner, and media all.

Who is awarded the game ball?

God is thanked, tears are shed, cheers are shouted, and the owner is proud as his head coach talks on the phone,  and receiving congratulations from the President of the United States, standing tall.

Most special is Super Bowl Sunday.

The parties are ending, the stadium empties, and fans everywhere reflect upon Super Bowl Sunday.

After viewing the endless replays and post-game analysis on TV, after hypothesizing the “what ifs,” and reflecting on the result and impact of the game, millions gradually fall asleep, dreaming about Super Bowl Sunday.

Most special is Super Bowl Sunday.

It’s bright and early Monday morning as the sun rises and sleepy-eyed people arrive at work and what do they talk about this day?

Super Bowl Sunday.



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