Move Over Picasso, Liverpool is Taking Over!

Michelle AlvesSenior Writer IJanuary 29, 2009

Art can be seen in every moment of life. In memories, in music and even in sports. As every artist knows, you don’t have to look too far to find the beauty of art hidden even in the darkest corners. Liverpool FC is a football club that many people know about.  If we talk about art and football in the same context, how can we leave out the masters?  Would you talk about cubism and leave out Picasso? Would you talk about rock and roll and leave out Elvis?

Liverpool’s players are true artists. Not even a United or Everton fan will deny this. Not when we talk about what the team specializes in. Drawing.

If you haven’t seen Liverpool play as of yet, let me tell you, they are masters in drawing and could challenge the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci and Monet.

Of course, unlike famous artists, we don’t draw the ‘Mona Lisa’ or ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring.'

No, Liverpool draw other teams.

Everton - Draw
Arsenal - Draw
Stoke – Draw
Wigan - Draw

And that isn't even a quarter of it. Oh how talented Rafa's team is.

Moving on from drawing, let’s talk about painting. There are different styles of art, different styles of painting and Liverpool has perfected a lot of them.

Futurism, Like the name suggests is a form of art that depict the present interpretation of the future. When every season begins, our team, our fans paint a picture of success. "This is our season, this is it."

"However daring, however violent," bore proudly "the smear of madness," is the perfect way to describe two things: One would be Futurism and the second would be Liverpool’s last game. Daring, is what the team was, to suggest a great win. Violent, might describe Lucas and the smear of madness, would be Rafa, for his wonderful substitutions of Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres.

Surrealism, illusion art, usually based on dreams...It plays with the eyes and with the mind. Liverpool have perfected this art over the years.  Oh yes, let me explain how great it is.

So the team started the season well, till recently. The illusion involved United. See how far at the bottom we put them? That’s a form of illusion, because if you open your eyes now, and look at where they actually are, which is a few points above us...yeah, you get the rest, don’t you?

A form of modern art is called Cubism, and is described as "The paintings are not supposed to look real. The artist uses geometric shapes to show what he is trying to paint."

In football it is known as Rafa’s team sheet. Looking at Lucas in the line up and Robbie Keane on the bench definitely seems unreal. The picture of confidence is what he tries to paint, and sometimes might use weird angles and shapes to describe what the player is supposed to be doing. Sadly, this art fails because it only works on paper.

And finally Realism. The name says it all, and it usually applies just around the end of a season...

To all you United and Chelsea supporters, have a great season. To the Liverpool fans out there, hope you’ve got insurance, you’re going to need it



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