Most Insanely Delicious Food Item at Each MLB Ballpark

Dan Tylicki@DanTylickiAnalyst IMay 3, 2012

Most Insanely Delicious Food Item at Each MLB Ballpark

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    When you go to a baseball game, especially when you're bringing kids, they are there for more than just the game. Besides the other amenities, they're there for the food.

    Yes, ballpark prices are rather ridiculous, but we pay them anyway to enjoy the wonder that is ballpark food, which is not the same at every ballpark. Sure, everyone offers nachos, hot dogs, and the like, but every ballpark has their delicious staple.

    Here is the most delicious food item at each MLB ballpark.

Baltimore Orioles: Maryland Crab Cakes

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    The toughest selection to try and make for Baltimore was whether or not to just go for the crab cakes, as they are inherently a must-have if you're going to visit Camden Yards no matter where you get them.

    Despite some of the selections that Boog's BBQ has, I have to go with the crab cakes. They're a staple of the Camden Yards experience, even if they are a bit on the pricey side; it's a combination of eating seafood and being in a ballpark, after all.

    One thing is for sure though, Camden Yards has more than enough food options no matter what you're in the mood for.

Boston Red Sox: Fenway Frank

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    What's more American than a hot dog when watching a baseball game. How about a Fenway Frank while watching the Boston Red Sox?

    The Fenway Frank comes on a New England bun that more accurately resembles bread, and comes with mustard and relish, though I guess if you're not a traditionalist there are plenty of other condiment options to choose from.

New York Yankees: Lobel's Prime Beef Sandwich

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    Given that the Red Sox have a staple frank in Fenway Park, I was hoping that Yankee Stadium would have the same to have yet another part of the rivalry going.

    No such luck there, but they do have Lobel's of New York, complete with a $15 prime beef sandwich? Expensive perhaps, but judging from the look of it and Lobel's reputation it's worth it.

Tampa Bay Rays: Cuban Burger

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    The Tampa Bay Rays had some new food items added in 2011, and one of them happens to be great enough to skyrocket onto this list.

    The Cuban Burger uses a bunch of different meats,with ham and salami going with the burger meat. All the flavors working together make for a great experienceΒ  while you're eating that at Tropicana Field.

Toronto Blue Jays: BBQ Chicken Nachos

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    When I saw a picture of the BBQ Chicken Nachos that the Rogers Centre offers, that made this slide one of the easiest on the list to narrow down.

    Nachos are versatile enough that you can put a lot on them already, but what doesn't this concoction have on it? It makes me want to hop over to Toronto tomorrow to catch a Jays game.

Chicago White Sox: Corn off the Cob

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    US Cellular Field has proven, as we will see elsewhere in this list, that you can take something simple yet make it both unique and delicious. That's what the White Sox did with corn off the cob.

    It is corn on the cob minus the cob, obviously, but its selection of topping is what makes it great. The healthier people can get lime and red pepper, while others can get butter, salt, cheese, and a lot more.

Cleveland Indians: Popcorn Triple Mix

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    Popcorn may not quite match up to peanuts in my book, but it's still a great snack to have at a game. I always thought the three flavors of popcorn were a regular thing, but it seems that it's unique to Cleveland.

    Both available at the stadium and available for delivery, fans at Progressive Field can get a mix of butter, cheese, or caramel popcorn at a game, and they can even get a batch blasted with all three flavors.

Detroit Tigers: Coney Dogs

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    When it comes to coney dogs, the Detroit Tigers were not my first guess as to who would be able to make them the best. However, they are a popular treat and its easy to see why.

    Coney dogs are made at Comerica Park with just the right among of chili, cheese, and onions, not going overboard unlike many other delicious treats on the list.

Kansas City Royals: KC Ribeye

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    The Kansas City Royals are right in the center of barbeque city. As a result, they are naturally going to have some of the best BBQ selections out of anyone, including at a Royals game.

    The KC Ribeye has onions, BBQ sauce, mushrooms, and of course, ribeye. It's a popular enough treat that it won an All-Star game contest. If ribeye isn't quite your thing, then the Royals have enough barbeque options to go around.

Minnesota Twins: Juice Lucy Burger

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    Target Field is one of the newest ballparks out there, so the Minnesota Twins can't be bringing a hot dog to my taste test, it has to be something big.

    Well, a Juicy Lucy burger certainly is that, a burger with the cheese on the inside. It's a Minnesota tradition, and it's what I've been trying to get burgers to do for years.

Los Angeles Angels of Aneheim: Halo Dog

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    The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim has their signature hot dog, just like many other teams on this list. What makes theirs stand out from the rest?

    The Halo Dog is actually one of the most unique dogs out there. It's wrapped in bacon, beans, and most importantly, some Anaheim Peppers to give it that pop, both in appearance and taste.

Oakland Athletics: Ball-Tip Sandwich

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    The Oakland Athletics have had constant rebuilding and haven't had much to celebrate of late with all the turnover. At least they have great food at the stadium.

    The Ball-tip Steak Sandwich is one of the best sandwiches in baseball, combining sirloin and BBQ sauce with lettuce and tomato, practically making a dinner experience as you watch the game.

Seattle Mariners: Ichiroll

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    Anyone who knows me knows I love sushi, and it only makes sense that the team to give us a great sushi option is none other than the Seattle Mariners.

    The Ichiroll is a rather simple tuna roll with a bit of wasabi added in, but the uniqueness of eating sushi at a ballpark, a rather light food compared to others on the list, just makes it great.

Texas Rangers: Big Dog

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    The Texas Rangers have two big things going for them: big bats and a big dog. The Big Dog may not be the most original name, but what else are you going to call it?

    The Big Dog weighs in at a third of a pound, and comes with onions, as well as chili and nacho cheese. It goes to show that even when it comes to food, everything's bigger in Texas.

Atlanta Braves: The Hammer

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    The Atlanta Braves play in the heart of the south, and their delicious signature dish most definitely epitomizes that.

    The Hammer starts out with waffles instead of bread. A chicken cutlet and fried onion straws are added in, and maple mayonnaise and more is added in. It's something that really is easier to explain after one actually tastes it.

Miami Marlins: Helmet Nachos

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    The Miami Marlins are a brand new team with a brand new stadium, so expectations were high for them to have some delicious food, with perhaps a bit of quirkiness added.

    That's where helmet nachos come in. They're expensive at $15, but you have to remember you're paying for the helmet too. Their twist if the use of chipotle cheese in their nachos, giving it a bit of a kick.

New York Mets: Shake Shack Milkshake

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    Does a milkshake qualify enough as food to make it on to a list like this? That's the $64,000 question, as it's obvious that the famed milkshakes at the Shake Shack are delicious.

    With all the varieties available, and with how must of a staple it is at Citi Field, it's simple something I have to include here.

Philadelphia Phillies: The Schmitter

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    To the surprise of absolutely no one, the Philadelphia Phillies' big draw, as well as their tastiest item, is none other than a cheesesteak.

    Having said that, the Schmitter is almost like a cheesesteak-reuben hybrid. It contains salami, onions, and tomatoes to go with the cheese and ribeye steak.

Washington Nationals: Half-Smoke

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    My mouth watered when I first heard of the Strasburger, and I'm sure some were expecting to see it here. There is a product the Nats offer that beats the behemoth, and that is the half-smoke.

    Offered from Ben's Chili Bowl, the half-smoke is a spicier, coarser version of a hot dog, and in D.C. it's often covered in chili. It takes the hot dog staple and kicks it up a notch, making it a great treat.

Chicago Cubs: North Side Twist

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    Wrigley Field is one of the best ballparks when it comes to tradition, and one would expect the Chicago Cubs to have a great treat that's a bit different from what everyone else offers.

    Sure enough, they have the North Side Twist, which is really just a huge pretzel. The pretzel comes with cheese, mustard, and icing dipping sauces, It takes effort to make a simple pretzel look great, but they pull it off.

Cincinnati Reds: Cheese Coney

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    The Cincinnati Reds have been around as long as anyone, and are a major part of baseball tradition. Likewise, the cheese coney is a big part of Cincinnati's tradition as well.

    On the surface it just looks like a hot dog with chili and a mound of cheese, but mustard and onions can be added in as well to change things up. It's only natural that this would be a major focus in the Great American Ball Park.

Houston Astros: BBQ Stuffed Baked Potato

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    I would love to go to an Astros game right now. Yes, they have a bad team and it's hot in Houston, but at Minute Maid Park they have the BBQ stuffed baked potato.

    Aside from barbeque sauce, the potato has cheese, onions, and peppers to go with it. Oh, and it has a heaping handful of park as well, making it a great treat.

Milwaukee Brewers: Bratwurst

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    If you were to ask a Brewers fan what one should get at a game in Miller Park, you would only get one answer no matter how many you ask: the Bratwurst.

    Milwaukee's traditional sausages are so popular that more are sold than hot dogs. They are simple, unlike many others on the list, but this is a case where little really needs to be added to a classic.

Pittsburgh Pirates: Primanti Brothers Sandwich

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    Anyone who's a Pittsburgh native already knows about the Primanti Bros. Sandwich, ans it's a tradition that goes past just the Pirates.

    The ham and cheese sandwich comes with cole slaw and fries, only when I say it comes with it, I mean it's right there in the middle of the sandwich. It's not something you're going to find elsewhere.

St. Louis Cardinals: Toasted Ravioli

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    There are foods you find in ballparks that just sound right at home. There's peanuts, popcorn, hot dogs, and of course, ravioli.

    Anyone outside of St. Louis would find the last one to be nonsense, but for Cardinals fans, the toasted ravioli is just as much a part of Busch Stadium as anything else. It's different enough that it's great in its own way.

Arizona Diamondbacks: Arizona Dog

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    As we've seen by now, many of the ballparks have a hot dog variation of their staple, and the Arizona Diamondbacks are no different with the Arizona Dog.

    The frank comes with chorizo and nacho cheese, but what gives it the added punch especially in presentation is the tortilla strips. It certainly makes it look different than any other hot dog around.

Colorado Rockies: Rocky Mountain Oysters

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    Anyone who's a Rockies fan or who has ever been to Coors Field knew exactly what was coming in this slide; the unique Rocky Mountain Oysters.

    For those unsure of what they are, look it up. They are not for everyone, but once you get past what they are and dive into the tradition, they should taste great.

Los Angeles Dodgers: Dodger Dog

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    The Dodger Dog is right up there with the Fenway Frank on the list of most well-known ballpark items. The foot-long hot dog has been a staple for Dodgers fans for seemingly forever.

    You can either get them grilled or boiled, which makes for two completely different experiences. Personally, I think you have to get them grilled, but others may disagree.

San Diego Padres: Fish Taco

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    When you go to PetCo Park, there are two rules as a fan. First, don't expect a high-scoring game, given that it's PetCo Park. Second, have one of Rubio's fish tacos.

    The beer battered fish is a great treat, and any Padres fan knows this. There's a reason Rubio's is as well known as they are around the area.

San Francisco Giants: Cha Cha Bowl

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    Saving perhaps one of the most unique dishes for last, You not only won't find the Cha Cha Bowl elsewhere in baseball, but it's not something you would see much of.

    The Caribbean dish has rice, jerk chicken, black beans, and zucchini salsa. It has its own flavor and rua to it, and the contrast from most of the other dishes just makes it that much better.


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