Do the Boston Celtics Still Miss James Posey?

Corey St. OngeContributor IJanuary 28, 2009

At this point in the season I would think the answer would be “no.”  They are on an 8 game win streak.  There is no time to miss a certain player when times are good. 

You have to wonder though.

When the playoffs come and I hope we all can assume the Celtics will have a place there, will they miss Posey then?  Not only Posey but what about Cassell or even PJ Brown? 

As fans we certainly miss Pose, especially his pre-game man hugging ritual.  As a follower of the Miami Heat, his clutch performances gave him a special place in my White Hot heart and no doubt gave me much pride to see him do it again with my beloved Celtics.  The guy is uber-positive and his presence in the locker room no question has brought his team better chemistry. 

As a Celtics organization they made the right move for the future.  His salary request did not fit their future plans.  And in the long run this move made perfect sense.    So who steps up this year?  Who will help provide the depth needed to outlast our opponents in 2009?  Tony Allen?  Ok so his +/- stat is at 63 while Posey sits at 45.  So per minute Tony Allen is proving more productive and he costs less. 

If we defend the championship this year, the front office will be geniuses and we will be in a great position for the next few years to come.  But Tony Allen?  Even a slightly less productive presence in Posey presents a problem for defenders. 

Look at how well the lineup of Ray Allen, Rondo, Pierce, Garnett and Posey looked last year.  There wasn’t a team that could play small ball any better.  Replace that setup with Tony Allen and you feel a little less confident.

As a team moving closer to the playoffs, the Celtics can’t afford to sit back and think about how they miss what a certain player brought to the team a year ago.  They have to work with what they got.  They have a great team in the Big Three and Rondo has been a driving force since last year. 

There is no question the Celtics will need more depth and experience on the bench.  It certainly helped us last year.  Listen to the rumors and possible trade talks.  While not all things you hear are true, the fact that you hear them means someone is not content with their team.  While we need to keep our future team intact, we as fans would like to see a repeat in 2009.  Without Posey, I’m not sure that can happen.


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