NHL Free Agents 2012: 5 Teams That Could Give Zach Parise a Chance at a Cup

Riley Kontek@@BigRIlesMMAFeatured ColumnistApril 25, 2012

NHL Free Agents 2012: 5 Teams That Could Give Zach Parise a Chance at a Cup

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    At the conclusion of the Stanley Cup playoffs, a furious offseason is set to take place. Many teams in the NHL will be aggressively pursuing top free agents to make their respective teams better.

    Zach Parise, currently with the New Jersey Devils, is set to become a free agent at the end of the season. The unrestricted free agent is one of the top names who is set to test the waters this offseason, which will attract many offers.

    Which team will give Parise a chance to win the Stanley Cup, though? Let's examine teams with enough cap space that could sign Parise and make a run at the Cup.

Phoenix Coyotes

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    Cap space: $29.4 million

    Although the Phoenix Coyotes don't sound like a team that a star like Zach Parise is jumping at the opportunity to play for, they can get Parise paid.

    Not only do the Coyotes have a large amount of cap space open already, but Daymond Langkow and Shane Doanβ€”two of the Coyotes' top offensive earnersβ€”are free agents this offseason. With that, the Coyotes should sign attempt to sign Parise and then re-sign either Langkow or Doan.

    The Coyotes just eliminated a very tough Blackhawks team from the playoffs, proving their worth as a franchise this season.

Nashville Predators

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    Cap space: $32.3 million

    Zach Parise would look fantastic in mustard yellow!

    In all seriousness, the Predators have a huge amount of cap space going into the offseason. A team that looks to be a dark horse contender this year, if they were to add Parise for next season, they could be a serious favorite for the Stanley Cup.

    The Predators have a number of free agents on their roster this season that they will have to sign, but there will be plenty of money to go around, especially if there is a star like Parise on the market.

Florida Panthers

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    Cap space: $23.6 million

    The team currently in a playoff battle with Parise and the Devils, the Florida Panthers have looked extremely strong this season and may be a piece or two away from Stanley Cup favorites next year.

    There is more than enough cap space to add Parise, especially as more spectators begin pumping money into the team and taking interest. There are a few key free agents they will probably want to re-sign, but they will definitely need to look at Parise as an option.

    It may be a slap in the face of New Jersey, though, especially after this season's playoff series.

St. Louis Blues

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    Salary cap: $28.5 million

    Putting Zach Parise on the war machine that currently is the St. Louis Blues would be a scary thought for any team in the NHL. With the quality of goaltending they have, in unison with young talent, bringing in a star like Zach Parise may guarantee a deep playoff run.

    There are a lot of free agents the Blues will need to attend to, including Barrett Jackman and TJ Oshieβ€”two important pieces on the team. Once they attend to re-signing their current stars, Parise needs to be seriously looked at by the Blues.

Ottawa Senators

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    Cap space: $27.8 million

    The Ottawa Senators may have been the eighth seed in the east this year, but they are a tough out for any team. They have especially given the Rangers a hard time in their playoff series.

    They obviously have the money to offer Parise a contract. Also, most of their high earners are not set to be free agents, meaning they can offer Parise a nice sized contract.Β 

    There are a lot of aging guys on the Senators, with a mix of solid prospects, but Parise would be a huge boost for them going forward.


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