The Most Adorable Animal Sports Fans

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterApril 26, 2012

The Most Adorable Animal Sports Fans

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    You know what I'm talking about here! Every real animal lover/sports enthusiast has dressed his pet up in something undignified at some point.

    What else was I going to do with that Jeff Reed jersey, if not fashion something stylish for my dog?

    For my money, it doesn't get much more adorable than a precious little animal dressed up in apparel of the team its owner has decided it supports. For example, my dogs are all passionate Steelers fans.

    Let's take a look at the most adorable animal sports fans from 30 different teams.  

30. San Francisco 49ers

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    Upper Left: Actually, I'm not sure if this adorable dog is really a 49ers fan or if he's just shilling dog hoodies on Etsy.

    Upper Right: Coco the Pitbull mix is rocking the Niners red and day-dreaming about hunky coach Jim Harbaugh. [source]

    Lower: Little Jack is a Basenji mix who prefers to go low key with his fandom, opting for a simple collar instead of a more lavish look. [source]

29. Toronto Maple Leafs

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    Top: In 2009, Dylan Buell‘s local coffee shop in Toronto held a dog costume contest, and I suspect this little guy placed pretty high. That's what we call "knowing your audience." [source]

    Lower Left: That's Toonie. She's a hardcore Leafs fan who likes to rock her team gear and steal snacks from the humans on game night. [source]

    Lower Right: Another model dog selling his wares on Etsy. I think he's a legit fan though; you can't fake that intensity. [source]

28. Miami Dolphins

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    Above: Daisy is a Chihuahua mix who lives in a football-obsessed household, so naturally she decided to be a Dolphins player for Halloween 2010. [source]

    Bottom Left: Lacy is a big-time Fins' fan who is even willing to deal with a wicked case of hat-head to show her team spirit. [source]

    Bottom Right: Okay, he might not be an actual Dolphins fan, but he plays one on Etsy. [source]

27. Chelsea FC

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    Upper Left: Is it just me, or does that feline Chelsea fan look absolutely deranged? I'm pretty sure he's about to kill someone. [source]

    Lower Left: This is English footballer Frank Lampard striking a pose with his Bulldog Reggie, who is obviously a Chelsea fan. [source]

    Right: This Bulldog is rocking a shirt that looks fancier than the vast majority of my own wardrobe. [source]

26. Philadelphia Eagles

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    Left: This yellow Labrador is named Rudy, and I bet he's bummed he decided to get that McNabb jersey. [source]

    Upper Right: You can find this surly Eagles fan on, and he'd appreciate if you stopped putting stuff on him.

    Lower Right: Mickey is a Jack Russell/Beagle mix who loves walks, balls, kisses and the Eagles! [source]

25. Pittsburgh Penguins

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    Upper Left/Lower Right: This is Bully the Bulldog (creative…) and she's still Paul Coffey's No. 1 fan. [source]

    Lower Left: This is one of the Penguins biggest fans—they haven't had the heart to tell her they lost to the Flyers. [source]

    Upper Right: Obviously he rests his head on that Pens pillow so he can dream about the dreamy Sidney Crosby.

24. University of Michigan

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    Left: This grumpy Wolverine was posted on a Michigan blog before their game against Iowa in October 2011. [source]

    Right: And the award for the most adorable Michigan fan ever goes to this roly-poly little angel. I want to steal him…but I won't. [source]

23. Ohio State University

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    Upper Left: This grumpy-looking Bulldog's Brutus Buckeye costume earned him a place in the finals of a pet costume contest in 2011. [source]

    Lower Left/Upper Right: Baxter and Gunnie both recently had their portraits taken in their finest OSU garb, done by Danielle Neil Photography. [source 1, 2]

    Lower Right: He may be a Boston Terrier, but he's Ohio born and bred. 

22. San Francisco Giants

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    Upper Left: This is Noodles the Pug—he has his own blog, lots of cool outfits and he really loves his Giants. [source]

    Upper Right: This Tim Lincecum-loving Weiner Dog attended the 13th Annual Dog Days of Summer event in 2009. [source]

    Lower Left: This Giants fan had a brush with fame when his photo was featured on the San Francisco Chronicle's blog in 2010. [source]

    Lower Right: This is Callie kicking back at a Giants game—she probably tweeted about it later, since she has her own Twitter page

21. Buffalo Bills

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    Upper Left: A Bills fan named Kimberly sent these to a SoCal Buffalo Bills fan site. That cat looks like a trouble maker. [source]

    Upper Right: Lexi is a Vizsla who actually watches the Bills on TV, while donning her custom-made cape. [source]

    Lower Left: Shamus is legit one of the biggest Bills fans ever and has never lost faith in his team. [source]

    Lower Right: This is a Canadian Bills fan who is, apparently, too embarrassed to show his face. [source]

20. New York Mets

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    Upper Left: I found this picture of Charley the cat on a website called MenAndCats—seriously, that's a real website. [source]

    Upper Right: Tillman the superstar Bulldog is the world's fastest skateboarding dog and an avid Mets fan. [source]

    Lower Left: This is the Mets Dog Fan and I'm pretty sure he's famous at Shea Stadium. [source]

    Lower Right: MetsGrrrl did a post in 2009 about creative uses for sundae helmets, and naturally they make perfect kitty helmets. [source]

19. Dallas Cowboys

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    Upper Left: I stumbled across this adorable photo on flickr—the dog in the back must be more into musical theater. [source]

    Upper Right: This adorable Pomeranian is named TJ and she loves her Cowboys. She also has her own YouTube page. [source]

    Lower: Golden Retriever Callie is a Cowboys fans and so is one of her owners; the other is a Patriots fan. At least she's not a Skins fan. [source]

18. University of Florida

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    Upper Left: I stumbled across this lazy Pug on flickr—that pillow looks ridiculously comfortable. [source]

    Upper Right: I'm pretty sure this isn't anyone's pet. It's just an alligator with a bandana on…hilarious. 

    Lower Left: This little Corgi sure had tongues wagging at the recent playmate over his baller Gators ensemble. [source]

    Lower Right: This photo is entitled "Canine Gator Fan" on the website I found it on. No frills with that title. [source]

17. New York Giants

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    All Photos: I pulled these from the Giants official website; they actually have a full page devoted to G-Men pets. It's definitely worth a look if you love adorable things and have a few minutes to spare. [source]

16. Montreal Canadiens

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    Left: This photo was posted on a Habs blog in 2008—an announcement for a Habs fan summit. [source]

    Upper Right: This dog is legit: a flag in his mouth and a flag fashioned into some kind of Habs cape. [source]

    Lower Right: This is Moe the Pug and he buys all the latest Habs fashion straight off the runways of Montreal. [source]

15. Chicago Bears

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    Upper Left: This Bears fan looks like a bear himself. This is Mjolnir, and he wishes the Bears would stop being jerks and just pay Matt Forte already. [source]

    Upper Right: I found this Bears Bulldog on TotalProSports, and the author there had a pretty astute observation—that dog is probably pooping on the couch. [source]

    Lower: This beastly Boxer is modeling the latest in fleece fashion for the canine Bears fan who isn't afraid to brave the snow. [source]

14. Philadelphia Phillies

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    Left: These days, this retired racing Greyhound prefers watching the Phillies on the couch than sprinting anywhere. [source]

    Upper Right: This is Zeke after his Phillies were bounced from the playoffs in October 2010. [source]

    Lower Right: Bentley is proving the sundae helmet isn't just for cats, and he's rocking the hell out of it. [source]

13. New York Jets

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    Upper Left: "This Jets Dog Will Kill You" was the title of the post on SportsPickle I found him on. And I actually believe that. [source]

    Upper/Lower Right: Picasso & Stanley and Mason are modeling the latest Jets fashions their owners picked up on Baxterboo. [source]

    Lower Left: Jeez, this dog looks unhappy donning that Jets helmet. The owners really should have stopped after the jersey. [source]

12. University of South Carolina

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    Upper Left/Bottom: This is actually the same dog in both photos, but you probably already knew that. I laughed out loud at the foam finger photo—the dog actually looks angry. [source]

    Upper Right: Brittany Hoffman submitted this photo of her dog Bella to GamecocksOnline, and it was chosen as the "Fan Photo of the Day" a while back. [source]

11. Washington Redskins

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    Upper Left: This pampered-looking kitty was posted on the ExtremeSkins message  board way back in 2003. [source]

    Upper Right: In 2009, photos of a little boy who dresses his cat in Skins gear were posted on a blog. That must be confusing for his parents: he's dressing up a cat…but it's in football attire. [source]

    Lower: This is Duke! He's a French Bulldog and a crazy adorable, wrinkly-faced Redskins fan. His portraits are courtesy of Melissa Arlen Photography. [source]

10. New York Yankees

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    Upper Left: According to a Yankees message board, this is Rocky the Gutter Cat who lives on Fifth Avenue. I think that might be a lie; he looks more like a Red Sox fan to me. [source]

    Upper Right: This is a long haired Dachshund owned by a lovely mustachioed man who goes by the name Dave Bledsoe. [source]

    Lower Left: Scout is a Chow mix. Her owners went to a Yankees game and all she got was this stupid sundae helmet. [source]

    Lower Right: I found this Chocolate Lab photo on a Yankees blog, courtesy of his lovely owner Audrey. [source]

9. Seattle Seahawks

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    Upper Left: And here we have a Golden Retriever donning a Seahawks cap. You're welcome. [source]

    Upper Right: This is Bonkers the Seahawks ferret, and he will straight up shank you if you mess with him. [source]

    Lower Left: King is a Newfoundland and a Seahawks fan. Can you believe this beastly creature is just a puppy in this photo? [source]

    Lower Right: I don't really know anything about this dude, except that he's one cool customer. [source]

8. FC Barcelona

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    Left: This is Logan. He's a Husky with eyes that will hypnotize you into rooting for Barcelona. [source]

    Upper Right: Nano is a miniature Poodle who is, apparently, already a "full-blooded cull!" I'll assume that's a good thing and move on. [source]

    Lower Right: This is Cormac. He's a Barcelona fan and he will straight up fight you if you are not. [source]

7. Green Bay Packers

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    Upper Left: This bulldog is a Packers fan and is actually named Packer—he's chilling outside Lambeau Field before a game in October 2010. [source]

    Upper Right: Okay, so this is a Chocolate Labrador who is obviously a Packers fan. I have no idea why he's wearing a bib. [source]

    Lower Left: Archie is a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog who was rescued by a Packers fan in 2004. [source]

    Lower Right: This is a Pit Bull mix that is rocking his cheesehead all over the interwebs. He definitely tops the Bulldog as the Packers most adorable fan! [source]

6. Boston Red Sox

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    Left: This dog is most certainly a Red Sox fan…but I'm wondering why his owners named him Wrigley. I think Fenway would have been a more appropriate moniker. [source]

    Upper Right: This little angel is Cooper, a nine-month-old Golden Retriever who narrowly escaped being named Beckett or Jacoby. Lucky dog. [source]

    Lower Right: Nyla is a seven-month-old Shiba Inu and obviously far more agreeable than most others of her breed. [source]

5. Cleveland Browns

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    Upper Right: A Cleveland blog often features photos of Bacon, an adorable Boston Terrier/Browns fan. Definitely a member of the dog pound. [source]

    Upper Right/Lower Left: Ozzie is a French Bulldog and one of the hottest dogs on all of flickr. Truth. [source]

    Lower Right: This dog is not only a devoted Browns fan, but she's also a proud American too! [source]

4. Vancouver Canucks

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    Upper Left: This is Stewie from Vancouver, B.C. He loves to cuddle, hates getting his nails trimmed and enjoys walking anywhere. Oh, and he loves his Canucks. [source]

    Upper Right/Lower Left: Koko is a Himalayan cat and is the most irritated-looking sports fan in the entire history of recorded civilization. [source]

    Lower Right: Bandito is a Chihuahua who was glued to the TV during the Stanley Cup Finals in 2011. No word on his role in the Vancouver riots. [source]

3. Chicago Cubs

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    Upper Left: This is actually Boo! The most famous teeny tiny dog in the entire world just so happens to be a Cubbies fan. [source]

    Upper Right: This Cubs fan is named Soprano…that would make more sense in Jersey or something, but whatever. [source]

    Lower Left: This is Jake, a Weimaraner and an ever-growing Cubs fan who is guaranteed to become much larger. [source]

    Lower Right: This is a Pug. This Pug is adorable. This adorable Pug is obviously a Cubs fan. [source]

2. Pittsburgh Steelers

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    Upper Left: This little angel is Teddy. He's a Pomeranian Steelers fan who would rather get groomed than watch anyone but the Steelers in the Super Bowl. [source]

    Upper Right: This is an awesome dog who loves the awesome Steelers, and he doesn't care about what you think. [source]

    Lower Left: Hard to tell if Dakota is a Steelers fan or just angry at the Steelers and about to tear the Terrible Towel to pieces. [source]

    Lower Right: Peggy may be a mutt, but she's a purebred Steelers fan. Thanks to her exceptionally stunning owner, Alisa Innocenti, for the photos. [source]

1. University of Georgia

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    All Photos: The University of Georgia's mascot UGA is, hands-down, the most adorable spots fan...ever. I don't even like their stupid university, but there's just no denying his greatness. 


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