Randy Moss and Daunte Culpepper: Reunited?

Dave NemetzSenior Analyst IMarch 2, 2008

ESPN's John Clayton has reported today that Randy Moss and Daunte Culpepper are conspiring to reunite and "finish what they started" by signing with the same team as free agents.

This borderline absurd turn of events, made possible by the ridiculous fact that the Patriots failed to lock up Moss before he hit free agency, is nonetheless compelling and tantalizing.

Patriots fans are probably banging their heads against the wall in frustration that Moss, after disappearing in the Super Bowl loss to the Giants, may end up playing on another team next year.

New England, who also lost Donte Stallworth to the Browns, would yet again be more or less depleted at wide receiver. Sure, Wes Welker had a great year, but he's not getting open on all those patterns underneath and over the middle if Moss and Stallworth aren't stretching the field by going deep.

If Moss leaves as well, New England fans can get used to the sight of Tom Brady on his ass, something that occurred all too frequently against the Giants.

Meanwhile, fans of other NFL teams with a void at QB and WR might be scared shitless that the Daunte-Moss package could come to town and fizzle out. Moss is great and all after his rejuvenation year in New England, but he's only a year removed from being totally washed up in Oakland.

And Culpepper? Well, he hasn't exactly been lighting it up these last few years, punctuated by the fact that he could neither win the starting QB job on a horrible Raiders team last year, nor hold on to the starter's role when it fell to him due to injury.

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That said, IF Moss and Culpepper follow through on this idea and decide to reunite, here's a look at a few teams they could end up with:

Carolina Panthers

Why it could happen: The Panthers' QB situation was in shambles last year. Things got so bad, in fact, that the Carolina brass actually decided the retired Vinny Testaverde was the best guy to run their team and signed him off the scrap heap. Culpepper hasn't played well in years, but you've gotta admit that the prospect of Culpepper tossing it up to Moss on one side and Steve Smith on the other would be pretty damn exciting.

Why it probably won't: John Fox is a hard-ass, and Culpepper and Moss aren't known to be great character guys. Plus, Smith might not like the idea of sharing the ball with another prima donna wide receiver.

Miami Dolphins

Why it could happen: The Dolphins were beyond horrible last year, they need a QB bad, and they could also use a big-play WR after trading away both Welker and Chris Chambers in the last year. Bill Parcells was brought in to shake up the team, and something like this would certainly qualify.

Why it probably won't: Parcells left Dallas in a hurry after having to co-exist with T.O., so it's doubtful he'd want to bring in Moss. Culpepper has already had a stint in Miami that did not end well. And Moss and Culpepper are going to want to go somewhere with a chance at competing, which Miami is still at least a few years away from doing.

Kansas City Chiefs

Why it could happen: Damon Huard and Brodie Croyle didn't exactly inspire a lot of confidence as a QB tandem in K.C. last year. Culpepper throwing to Moss, Dwayne Bowe, and Tony Gonzalez and handing it off to Larry Johnson and Kolby Smith would make for a high-octane offense.

Why it probably won't: The Chiefs are focused on getting younger, and both Moss and Culpepper are pushing 30. Plus, with so many options at his disposal, Herm Edward's head might explode.

Baltimore Ravens

Why it could happen: New head coach John Harbaugh immediately would gain an upgraded offense with the Moss-Culpepper combo. The duo would join a squad that has never lacked on defense, but hasn't exactly been great about scoring points. The team immediately would become a scary contender in the AFC North.

Why it probably won't: The Steve McNair era didn't go great in Baltimore, so who knows if they'd want to roll the dice on another banged-up, over-the-hill QB. And with Moss and Ray Lewis on the same team, the locker room atmosphere in Baltimore would be straight out of The Wire.

Atlanta Falcons

Why it could happen: Atlanta endured the season from hell last year after the Michael Vick saga played out about as badly as it could. The team had to choose between Joey Harrington and Byron Leftwich at QB, and Bobby Petrino bailed mid-season to take the Arkansas job. The big splash that would come from signing Moss and Culpepper could reinvigorate the franchise and make it relevant again, or, at the very least, fun to watch.

Why it probably won't: Owner Arthur Blank may be wary of bringing in players of questionable character after getting stung by Vick. Neither Moss nor Culpepper have had particularly high marks in that category throughout their careers.

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