Fail Or Victory on Double Back Flip: Levi LaVallee and His Flip

Jon WyhopCorrespondent IJanuary 26, 2009

On Friday night Levi LaVallee, snowmobile rider in the winter X-games, tried to land the first ever double back flip in the games history. This was probably the most anticipated thing in this years games.

No the biggest question is was the flip a success or was it a failure? Well it depends on how you define success. If you say o well success is being able to land it cleanly and drive away then no he completely failed it but if you say that the sled made the flip and landed how it should have but the impact from it through him off causing him not to stay on then yes he made it as a success.

So in my eyes i think it was a complete success. He made the sled do they two flips and it landed on the treds and the two skis so yes the sled made the flip. Also you cant expect anyone to be able to stay on something with that kind of impact even if they had a great grip and footing.