WWE: 'You Know It's Fake, Right?'

Clint BuckwoodCorrespondent IIApril 22, 2012

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Wrestling fans have heard that line for as far back as they can remember. The dreaded F-word!

For me, I found out pro wrestling was "fake" many years ago, at a Madison Square Garden card, which featured Hulk Hogan vs. Big John Studd.

Studd had Hogan locked up in a bear hug maneuver, and I was close enough to the action that I could see Hogan and Studd talking to each other. Being around five years old at the time, I thought Hogan was saying things like "Brother, I'm gonna break free and take you out dude!" I imagined Studd was replying with, "No way Hogan, I'm winning tonight!"ย 

So after a while of back-and-forth chatting between Hogan and Studd, I turned to my dad and said, "What do you think they're saying to each other?" My dad, sarcastic as always, looked down to me and said "They're probably asking each other what they want to eat at McDonald's after the show." That was followed by laughter from the few people sitting close enough to hear him.

On the way home from the event, my dad let me in on the news. "It's all fake. They aren't really trying to hurt each other. Most of the guys are friends."

To some people, that revelation would have been the end of the road of being a fan. For me, it didn't matter one bit. I gave up thinking that guys like Randy Savage and Rowdy Piper were constantly thinking around the clock ways to legitimately injure Hulk Hogan.

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Now that the truth was out, I just went about enjoying the show the same way I do today. I enjoy the presentation and spectacle of it all, pretty much the same way I do when I watch a movie or TV show.

As I got older, it used to frustrate me when people would have such a negative attitude toward pro wrestling, and the people who enjoy it.

"You know it's fake, right?" Time and time again growing up I would hear that. Sometimes I would spend a good amount of time trying to explain to these people how pro wrestling works, but more often than not, these people already have their minds made up, and they aren't changing it. That's fine.

Nowadays, I have a new approach to dealing with people who use the F-word. I recommend you all use this approach as well, because it is the easiest answer you can possibly give someone who gives you a hard time about being a wrestling fan.

Next time someone laughs at you for watching and enjoying "fake" wrestling, all you have to do is look at them and ask, "What's your favorite movie?..."You know it's fake, right?"

"What's your favorite TV show?"..."You know it's all fake, right?"

Then sit back and enjoy as they stumble over their words with a lot of "Well...yeah...but..."

It boggles my mind how some people can go on and on talking about their favorite movies and TV shows, or Broadway plays. Or how legendary movies like Rocky or Scarface are such masterpieces. Yet, they look so down on pro wrestling and the performers involved, because it's all "fake."

In actuality, the WWE and pro wrestling are far from fake. The outcomes are predetermined, absolutely. The same way movies and TV shows are scripted. But the wrestlers have to go through a incredible amount of physical exertion and pain during the match, and also endure a very rigorous travel schedule.

Long-time fans already know that and appreciate that. We also can sit back and appreciate the amazing spectacle and presentation of a good showโ€”just like the haters and doubters can sit back and enjoy their favorite "fake" TV shows and movies.

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