Top 12 Funniest ESPN Men

Logan Rhoades@@LoganRhoadesContributor IIApril 16, 2012

Top 12 Funniest ESPN Men

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    Who are the funniest men on ESPN right now?

    Sure, we all have our favorites, but who brings the laughs like no one else? Well, after several polls and some entertaining research, I've narrowed it down to the Top 12. Some of these men are witty, some are quick and others are just plain comical.

    But regardless of their individual style and personality, the one thing they all have in common is that they make us laugh.

    Here are the top 12 funniest ESPN men.

12. Dan Le Batard

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    Le Batard is a fairly lighthearted guy, who doesn't take things too seriously.

    His new show Dan Le Batard is Highly Questionable is a hit-or-miss with most people, but he's able to let loose on his radio show and that's where his comedic skills really shine. 

    It's clear that he likes to laugh, but he also likes to bring the laughs, which is why he made the cut here at No. 12.

    Sidenote: He's definitely one of those guys that grow on you.

11. Neil Everett

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    Neil Everett made this list in large part due to his catchphrases and casual banter.

    While co-anchoring SportsCenter, he frequently slips in personal references, like shout outs to his alma mater, and often quotes The Grateful Dead and The Big Lebowski during Top 10 plays.

    He's definitely an underrated funny man on ESPN, but he just misses the Top 10 here. 

    Sidenote: The one thing that isn't underrated is his acting skills.

10. Tim Cowlishaw

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    To some, Tim Cowlishaw might be a surprise pick here, but thanks to his easy-going personality and his pop culture and television references on Around The Horn, he's earned a spot on this list.

    He's not your quintessential funny man, but he surprises you with quick jokes every now and then, and they usually hit.

    He's also not afraid to laugh at himself, which is a nice quality for someone who doesn't have side-splitting material all the time.

9. Colin Cowherd

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    As the co-host of SportsNation, Colin Cowherd is able to dish out humor on a wide variety of topics, using side remarks and quick comments.

    However, his radio show The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a bit more controversial thanks to his long-winded rants and opinionated analysis of players, teams and situations.

    Sometimes his points are spot-on and funny, and sometimes his ridiculous reasoning is just, well, laughable. But whether you like him or not, you have to admit that the C-Man is pretty outspoken when it comes to sports. 

    Sidnote: Colin Cowherd is definitely the most criticized man on this list. And for good reason. He hates most things.

8. Scott Van Pelt

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    If you listen to him on ESPN Radio or watch his show, you know that SVP has a good sense of humor.

    But it's his ability to turn the less-than-exciting topics into entertaining discussions, along with his witty personality on SportsCenter that puts him here at No. 8.

    Sidenote: He gets bonus points for being a scene-stealer in the coveted "This is SportsCenter" commercials.

7. Stuart Scott

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    Stuart Scott might have the most clever arsenal of catchphrases in the history of sports.

    Just give him a highlight reel and enjoy his repertoire of sayings. I mean, the man pretty much kept the phrase "Boo Yah!" alive for all these years, and we've all compared someone's coolness to the other side of the pillow, thanks to him.

    Aside from his catchphrases, though, he also has an extremely quick wit. Plus, he's managed to stay positive and entertaining while battling cancer, so he definitely deserves some recognition for that.

6. Woody Paige

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    Woody Paige has an endless list of puns, which he is proud to showcase during his time on Around The Horn.

    But if puns aren't your thing, you can always rely on Paige to banter with the other panelists, break the tension with a random observation or erratically go on a quick rant about something he deems relevant.

    In a word, Woody Paige is simply...amusing.

5. Bomani Jones

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    From his championship belt to his pinky ring, Bomani Jones is one of the most flashy guys on ESPN.

    He also happens to be one of the funniest. He's sarcastic, cocky and super quick, which, like his bling, he is not afraid to show off.

    But the reason he's at No. 5 is that he's genuinely having a good time during work, which allows him to open up and have fun, regardless of what show he's on or what topic he's talking about.

4. Tony Kornheiser

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    Tony Kornheiser says comical things. It's as simple as that.

    The man just says funny things all the time. Sometimes, he doesn't know why it's funny (like you'll see in the featured video), but that just makes it more enjoyable. He just goes for the joke, and it continually works. And, yes, he's even funny when the jokes aren't scripted.

    If you don't believe me, you should take a look at his unofficial Twitter account (@MrTonySays), which captures and shares the best quotes from the man himself.

3. Michael Wilbon

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    Like his partner on PTI, Michael Wilbon's humor comes from his ability to call out stupidity.

    Whether it's a player, coach, team or viewpoint, Wilbon finds a way to be rational and funny at the same time. If he doesn't want to discuss a topic, he'll knock it down with humor and then move on.

    It's his signature style and he's really perfected it to where everything he says is now quote worthy.

    Sidenote: Wilbon and Charles Barkley are the only two guys that can get away with using the word "Knucklehead."

2. Kenny Mayne

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    When it comes to dry humor, Kenny Mayne is king.

    In the web-series "Mayne Street," Kenny holds his own with the likes of comedians Alison Becker, Jordan Carlos, Jon Glazer, Ben Schwartz and Aubrey Plaza. And whether he's reporting on the wild offseason habits of Jared Allen or racing little girls around a track while playing "Red Light, Green Light," Kenny Mayne knows how to bring the laughs in the most unusual ways.

    He's rewarded with the No. 2 spot on this list because he will consistently go after regular situations with his own style of humor, even if the people around him get the joke or not. It's a dedication to comedy that not many men share, but it comes off as very natural for Mayne.

1. Bill Simmons

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    Bill Simmons is one of the most popular personalities on ESPN, so this ranking should come as no surprise.

    From pop culture to gambling to his personal life, The Sports Guy finds a way to sling comedy into every piece that he does.

    His podcast alone would put him high on this list, but with the addition of his articles for (owned by ESPN), Simmons has to take the top spot.

    Plus, with the freedom he's been given, Simmons is able to discuss practically whatever he wants with whomever he wants, including President Obama. And for that, we commend him and give him the title of "Funniest ESPN Man."

    Sidenote: He might be the most athletically-challenged "Sports Guy" alive. 


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