WWE Draft Lottery 2012: Cody Rhodes and 10 Wrestlers Who Shouldn't Change Brands

Cory Coolson@CoolsonBRCorrespondent IApril 13, 2012

WWE Draft Lottery 2012: Cody Rhodes and 10 Wrestlers Who Shouldn't Change Brands

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    Last week, I covered the top-10 wrestlers who I think should trade shows, and this week I'm doing the exact opposite: I'm declaring the wrestlers who need to stay.

    Now, for safety's sake, I have inserted a few obvious names onto the list—not to fill it up, but to make sure I clearly state that I won't be thrilled upon their draft.

    I have refrained from inserting some of the lower-carders, because if the show they're on isn't working out for them, what reason would I have to keep them on there?

10. Drew McIntyre

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    Well, as I said, I needed to put some of the more obvious names in here.

    Remember when Drew McIntyre was drafted to Raw last year? Remember he was traded back, about three months ago?

    He made more appearances the past three months on SmackDown than he did during his nine-month tenure on Raw.

    I think that establishes my point.

9. Brock Lesnar

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    Speaking of obvious, we get to Mr. 40-appearances-a-year, Mr. Brock Lesnar.

    With Lesnar only making 40 appearances this year, you would think WWE wouldn't want to waste him on their B-show, SmackDown.

    I've always thought SmackDown was the better place for Lesnar, but with his popularity, WWE needs him on their mainstream show.

8. Mark Henry

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    Mark Henry is the guy who goes from a main-eventer to a sudden jobber in a week.

    Right now, Henry's doing great on Raw as a SmackDown superstar. He'll be facing CM Punk for the WWE Championship next week in a no-DQ match, and—believe it or not—some are expecting Punk to drop the title to him.

    Now, his success now is awesome, but with Mark Henry, I doubt that success on the brand will last.

    On SmackDown, he'll get more TV time every week, rather than the jam-packed Raw.

    Henry's status as a SmackDown superstar also opens the doors for him to appear on Raw.

7. Brodus Clay

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    SmackDown is a show which features strictly talent; Raw is a show that not only features talent, but also features some pretty outrageous talent too.

    Brodus Clay plays—it's safe to say—an outrageous character on WWE Raw, and because of that he's achieved decent success during his time on the brand.

    The Funkasaurus hasn't lost a single match since becoming the Funkasaurus, and he is now featured on Raw every week in a match—and he's winning each one.

    I like SmackDown, but I don't see Brodus Clay fitting in as a weekly competitor on the show—he's doing just fine on Raw.

6. Big Show

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    Big Show was drafted to Raw in last year's draft.

    After feuding with Alberto Del Rio in what was definitely not a five-star program, he engaged in an angle with SmackDown's Mark Henry, where he suddenly would appear less-and-less on Raw and more-and-more on SmackDown.

    I'm putting him on the list out of experience—let's save our time in trading him back to SmackDown.

5. Zack Ryder

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    This one's rather simple: I think Ryder can showcase his all-around ability on Raw more than he can on SmackDown.

    For the most part, his Raw tenure, since being featured, has been going pretty well—other than a few rough patches. I think WWE can find more entertaining angles for Ryder on Raw rather than SmackDown.

4. Sin Cara

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    When I drafted Rey Mysterio to Raw in my previous article, the comments I made apparently mean that I have to draft Sin Cara as well. But why?

    Does each show need to have a masked superstar? Sure, that sounds logical—but is it?

    Cara can be in many more angles on SmackDown, and his "botching problem," along with being on a live show don't mix well together.

    I think Cara and Mysterio appearing on the same show may benefit us. Their association with each other would make for a lot of interesting angles.

3. Cody Rhodes

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    I don't understand why everybody is pleading for this guy to be on Raw. In my opinion, Rhodes being drafted to Raw isn't a well thought-out concept.

    On Raw, Rhodes will not pass mid-card status—there's a lot of established stars above him on the totem pole.

    On SmackDown, Rhodes achieved upper mid-card status the second he became a feature attraction on the show—right upon being drafted from Raw.

    I don't think fans really want Rhodes on Raw other than the fact that it's a change—and not a good one.

2. Chris Jericho

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    Will his status be in jeopardy if he's drafted to SmackDown? Absolutely not.

    So why am I keeping him on Raw? I've never seen Jericho as a SmackDown guy, in my opinion he's a better fit on Raw.

    His status will be the same nonetheless—he's established—but why take some spotlight away from the other stars on SmackDown when he's doing perfectly fine on Raw?

1. Daniel Bryan

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    Bryan remaining on SmackDown is really a "can't lose" scenario.

    Bryan has been featured on Raw and SmackDown as a SmackDown superstar, and being drafted to Raw would decrease the amount he appears on SmackDown.

    I'm sorry to be a pessimist to all my fellow Daniel Bryan marks, but it looks like he's on the verge of falling-the-card on SmackDown, and l can't envision Bryan being able to pass "mid-card hell" on the colossal Raw.