Joleon Lescott: 10 Reasons Manchester City Defender Is the Best in the EPL

Karla Villegas Gama@karlitsvFeatured ColumnistApril 11, 2012

Joleon Lescott: 10 Reasons Manchester City Defender Is the Best in the EPL

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    At age 29, Joleon Lescott has become a standard bearer for Manchester City, his strength and ability to score are just two of his undeniable qualities.

    From the time he played for Wolverhampton Wanderers, to his impeccable performances with Everton and the Citizens, Lescott has grown into a fierce centre-back.

    Let's take a look to the reasons why he has become such a big star.

Better Each Season

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    In the 2009-2010 season he recorded one goal and one assist, made 13 blocks and had four clean sheets, 15 fouls and one yellow card.

    The next year he scored three times and registered 10 clean sheets, he also reduced his mistakes and only committed 12 fouls, in which he was booked once.

    This season, Joleon has scored twice after seven shots. His clean sheets go up to 11 and in the blocks department he has 22.

Coach's Confidence

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    After Mark Hughes brought him to Manchester City, Joleon Lescott suffered knee injuries, which left him out for some time. When he was finally healthy, he had to fight for a place on the team.

    Kolo Touré was the starter, but he was suspended after failing a drug test, which gave Lescott some minutes on the pitch.

    When Roberto Mancini arrived, he decided that the man who deserved the spot was Joleon and has trusted him ever since, which has boosted the English to become a more consistent and confident player.


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    Manchester City’s goalkeeper, Joe Hart can relay on Joleon Lescott to release some of the pressure and traffic in his area.

    Lescott knows how to handle himself and organize the defense in crucial moments. He's the guy who not only gets his job done, but understands that without others he might not be as useful.


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    The English international had a rocky start with City in 2009, but he has worked and trained a lot to meet the standards.

    He suffered several injuries, mainly to his knee. Nevertheless, he managed to come back and even won Kolo Touré's starting position, which he has never let go.


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    Lescott is a footballer that knows where the ball is and how to charge it. He rarely loses focus, whether the team is winning or losing he just goes out there and does his job in-style.

    Joleon has improved tremendously since he came to City and the hard work has paid off.

Game Reader

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    Lescott has the intelligence and cunning to read the game, which of course results in breaking opponents’ plays and keeping City’s goal safe.

    This season, the club has 26 goals against, the lowest of the tournament.


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    When former City manager Mark Hughes was chasing Joleon, the media and the fans criticized him a lot.

    Lescott finally came to Manchester and despite taking a bit to adjust, he proved to everyone how good he is not only in his position, but also in inspiring his teammates as well.

    For instance, yesterday he guaranteed that the whole club would fight until the end to get the title, despite being eight points behind current leaders Manchester United.


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    It's not everyday that a centre-back scores, but Lescott has managed to do it as frequently as a man who commands a defense can do it.

    This season he records two goals, both with the right foot, and six overall with Manchester City since he joined the club in 2009. 


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    His 1.88 meters and 82 kg are key attributes for Lescott. His height gives him the advantage with the aerial game, while his weight is essential for charging opponents.

    Joleon is a wall, and very few players have the skills to pass him by.

Team Work

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    Joleon has made quite a pair with Vincent Kompany. Both defenders have proven to be very valuable on Manchester City’s centre-back.

    The club’s manager, Roberto Mancini recognized last month that playing without them could be a big problem. Lescott and Kompany didn't appear against Chelsea. Despite the fact, the Citizens won, but the team suffered on the back.