Mario Gotze: Borussia Dortmund Starlet's Top 7 Goals

Aila StumpoCorrespondent IApril 14, 2012

Mario Gotze: Borussia Dortmund Starlet's Top 7 Goals

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    Rumours have been flying around like crazy about 19-year-old Mario Gotze. Arsenal want him, United are tracking him, he hinted at Barcelona, blah, blah, blah.

    Most fans of the beautiful game have at least heard the name of the German wunderkid who took the Bundesliga by storm with Dortmund last season.

    Although he is currently injured, not too long ago he "snubbed" a number of clubs to sign a contract extension with the Bundesliga table toppers. He claimed that he preferred to stay in Dortmund because he is happy there, they have everything he needs and he seems to be excited about the signing of Marco Reus.

    Gotze is undeniably one of the most talented young players in the world, some believing he is the best youngster ever produced from Germany. Although he is, by trade, a midfielder and more often than not creates the goals, that is not to say he has never scored a great goal or two.

    Here are seven of his best goals, in no particular order.

Vs. Austria

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    A cheeky little tap over the 'keeper.

Vs. Bayern

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    Of all the teams to score a goal like this against. Bayern!

    Completely fooling the defenders, he blasts a shot past Manuel Neuer.

Vs. Hamburg

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    Skip to 1:01 for the goal.

    Right around the goalkeeper!

Vs. Brazil

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    Skip to 2:00 for the goal.

    What an angle for the young German! Right around the goalkeeper and BOOM!

Vs. Dynamo Dresden

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    Skip to 10:33 for goal.

    After opening himself up for the perfect pass, he blows it right between the netminder's legs for another fine goal.

Vs. Freiburg

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    Goal ends at 0:28.

    After the ball if missed, Gotze takes the opportunity to blast one in for himself! And what a goal it is!

Vs. Hannover

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    Skip to 1:27 for goal.

    He weaves between players left, right and center, before coming head on with the net and the 'keeper. Hannover stood no chance as Gotze released a fireball!