Carolina Panthers 2009 Draft Predictions

Austin ArnoldContributor IJanuary 22, 2009

With one of the best seasons in Panthers history, and one of most unexpected losses in the playoffs, who expected Carolina to be looking for a position to fill in the off-season?

Not me, but we are, with Julius Peppers leaving. The question now is: What position will be filled: QB, RB, WR, who knows?

NOTE: These picks will be available if Julius Peppers is franchised with the team and traded away for a first-round pick.


Starting with the commander of the field, the quarterback. With that embarrassing playoff game against the Cards, will we replace Jake Delhomme? I don't think we will just yet.


Obviously we don't need another running back, with the best running back tandem in the NFL


With a pretty good receiving corps, and the type of two-wide receiver offense, we won't be getting another wide receiver.


I personally think Delhomme could use another target out there, but not compromising the style of offense us Panther fans are used to.

So I think we should get Cornelius Ingram with our first pick. Ingram is big enough to block any rusher and fast enough to out-run any middle linebacker, and is a big target for any quarterback to throw to.


The "Big Uglies" are anchored down on the offensive line. They offer gap control for DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart.


The O-line is doing a perfect job of giving Delhomme some time.


Must I say it again? No players needed.


Since Peppers has decided to go, the Panthers have a tough decision to make. They could get Tyson Jackson, who's a terrific "Run Stopper" and has average speed, but isn't really a pass rusher.

On the other hand, if they want a pass rusher they can get Michael Johnson, who's very quick and agile (more like Peppers). But, on the other hand, he has average strength and is not a good run stopper.


Maake Kemoeatu and Damione Lewis are holding it down there.


We're pretty good in the linebacker position and won't need to fill anything.


We don't really need a new corner.  But with Peppers gone, it could force more time for the corners to defend. A good filler for that problem is Victor Harris; he has average speed, but can jam receivers at the line and has very good hands.


Our safety positions are decent.


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