Denard Robinson and the 6 Most Overrated Quarterbacks in College Football

Rob Greissinger@@Rob_Gsinger25Correspondent IIApril 10, 2012

Denard Robinson and the 6 Most Overrated Quarterbacks in College Football

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    Quarterbacks all around the country are each under a sort of microscope, as they should be. After all, the play starts with them. They have the ball more than any other player on the gridiron. They also start the plays, as they are the ones who yell out the snap count. Quarterbacks have to be special human beings to take on such a task. Some handle the pressure well; others do not. 

    Now it's time to get under the microscope and see which quarterbacks are most overrated. 

David Ash

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    Ash had at least one interception in each of the games that Texas lost. 

    When you have a direct comparison to Case McCoy, it is easy to single out David Ash. Ash is one quarterback that should be a backup. 

    Comparing Ash's stats to McCoy's may be a little deceiving because Ash threw for 1,079 yards. That stat makes him overrated. Ash threw eight picks to McCoy's four. In each game when he played a critical role, he threw an interception. Throwing that many interceptions equals one thing: poor decisions. 

    Ash also has four touchdown passes to McCoy's seven. The Longhorns were a dismal 86th in the country in passing yards. Being that low in the rankings is not very Texas-like. Part of that blame can be put on Ash. 

    Given Ash's record and numbers, going with McCoy becomes a much easier decision for Mac Brown.

Taylor Martinez

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    Watching Nebraska play is like watching a throwback from the 1920s and 30s, only this time it's in high definition. 

    Nebraska plays with a lot of option style offense. It is hard to go one series without seeing the Cornhuskers use the option. It did work for them in 2011, but the option can only take a team so far in the Big Ten.

    The option plays are deceiving, however. Given that extra protection is needed for that type of offense, Martinez usually has an easy throw to make to a wide-open tight end or halfback on the other side of the play. He does not have a lot of speed, which why it is hard to figure out how he is elusive.

    The only reason why Martinez has any success is because of the use of the option offense.

Danny O'Brien

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    Maybe it is those Pro Combat jerseys Maryland wears that made Danny O'Brien want to transfer. 

    O’Brien transferred from Maryland to Wisconsin. The move from crab cakes to cheese was not a smart one. The ACC is only a little bit better than the Big East when it comes to football. A move to the Big Ten is going to be a rude awakening for O’Brien.

    Furthermore, a team source said that O’Brien’s personality is another contributing factor. The source said that O’Brien’s arrogance was part of the reason why he transferred.

    A new system and conference could ultimately lead to a bad season for O’Brien statistically. The telltale sign will be if he can adapt to the Wisconsin playbook and Big Ten defenses. Those defenses will initially frustrate O’Brien in big stadiums, and if he gets frustrated, he may try to force passes into tight spaces that in the Big Ten will get picked. 

E.J. Manuel

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    Florida State was in the Top 10 early in 2011. Florida State had a lot of hype, and the glory days looked to have returned. It did not last long. 

    After winning their first two games, the Seminoles lost three straight games. Two out of the three were against ranked opponents. The first one was against first-ranked (at the time) Oklahoma. 

    There is no doubt that Manuel is a great athlete. But even a great athlete has to be in the right position. Too many times, he ran when he had an easy throw. That says one thing: choking. He looked like he could not handle the pressure. 

Geno Smith

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    Smith played in the Big East, but with the West Virginia Mountaineers going to the Big 12 in 2012, things are going to be a whole lot different. 

    Sure he is a mobile quarterback, but he has poor mechanics in his throwing. His big 6'4" body cannot get the ball to his receivers, which makes him an overrated quarterback. 

    Beating Clemson in the Orange Bowl was a great feat, but the Big 12 will be a rude awakening for Smith and the Mountaineers. Smith will have to be able to make quick decisions under pressure, and his history indicates that he cannot do that. 

    Plus, with his size, if Smith were able to throw the ball well, he'd be in the NFL already. 

Dayne Crist

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    Any Notre Dame quarterback is going to be under the microscope. Take away the Notre Dame name from that team and maybe Crist does not make this list. On second thought, yes he definitely deserves to be on this list regardless of who he plays for.

    Notre Dame has found themselves a quarterback that struggles to complete more than 60 percent of his passes. 

    He has put himself in situations where he can very easily get injured. Last season, his junior year, he only had 24 pass attempts, 15 of which he completed. 

    The season before that he had just over 2,000 yards passing; however, he would have had more yards if he could have gotten more completed passes.

    What is weird about Crist is his numbers. Despite only having one full season under his belt, he still has consistent numbers.  

Denard Robinson

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    Beating Ohio State and winning their bowl game is going to bring a lot of hype to the Michigan Wolverines. Winning in the biggest rivalry in college football put Robinson over the edge. 

    There is a reason why Robinson is in the title of this list and not just the seventh guy amongst the other six. 

    When hearing Robinson in the Heisman mix early in the season in 2010, one thought came to mind and that thought was laughter. Robinson did not deserve to be on the Heisman list because of inflated stats. The Michigan Wolverines had not faced an opponent that could defend a dual threat quarterback. His best game so far that season was the Notre Dame game. He had 502 total yards. Impressive? Yes, there are no arguments that that performance was great. But again, against a Notre Dame team that was not very good to begin with, no way did Robinson deserve to be on the Heisman list. 

    Let’s face it, if Robinson did not have his running ability, he would be on the bench. He threw for only 2173 yards last year. He had 20 touchdown passes. However, most of those touchdown passes were within close proximity of the endzone. In 2011, Michigan was 93rd in the country in passing yards. Teams do not get to be that far down the list with a Heisman-contending quarterback. 

    The nail in the coffin is that when he plays against defenses that could contain him, he cannot throw. His completion percentage speaks for itself. It is all over the place. One week it was around 70 percent, the other it was below 40 percent. 

    Perhaps Robinson's nickname should be erratic.