World Football's 15 Best Two-Footed Players Right Now

Mikhail Turner@MikhailTurnerContributor IIIApril 7, 2012

World Football's 15 Best Two-Footed Players Right Now

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    Genuine two-footed players are generally among the most extraordinary in the history of World Football.

    A few months ago I looked at the greatest two-footed players in the history of the game. Now we'll take a look at some of the best two-footed players right now.

    Obviously players like Lionel Messi can perform exceptionally well with one foot, but doing things with two feet gives these guys a different dimension to their game.

    These aren't just the players who can take the occasional shot with their weaker foot. They can dribble, shoot, cross and pass on each foot in a comfortable fashion even if they show a preference.

    Here are some of the best two-footed players in the game right now:

Andrei Arshavin

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    No one can doubt Andrei Arshavin's talent, not even the Arsenal fans who were disgruntled with the player in the months before his loan move to Zenit St. Petersburg.

    Part of what makes him so special is his ability with both feet. Arshavin has a pretty powerful shot with his left and right, and when he is in the mood that makes him really hard to stop.

Diego Forlan

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    Diego Forlan has fallen off a lot since his move to Inter, but his performances with Uruguay at the World Cup and Copa America, as well as his time at Atletico Madrid, really showcased his skills with two feet.

    Forlan can hit a good possess, a good pass and a good shot with both his feet.


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    Neymar has a lot of skills in his arsenal and one of those is his ability to use both feet really well. The scary part about Neymar is that he still has a lot of growing to do, but he already has one great skill that will makes him a tough customer for any defender.


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    We all know what Ronaldinho can do. Though it seems that the majority of his best days are behind him, his skill with two feet is one of the reasons why he is still a very good player.

Cristiano Ronaldo

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    Cristiano Ronaldo's skill with both feet is evident. He prefers his right foot for most of his moves, but he is equally capable of performing actions with his left foot when he wants.

Xabi Alonso

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    Xabi Alonso's great passing range is made even better by the fact that he can accomplish all his passes with both feet. He has a good shot on either side as well.


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    Nani, like his compatriot Ronaldo, has great ability with both feet. He shows it time and time again with his great long-range strikes and his crossing.


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    Pedro is one of the most natural two-footed players in the game today. He shows no real preference for either foot, and the fact that he is so comfortable when he plays on either wing for Barcelona confirms this.

Michael Carrick

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    Michael Carrick is very solid with both feet. He is certainly not among the flashiest players on this list, but Carrick shows during his passing and his occasional shooting that he can use both feet equally well.

Wesley Sneijder

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    Wesley Sneijder's ability with either foot is well-documented. It's part of what makes the Dutch playmaker such a special player.


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    Hernanes has been an important player for Lazio since his arrival in Europe, with his vision and skill on the ball being a major part of things.

    His ability with both feet is a major part of why he is such a skillful player for the club.

David Villa

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    It's been a while since David Villa has been seen on the pitch, and that's due to his unfortunate injury at the Club World Cup back in December.

    Villa is one of the best goal-scorers when on his game, and that is due to his ability to use either foot.

Michael Ballack

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    There have been a couple German players with two-footed ability, and Michael Ballack is one of them. Ballack's ability with both feet comes down to mostly his shooting and passing skills, both of which he is very good at.

Francesco Totti

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    Francesco Totti has used both his feet for various stamps, etc. throughout the years, but even more importantly, his skill with either foot is a big part of his attacking prowess.

    Totti is not the player he used to be, but he has one remaining attribute that few defenders can defend against easily.

Luka Modric

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    Luka Modric is another playmaker on this list, and it's no wonder why they are all on this list. Part of what makes them great players and great playmakers is their ability to use both feet, and Modric has that as well.

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