2012 NFL Draft: Best-Dressed Draftees of Recent Years

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterApril 9, 2012

2012 NFL Draft: Best-Dressed Draftees of Recent Years

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    For a sports event with no actual gameplay, the NFL draft is fairly entertaining.  

    The anticipation for whom your team will draft, the antics of New York Jets fans and the often-dapper outfits of the draftees have turned it into a spectacle worth watching.

    For some high-profile draftees, it's a chance to shine in the spotlight.

    Colorful ties, slick suits and an eye for fashion can have these soon-to-be NFLers catching some attention before they even put a jersey on.  

    What will Robert Griffith III be sporting when Roger Goodell calls his name?  Will Andrew Luck impress us with his style as much as he has with his talent?

    Who will force their way onto future versions of this list?

    I'll also be including my wife's short reviews, culled from her first impressions.  

10. Matthew Stafford (2009)

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    The 2009 draft started off with style.  Detroit's stud quarterback looked sharp in a cornflower-blue shirt with a silver tie.  

    Knowing the Lions would be taking him with the No. 1 pick, he borrowed tweaked versions of the Lions' colors for his ensemble.  

    The striped jacket looked great as well.

    Stafford clearly chose the right outfit, and as he gets better every year on the field, it's clear the Lions chose the right quarterback.  

    Wife's Review: Hmmm…

9. Calvin Johnson (2007)

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    The man now known as Megatron channeled Steve Harvey with this striking number.  

    He's not wearing the most thrilling colors in the world, but Johnson looks superb in the strong stripes.  

    Lions fans prefer to see him in blue and silver with dirt on his jersey and a ball in his hands, but they were no doubt excited to hear him announced when their pick came. 

    The golden lapel pin adds a touch of flair as well.

    Wife's Review: Yeah!

8. Adrian Peterson (2007)

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    Adrian Peterson clearly knows how to rock accessories.  

    When the Vikings selected him in 2007, he was ready with a shiny, silvery-blue pocket square, a red lapel pin (Sooner-related?) and a watch a rapper could be proud of.  

    You could also count his ID badge as an accessory.  I like how it says "Player"—one of the biggest understatements of all time.  

    His suit and tie make an excellent combo of grays and blues.

    Wife's Review: Nice!

7. Eugene Monroe (2009)

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    Drafting an offensive lineman in the first round is never a sexy pick.

    That didn't stop Eugene Monroe from introducing himself to the NFL fanbase with a stylish suit.  His subtle outfit features an orange tie and a pastel pocket square.  

    His jacket boasts understated pinstripes.  

    The Jaguar fans only wished he continued to look this good once he got on the field.  

    Wife's Review: Very sophisticated

6. Ndamukong Suh (2010)

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    Ndamukong Suh's playing style is aggressive, to say the least.  It's no surprise, then, that his fashion sense is so brash.

    A yellow tie pops against his checkered shirt.  The cream jacket creates an intriguing combination.

    Suh could have certainly played it safe with a black suit and white shirt, but we've seen from his play that doesn't hold back or shy away from big moments.  

    Wife's Review: Ooh!

5. Reggie Bush (2006)

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    Saints fans were thrilled to get the USC speedster on their team...well, at least for the first year.

    A bold fashion statement highlighted his draft day.

    Reggie Bush decided on a brown-on-brown combination.

    His shirt is a rich chocolate brown, his jacket more of a cream.  The jacket's stripes are soft and subtle.  

    A chocolate-brown pocket square peeks out.

    His fleur-de-lis lapel pin is an awesome touch.  He clearly knew who was going to draft him and was ready to rock New Orleans style.  

    Wife's Review: I’m not so sure about all that brown

4. Nick Fairley (2011)

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    The talk of the 2011 draft was Nick Fairley.

    Not only did his selection ensure that Detroit would have a ferocious, unstoppable defensive line, but Fairley made a name for himself with a snazzy look.

    It takes guts to wear a bow tie like that.

    Fairley rocks it with a pair of black-framed glasses and the striking combo of the blue shirt and gray jacket.  

    Points to him for going bold, even if some folks may cringe at his outfit.

    Wife's Review: Oh lord!

3. Brian Orakpo (2009)

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    The Longhorn-turned-Redskin dazzled with a classic look.  

    The striped jacket and Easter-blue tie look fabulous on him.  Brian Orakpo—a handsome, quarterback-destroying fellow—also sports an eye-catching pocket square.

    The pop of color from his tie contrasted with the black suit ties this whole thing together nicely.  

    His watch may not be officially baller, but he makes the oversized, plastic number look like a hot fashion trend.  

    Wife's Review: Nice!

2. Patrick Peterson (2011)

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    Patrick Peterson will be sporting red for the next few years as a member of the Arizona Cardinals.  

    He grabbed our attention on draft day with that same color.

    The brilliant red tie sits on a bed of blue-and-white checkers, an unexpectedly fine-looking pairing.  You also have to love how the red pocket square pops against the black jacket.

    Peterson's slick look was a part of the best-dressed draft to date. 

    Wife's Review: I like it!

1. Mark Ingram (2011)

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    Mark Ingram may or may not be the best running back from the Alabama championship teams, but he was most definitely the best-dressed draftee yet.  

    His gorgeous gray jacket sparkles with the magenta tie and flower-inspired pocket square.  

    Ingram's glittering watch and earrings take the outfit to the next level.  

    Will somebody top his classy, striking look with this draft class or the next?  We'll have to wait and see.

    Wife's Review: Snazzy!              


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