WWE News: Who Wanted John Cena Fired in the Beginning of His WWE Career in 2003?

Chris Humphrey@@_CBH_Correspondent IMarch 28, 2012

H/T: WWE.com
H/T: WWE.com

With his near decade in the WWE, John Cena has certainly went through a lot of changes as he entered the company as fresh face battling Kurt Angle in his first match, to his hip-hop rapper persona and finally the current generation as fan favorite though hated by the fans.

During a recent interview with Brian Soscia of the Soscia Network, the leader of the CeNation revealed that his career might not have reached this moment, as he was almost fired by two high level people in the WWE in the early days of his career.

Back in 2003, 2002, when I was just wearing boots and tights and I was supposed to be the ruthless aggression young good guy, nobody in the company liked me. I know Vince McMahon won't admit this, but he wanted me fired, Triple H wanted me fired, everybody hated me. They just wouldn't give me a forum to showcase my talents. I've always been able to connect with the audience if given the ability to speak.

Even though I’m not a “Rise Above Hate” shirt wearing fan of Cena, I have thoroughly enjoyed the unpopular superstar over the past few years since returning to watch the WWE.

I will admit there have some very corny jokes and less than compelling storylines for John Cena along the way but it’s hard to argue that Cena hasn’t been one of the most entertaining superstars despite the aforementioned flaws by the creative team.

With matches like his Last Man Standing match with Umaga to his I Quit match with JBL to his classic match with CM Punk at last year’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view , I’m happy that Cena is still a part of the WWE today with his epic showdown with the Rock this Sunday at WrestleMania.

So Bleachers, what do you think about the comments made by John Cena saying that Vince McMahon and Triple wanted to fire the former WWE Champion during the Ruthless Aggression era?

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