English Premier League Form Table: Ranking All 20 Teams

Michael Cummings@MikeCummings37World Football Lead WriterMarch 26, 2012

English Premier League Form Table: Ranking All 20 Teams

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    Manchester United sit atop the real table. But are Sir Alex Ferguson's Red Devils the form team of the English Premier League?

    There's only one way to find out. Read on for club-by-club form rankings of all 20 English Premier League clubs.

    Rankings reflect the last eight matches up to and including Monday's game between United and Fulham.

    First, though, here's the key to the form guide:

    W=Home win

    L=Home loss

    D=Home draw

    w=Away win

    l=Away loss

    d=Away draw

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20. Wolverhampton Wanderers

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    Form guide: lLLldLwL

    Form points: 4

    Goal differential: -19

    Comments: Negative-19 goal differential? In eight games? Geez.

    This team is going down. Can't see it any other way.

19. Queens Park Rangers

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    Form guide: lWlDLlLd

    Form points: 5

    Goal differential: -5

    Comments: Beating Liverpool was nice, but QPR will need more results like it to avoid the drop.

18. Liverpool

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    Form guide: LlWlLlDw

    Form points: 7

    Goal differential: 1

    Comments: Poor Liverpool. Thankfully for their fans, the silverware drought is over.

17. Stoke City

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    Form guide: DdlWWlLl

    Form points: 8

    Goal differential: -2

    Comments: What a strike by Peter Crouch, huh?

16. Aston Villa

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    Form guide: lWddLlDw

    Form points: 9

    Goal differential: -3

    Comments: Villa are eight points above the drop zone. Just throwing that out there.

15. Chelsea

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    Form guide: DlWlWlDd

    Form points: 9

    Goal differential: 0

    Comments: So, is the revival over, or do Chelsea have another run in them? Fourth place is still five points off, but Spurs are struggling too.

14. Tottenham Hotspur

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    Form guide: dDlLlWdW

    Form points: 9

    Goal differential: 1

    Comments: This had been such a promising season. Were the Harry Redknapp-for-England rumors that much of a distraction?

13. Blackburn Rovers

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    Form guide: lWwDlWlL

    Form points: 10

    Goal differential: -7

    Comments: Could Blackburn really survive? It's looking more and more likely.

12. Bolton Wanderers

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    Form guide: WWllLlDW

    Form points: 10

    Goal differential: -4

    Comments: That win over Blackburn needs only one adjective: Inspirational.

11. Wigan Athletic

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    Form guide: wDdLDwDl

    Form points: 10

    Goal differential: -2

    Comments: For a team that had been rooted to the bottom of the table for some time, Wigan have shown pretty good form lately. More of the same will be needed to avoid relegation.

10. Norwich City

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    Form guide: WlDlLwWl

    Form points: 10

    Goal differential: -2

    Comments: Mid-table mediocrity, through and through. For Norwich, though, that's not a bad thing right now. More progress can come later.

9. Fulham

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    Form guide: lLlWwWlD

    Form points: 10

    Goal differential: -1

    Comments: Fulham actually had chances against United, and that sure seemed like a penalty to me.

8. West Bromwich Albion

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    Form guide: LdlWWwLd

    Form points: 1

    Goal differential: 4

    Comments: This team is impossible to figure out. They made Newcastle look like absolute world-beaters during the first half the other day.

7. Sunderland

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    Form guide: WlWdlLwW

    Form points: 13

    Goal differential: 0

    Comments: Same for Sunderland. You never know which team will turn up, as their eight-game goal differential suggests. This weekend, we saw the good version of the Black Cats.

6. Swansea City

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    Form guide: LwWwlLwD

    Form points: 13

    Goal differential: 2

    Comments: Swansea lost at home over the weekend to Everton, one of the few sides even hotter than the Swans right now.

5. Newcastle United

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    Form guide: wWlDDlWw

    Form points: 14

    Goal differential: 0

    Comments: The Magpies looked pretty strong against West Brom over the weekend. They're quietly level on points with Chelsea for fifth place.

4. Everton

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    Form guide: wLlWdWdW

    Form points: 14

    Goal differential: 2

    Comments: Everton have lost just twice in their last eight matches. They beat Swansea away over the weekend and climbed up to ninth.

3. Manchester City

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    Form guide: dWlWWwWl

    Form points: 16

    Goal differential: 8

    Comments: Still perfect at home, City aren't nearly as good on the road. They earned a point against Stoke, but easily could have lost.

2. Manchester United

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    Form guide: WwWwwWdW

    Form points: 22

    Goal differential: 14

    Comments: Even with yet another win, this one on Monday night against Fulham, United didn't have enough to overtake Arsenal at the top of the form table.

1. Arsenal

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    Form guide: WwWwWwWd

    Form points: 22

    Goal differential: 16

    Comments: Arsenal are purring right now. Question is, where was this the rest of the season?