Mike Leach Wants a 64-Team College Football Playoff

Adam Kramer@kegsneggsNational College Football Lead WriterMarch 21, 2012

LUBBOCK, TX - NOVEMBER 01:  Head coach Mike Leach of the Texas Tech Red Raiders coaches from the sidelines during the game against  the Texas Longhorns on November 1, 2008 at Jones Stadium in Lubbock, Texas.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Mike Leach is wonderful for many reasons.

First and foremost is the offensive intellect that he possess. The man knows how to score touchdowns quickly and in large amounts, and because most Pac-12 defenses are currently held together by inadequate amounts of Elmer’s Glue, this could bode well for Washington State sooner rather than later. This is not the only reason Mike Leach is wonderful, however.

Leach is a man that has always said EXACTLY what is on his mind, for better or worse. He’s certainly not afraid to tell it like it is—even if you don’t know really what the hell he might be talking about at that moment—and I absolutely love him for that. He’s a walking sound bite, not by intent, but by living his life without a verbal filter. College football is better when he’s involved, and thankfully, he’s back at a school that will embrace his style.

It’s been quiet on the Leach front since he picked up right where he left out at his introductory presser, but thankfully, the pirate has spoken about something he certainly hasn’t shied away from in the past.

The topic of a playoff in college football is more prevalent than ever. In fact, a playoff of some kind, most likely a plus one, is likely to make its college football debut in 2014 if all goes well. Plus one, you say? Conference champions only? Eight teams? Ha; Leach laughs at your lack of forward thinking, simpleton commissioners.

Some people ease themselves into the pool one limb at a time; others attempt to throw themselves into the mysterious water head-first without a care in the world. Speaking with Fox Sports, Leach laid out the brief foundation for what kind of postseason he envisions for college football. The results are magical.

"The minimum should be 16 teams,’’ he said. “I think 32 is better than 16, but I think 64 would be ideal," he started to explain to me, without taking a breath.

"You could cut the regular season down to 10 games, but guarantee everybody 12 games. In the end, the champion would play 16 games."

Don't bring up school workload to him as an argument. "That's a bunch of foolishness," he chided, in a nice, polite tone.

"Basketball players go to school, volleyball players go to school, baseball players go to school and they play a lot more games than football [players do]."

Where to begin. Well, for one, a 64-team college football playoff will likely never happen. It would be magical if it did, and this exercise has been simulated strictly for entertainment purposes, but 64 teams would make a forward-thinking playoff supporter’s head explode. His idea isn’t foolish by any means, but rather incredibly improbable given the state of the game.

Forget about how feasible or realistic a 32 or 64-team college football bracket would be, however, and just imagine having a 32-team or 64-team college football bracket to fill out. 

As for the rest of Leach’s “polite” mini-rant, well, we love him for it. And although you can debate for or against his ideas if you please, Mike Leach’s awesomeness is carved in stone. 


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