Jacksonville Jaguars Should Give Up on Blaine Gabbert and Trade for Tim Tebow

Sam Quinn@@Samquinn23Contributor IIIMarch 19, 2012

The Jaguars should trade for Tim Tebow right now.
The Jaguars should trade for Tim Tebow right now.Jim Rogash/Getty Images

The Jaguars had a golden opportunity to bring in local legend Tim Tebow during the 2010 draft. They failed, but as fate would have it, they're getting another chance. 

Peyton Manning has chosen the Broncos, making the former Florida Gator expendable. Well, expendable probably isn't the right word considering how badly John Elway wants him gone, but the point is the Jaguars now have a chance to rectify their mistake and bring Tebow to Jacksonville. 

Tim Tebow isn't the most polished quarterback in the league; in fact, he's pretty much the definition of a project, but look at the alternatives. In one corner you have Princess Gabbert, a quarterback who is seemingly afraid of his own shadow. If the Jags ever need a Twilight character, Gabbert's their guy, but since they need a quarterback, they'll have to look elsewhere.

Behind door number two is Chad Henne—the same Chad Henne that has been benched in favor of Chad Pennington and lost favor in Miami due to his team improving by leaps and bounds when he was replaced by Matt Moore. Henne may be better than Gabbert, but not by much. 

Tim Tebow isn't Tom Brady right now, and he'll never be the classic pocket passer teams desire, but that doesn't mean he can't lead your team to great places. The guy is a flat-out winner. He led a 1-4 Broncos team on a wild ride, culminating in an overtime win against the Steelers in the playoffs. 

Statistically, quarterbacks tend to make their biggest leap between years two and three. While Tebow has not been elite so far, he's also had a much tougher upbringing than most young quarterbacks. He's had two head coaches, two offensive coordinators and only one offseason. In a more stable situation, Tebow could thrive. 

While the Jaguars don't have great receivers, they aren't far behind Denver. Laurent Robinson flashed star potential last year, and if he lives up to what he showed in Dallas, the Jags may have themselves a steal. Marcedes Lewis is better than any tight end Tebow had in Denver, and perhaps the most important piece is Maurice Jones-Drew. We saw how effective an option attack could be with Tebow and a mediocre back like Willis McGahee—just imagine the possibilities with Jones-Drew. 

Finally, we come to the fans. They say winning puts fans in the seats, and while Tebow could win them games, fans will show up regardless. Tim Tebow is a demigod in Florida, especially in the northern half of the state. That's where he played college football (in Gainesville) and that's where the Jaguars play (in Jacksonville). If anything can rejuvenate the Jaguars' dead fanbase, it's Tebow. At the end of the day, that might be what it takes to save football in Jacksonville. 


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