25 Worst Sports Uniforms of All Time

Greg Maiola@Gom1094Senior Analyst IIMarch 18, 2012

25 Worst Sports Uniforms of All Time

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    As the world of sports has progressed, uniforms have often become more sophisticated. However, many franchises have donned some pretty ugly uniforms over the years.

    With Nike taking over as the NFL jersey supplier, this is a good time to reflect on some of the uniform misses in all of sports. Some great looking uniforms are right around the corner, but there are dozens of horrific ones, too.

    This slideshow shows uniforms from various sports and leagues that just didn't cut it. Here are some of the worst uniforms in the history of all of sports.

Toronto Raptors

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    Toronto's uniforms were a laughing stock to fans in in the USA. How were teams intimidated by a dinosaur dribbling a basketball? The red and purple didn't really flow and these uniforms were flat out atrocious.

Seattle Seahawks

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    Though these uniforms are flashy, the lime green just doesn't work. It looks like an exotic green pinny is being placed over a blue uniform. With the blue on the shoulder, the green makes them look like practice uniforms that could be used by a soccer club.

    Sorry Seattle, these just don't flow nicely.

Mighty Ducks of Anaheim

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    What in the world is this? A uniform slapped with a cartoon, not a city, state or name. This is utterly embarrassing for the NHL and almost unprofessional. Luckily, they were short lived because they were God-awful uniforms.

Pittsburgh Pirates

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    Is an explanation really required? The red doesn't belong nor does the cartoon logo. These jerseys are just horrendous and luckily Pittsburgh stuck with just the black and yellow.

Buffalo Bills

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    The success of the 2011 Bills' kits make their old ones that much worse. The dark blue across the chest was odd and the red was kind of slapped on the uniforms. The red helmets were too old school and this uniform was all-together unimpressive. No wonder why their throwbacks were so popular amongst fans.

Buffalo Sabres

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    Trust me, I'm not hating on Buffalo. Having said that, the black and red never belonged in Buffalo.

    The logo was bizarre but the "B" with the sword going through it was a nice touch. The Sabres have transitioned through another uniform change before finally landing their traditional logo and colors.

Nashville Predators

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    The logo isn't even worthy of being on this disgusting uniform. The mustard/brown yellow is unattractive and a large logo is thrown on there. Though they were short lived, these have to go down as some of the worst uniforms in the history of sports.

Miami Marlins

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    Is it really too early to label these as terrible? I get that the Marlins wanted to transform their franchise in 2012, but these jerseys just don't cut it. Their logo is a capital "M" with rainbow colors outlining the uniform's letters. Come on, how many fans are going to rush out to get and wear these things?

Denver Broncos

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    The Denver Broncos look much better in any variation of orange and blue. The brown and yellow jerseys are straight up ugly. The socks are humorous and there are no logos or words enlisted to show what franchise is represented.

Florida Everblades

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    The ECHL franchise sure is making a fool of its players. Members of the Florida Everblades were forced to wear these atrocious holiday uniforms in 2010 and sure looked silly. How a professional sports team can issue these uniforms is beyond me.

Colorado Rockies

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    Another uniform ruined by a large and goofy cartoon graphic. These things look as if they belong to a recreational team and are just altogether ugly.

Atlanta Hawks

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    The size and placement of the logo is what makes this uniform odd. The black at the top of the jersey doesn't flow with the red at the bottom. Atlanta should have picked just one color and adjusted the uniform's graphics to make this work.

Every 1997 MLS Franchise

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    The MLS has been thriving recently, but until the early 2000s, the uniforms were a mess. The logos were lost in the jerseys and they were extremely baggy. The Adidas stripes look bizarre on DC United and the Galaxy's jail-stripes don't work either. All of the MLS uniforms were a joke in the late 1990s.

Montreal Canadians

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    I respect teams that honor tradition. I also respect teams that learn from their mistakes. The Canadiens should have left these jerseys in the cellar, because they are just distracting to the eye. Unique, but not good.

Philadelphia Eagles

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    Come on now, the Eagles should always wear some form of green. Personally, I am lost with the baby blue and yellow on the Eagles. Although the colors go well together, these uniforms are weird and should be left alone by the Eagles.

Maryland Terrapins

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    Is this what happens when a company tries to out-do Nike? Sorry, the use of the flag didn't work out here. The jersey is inconsistent with one half being red/white and the other black/yellow. The intent was decent but they are too distracting for spectators.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

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    Obviously, whatever opponent sees these uniforms is immediately struck with fear. Realistically, these uniforms are childish in appearance and just strange. The color scheme is weird and the jerseys are unappealing. Tampa Bay has since changed its jersey and nickname.

Washington Capitals

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    It is the red, white and blue, isn't it? Washington completely whiffed on these uniforms and the hockey sticks going through the Capitol Building is weird. The gold and blue does not resemble anything patriotic, and throwing the Capitol Building in the logo is a little odd.

Cleveland Cavailers

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    The blue stripe has little purpose on these uniforms. The diagonal placement of the word "Cleveland" is a bit confusing and the baby blue trim is gross. The Cavs have significantly improved their uniform and logo, and these uniforms just don't cut it.

Croatia National Team

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    These kits are way to distracting on the eye. The checker-board pattern scheme is unappealing and these uniforms are obnoxious.

    Sorry Croatian fans, these things are nasty.

Syracuse Orange

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    We get it, they are the Syracuse Orange. However, the orange helmets, jerseys and pants were way too much. Though they were not worn at all times, the Orange looked foolish whenever they went all out orange on Saturdays.

Syracuse Orange?

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    As much as I hate to put repeating teams on here,(once again Buffalo, I apologize), these uniforms do not resemble Syracuse. The neon yellow has no resemblance to anything orange and should not be associated with the Orange. Sorry Syracuse athletics, too much orange on the football and not enough orange on the lacrosse.

Houston Astros

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    Bad color scheme. Bad star. Bad everything, enough said.

Philadelphia Union

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    These jerseys are horrible but the thick gold stripe up the middle ruins it. If Philly wanted to utilize the navy and gold on the kits, they should have come up with better arrangements. But give the Union a break, they haven't even existed for five years.

Los Angeles Kings

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    These Kings look like foolish men. The sideways stripe is ugly and the logo below the left shoulder is bad. The uniforms look goofy from straight on and these "kings" must be ashamed of their attire.

Honorable Mention

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    The only thing keeping them off my list is that I cannot find out who they are. They had the audacity to actually walk out of the locker room like that. Give them some credit.