25 Wackiest College Football Stadium Names

Carl Stine@@CFBAllDayCorrespondent IMarch 19, 2012

25 Wackiest College Football Stadium Names

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    Every college football stadium has it's won unique story or reason for receiving the name that has made it famous.

    But some of them just don't make sense, or are too corny or imply something other than intended.

    Through no fault of their own, these shrines to pigskin excellence get stuck with monikers more deserving of a grocery store.

    This list runs down 25 stadium with names that could be better.

25. Heinz Field: Pitt

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    In this day of commercialism and corporate sponsorship, this venue stands out because we can all identify with the name attached to it.


    After all, what's a hamburger without ketchup?

    The Pittsburgh Steelers share this stadium with the Panthers, and both teams play their home games under the watchful eye of Heinz advertisements.

24. Carnie Smith Stadium: Pittsburg State

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    Pittsburg State, I'm sorry.

    However, we have all heard the stories and seen the movies involving those infamous, creepy carnival employees, affectionately known as "carnies."

    For some reason, this is what I think of anytime I hear the name of this facility.

    I assure you, the good people of Pittsburg, Kansas, are nothing like the unsavory characters of legend.

23. Papa John's Cardinal Stadium: Louisville

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    This is not a stadium that gets tossed around in the conversations about most storied venues.

    It is fairly new, and obviously this sponsorship is associated with that staple of the American diet, pizza.

    That said, fans do not receive free pizza just for attending every home game in 2012, but they will get to watch quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and friends muddle their way through an unusual season in the Big East.

22. Autzen Stadium: Oregon

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    Autzen Stadium is one of the most energetic, exciting and all-around great stadiums at which to watch a football game.

    The scenery is beautiful in the fall, and fans are avid in their support of Chip Kelly's high-flying offense.

    But there is a story behind the name of the stadium that earns it a spot on this list.

    In this day of bitter rivalries, it's ironic that Oregon's venue was named after Thomas Autzen, a philanthropist that donated $250,000.00 to the building project, since he was a graduate of bitter rival, Oregon State.

    Oh well, it hasn't really affected the rivalry between these two in recent years, as the Ducks consistently crush State.

21. Glass Bowl: Toledo

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    Toledo, Ohio, is known as "The Glass City."

    While the stadium itself, like much of the Toledo campus, is a blend of old and new, the name is what draws our attention to this little known stadium.

    The "Glass Bowl" sounds more like a container from your mother's cabinet than a football venue.

    The homage to the city's industry is a nice touch, but you have to admit, it's a little funny.

20. Waldo Stadium: Western Michigan

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    It's lame, I know, but I couldn't resist.

    Go ahead, look at the picture, and see if you can find Waldo.

    It's there, in the upper left-hand corner.

    Western Michigan had an elite talent playing receiver for them in 2011, Jordan White, and it will be interesting to see how well they adjust to life without his monster performances.

19. Summa Field at Infocision Stadium: Akron

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    As if selling the naming rights to one corporation isn't enough, the Zips had to go and give it to two.

    Infocision Management Corporation owns the rights to the stadium, while Summa Health System currently owns the rights to the field.

    Hence the unique name.

    On top of that, this stadium was built to replace the off-campus field, the "Rubber Bowl."

18. Ross-Ade Stadium: Purdue

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    It's really not that crazy, as it is named after the two guys that provided much of the financial support for its construction, George Ade and David Ross.

    However, until I was in about sixth grade, I always thought this was "Kool-Aid" Stadium.

    Dumb, I know, but you have to admit, for a kid, the thought of that giant pitcher breaking into the stadium was a visually appealing thought.

17. Peden Stadium: Ohio

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    There is really no huge reason this one makes the list.

    As you can see, the architecture is gorgeous, and that mini-van in the foreground holds a particular appeal.

    But the name "Peden" just sounds a little off.

    However, Ohio's greatest football coach was Don Peden, and the building, formerly known as the "Ohio University Athletic Plant," was renamed in his honor.

16. Nippert Stadium: Cincinnati

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    Nippert sounds like some sort of snack food, or maybe a glue product.

    However, it was named in honor of a former player who died in an unusual manner.

    James Gamble Nippert was injured by somebodies' cleats during a game in 1923, and passed away shortly thereafter when the injury became infected.

    Nippert's grandfather donated funds to help in the building of the facility, and it was named in Nippert's honor.

15. Memorial Stadium: Multiple

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    It's not wacky, but there are just so many of them.

    Clemson, Illinois, Indiana, Nebraska and Kansas all share the moniker, and there's also California Memorial, Aggie Memorial, DKR Texas Memorial, Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial, Marine Corps Memorial, Kenan Memorial and War Memorial Stadium.

    While each one of these schools seems to have a great reason and cause for the name, there are just too many that, if not identical, are similar.

    Enough already, name the next one, "In the everlasting memory of so-and-so-stadium," or something.

14. Lincoln Financial Field: Temple

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    Temple shares a stadium with the Philadelphia Eagles.

    Too bad they do not share some of their success.

    Lincoln Financial is a great venue, but lacks the naming panache of some of its brethren.

13. Kibbie Dome: Idaho

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    That's not an airplane hangar.

    Nor is it a barn.

    Or even some sort of waste water plant.

    No, that's Idaho's infamous Kibbie Dome.

    It looks nothing like other domes, having its own unique agricultural flair.

    It's also the smallest stadium in FBS football.

12. Kelly/Shorts Stadium: Central Michigan

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    The name itself is not unusual.

    Perry was a donor in the early days of the program, while Shorts was the greatest coach in Chippewas history.

    It's the unique format that earns it a spot on this list.

    The use of the slash between the names cannot be found in any other venue title in the nation.

11. Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium: East Carolina

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    This is one of the more picturesque locales in the sport.

    As seen from the photo, the foliage can be beautiful in the fall, and the myriad purple clad fans fill the stadium routinely.

    But the name "Dowdy" might leave one to believe otherwise.

    The dictionary tells us that "dowdy" means "not neat or stylish."

10. Carrier Dome: Syracuse

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    The Carrier Dome's naming rights belong to air conditioning and climate control company Carrier.

    The facility is warm most of the time, simply because this facility is a dome.

    However, in spite of its name, the facility does not boast a single air conditioning unit.

    That really does not have much to do with the name, but next time you are watching Syracuse play ball, you could drop that knowledge on your friends.

9. Dakotadome

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    It looks like a UFO landed in the middle of that parking lot.

    South Dakota is not know for anything except...well, when I think of something I will let you know.

    Perhaps this facility should get a little more press.

8. Kidd Brewer Stadium: Appalachian State

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    Talk about a beautiful vista—this place is one of them.

    Kidd Brewer Stadium is named in honor of a former Appalachian State head coach and colorful North Carolina character by the same name.

    Odd, somehow, that the stadium is named in honor of a guy who wound up in prison.

7. J. Lawrence Walkup Skydome: NAU

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    Flagstaff, Arizona, is a gorgeous town in northeastern Arizona, home to the NAU Lumberjacks.

    This facility, often referred to as the "Walkup Skydome" is home to Lumberjack football.

    With a name like that, it's easy to think that Walkup refers to the method of entering the building, when in reality, it was named in honor of a former university president.

6. Gillette Stadium: UMass

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    This home to the New England Patriots is also going to host home games of another new member of the FBS universe, UMass.

    The Minutemen will be joining the MAC in 2012, and playing their home games in a stadium named after a razor.

5. Welcome Stadium: Dayton

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    It could just be my own misconception, but I'm pretty sure you don't want to welcome opponents.

    As a matter of fact, most teams would probably prefer some trepidation or even respect.

    "Welcome" just seems a little too open and friendly.

4. Sun Devil Stadium: Arizona State

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    "Sun Devil."

    What the heck is that?

    Apparently, it's some sort of weather phenomenon, which usually takes place in the desert.

    If you, like the Iowa State Cyclones, enjoy using the capricious nature of Mother Nature as a way to name your facility, more power to you.

3. Jordan-Hare Stadium: Auburn

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    Apologies to Auburn fans.

    I have no animosity toward you folks, in spite of your sometimes overbearing nature.

    And while your stadium is named after Cliff Hare and Ralph "Shug" Jordan, it could never shake the animal nature of its title for me.

    Hearing the name of the Tigers' stadium always seems to conjure up images of Michael Jordan and a rabbit.

    Strange I know, but it makes sense in a weird, give me my medication sort of way.

2. Strawberry Stadium: Southeastern Louisiana

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    I'm not trying to pick on this name, as schools are more than welcome to name their facilities whatever they want.

    However, this name conjures up images of strawberry plants.

    That would be pretty cool, if this were an agricultural facility or a farmer's market, but for a football  program, it seems a little fruity.

1. Jim Wacker Field at Bobcat Stadium: Texas State

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    Texas State is joining the FBS this season as a member of the WAC in 2012.

    They enter as the new kid, and everyone knows the new kid gets a little ribbing before being accepted.

    So, the name "Jim Wacker Field"—in the WAC, no less—just had to make this list, or it wouldn't be right.


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