Stone Cold Steve Austin Leading The 2009 Hall Of Fame

Gabriel GironasContributor IJanuary 13, 2009

As announced last night on Monday Night Raw, and also after it was  spoiled earlier on the WWE.com page, now it´s official: The Rattlesnake will be leading the Hall of Fame Class for 2009. Which is not surprise since Wrestlemania 25 is gonna take place in TEXAS!

Let´s be honest, what is a Wrestlemania in Texas without Austin?

Now other question many people are asking is if he might even be part of the the event not just as an introduced legend but also as an in-ring performer, my truly believe is Mr. McMahon return will likely set up the stage for maybe the last chapter of the Vince/Austin rivalry.

Either way the truth is Austin is more than deserving to be in the Hall Of Fame and I honestly can tell all of you the moment he is introduced in the Reliant Stadium Apr. 5 he is gonna have a lot of adrenaline running in his whipping ass veins.

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