Tim Tebow: The Real American Idol

Mike SommersContributor IJanuary 13, 2009

Calling all sports heroes, calling all sports heroes.

In this day and age, so much media attention is focused on professional and collegiate athletes. Everywhere you look, these athletes are in the news, making headlines.

Their names are commonplace in conversations in America and beyond. The athletes are on merchandise, promoting products, and just plain flooding "Americana" as we know it.

These pro and collegiate athletes are in the forefront of what America's children are idolizing. The kids mimic their ways and try to mold themselves after these modern-day heroes.

But what kind of people are these?

Who are these people the children are looking up to, and more importantly, what kind of role models are they?

When I think of pro and collegiate athletes in the news and who this generation of kids is idolizing, I wonder, is it the champagne-slinging, club-brawling type?

Is it the repeat offender, domestic violence type?

Is it the steroid and substance abuse type?

Could it be the accused gun-shooting type?

Maybe it is the one given a second chance that continues to break rules and laws. 

What about the money-hungry, media-whiners of today?

That is one nasty list of attributes so many athletes in the news have. Is this what we want our children to grow up to be?

I ask you this: With athletes like that in the news, who are the kids of America supposed to idolize, grow up to be like, model their actions after, and just aspire to be?

Fortunately, there is a modern day hero and role model for our kids to look up to and aspire to be.

I am speaking of Tim Tebow, quarterback of the University of Florida Gators.

I could tell you about his numerous awards, numerous national championships, and the sports records he has set, but this isn't about that.

I am talking about the Tim Tebow that is an asset to the world around him. I am talking about the role model that he is.

As the parent of a 13-year-old boy that plays sports, like most parents, I want to show my child what is right and wrong, how to act, and what to do, and what not to do in life.

There sure hasn't been a shortage of athletes in the news doing things that I tell my boy not to do. As a matter of fact, the world, and thus the news, is just flooded with it.

But finding an athlete in the news and on TV that you could point to and say, "That is how to be in life?" Now that, my friends, is a tough one.

Then along comes Tim Tebow, super athlete, fantastic leader, orphanage assistant, and missionary. Not only is Tim Tebow a man of faith, he shows respect in his interviews, treats people kindly, and cares for mankind.

This is truly not the normal mold for top athletes of the day.

I don't hear Tim talk about bling, money, or possessions. As a matter of fact, I have just read that he is returning back to school for his senior year as opposed to going into the NFL.

Now that is what I call a hero—someone that I would want my kid to model himself after and aspire to be.

Thank you, Mr. Tebow.

--The San Clemente Kid