The 8 Worst NBA Trade Deadline Deals of All Time

Bradlee Ross@rossbeCorrespondent IIMarch 8, 2012

The 8 Worst NBA Trade Deadline Deals of All Time

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    The NBA trade deadline is one of the most exciting points in an NBA season. However, it has caused some pretty terrible trades throughout the history of the NBA.

    Tons of teams have been involved in such trades. The Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics and Dallas Mavericks are just a few of these teams that have been part of these ridiculous deals.

    Here are some examples of the worst deadline deals in NBA history and why they were so bad.

Dallas Mavericks Trading for Raef LaFrentz

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    Trading for Raef LaFrentz prior to the 2002 deadline

    I don't fault Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks that much for trading for LaFrentz during the 2002 season.

    The worst part of this equation is that Cuban thought it was a good idea to give LaFrentz a seven-year, $70-million deal.

    The lucky thing for Cuban is that he was able to flip LaFrentz the following year to Boston.

Boston Celtics Giving Up on Chauncey Billups

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    Trading away Chauncey Billups in 1998

    In February 1998, the Boston Celtics traded Chauncey Billups to the Toronto Raptors. All of the other players in that trade aren't really worth mentioning.

    The Celtics had drafted Billups third overall in the 1997 draft but apparently decided to give up on him halfway through his rookie year.

    If they hadn't, they might not have needed to bring in the Big Three to actually be relevant again.

Charlotte Bobcats Don't Get Their Money's Worth for Gerald Wallace

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    Trading Gerald Wallace to Portland in 2011

    The Charlotte Bobcats haven't been around long, but it's been long enough to have a trade bad enough for this list.

    Last season, the Bobcats traded Gerald Wallace, their best player, to the Portland Trail Blazers for Joel Przybilla, Dante Cunningham and Sean Marks along with a couple first-round picks.

    The bad part about the trade isn't that they traded Wallace away, but that they got so little back for him.

Memphis Grizzlies Give Pau Gasol to the Lakers for Nearly Nothing

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    Trading Pau Gasol to Lakers in 2008

    This was one of the biggest gifts any team has ever given any other.

    Memphis basically gift-wrapped two more championships for Kobe Bryant by handing over the most skilled big man in the game on a silver platter.

    The Grizzlies did get Marc Gasol in the deal, who has become a very good player, but they should have gotten so much more.

Miami Heat Trade Shaq to the Phoenix Suns for Incredibly Little

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    Trading Shaquille O'Neal to the Phoenix Suns in 2008

    After a rocky, injury-laden start to his season, Shaq was traded to the Suns by the Miami Heat. It seemed to be a good decision at the time. Shaq had alienated Pat Riley and Dwyane Wade, and his skills appeared to be on the decline.

    The Heat got Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks out of the deal while Shaq actually played pretty well for the Suns.

Indiana Pacers Send Ron Artest Away for Peja Stojakovic

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    Trading Ron Artest to the Sacramento Kings for Peja Stojakovic

    This trade is a bad one, but I can't really blame the Pacers for making the move.

    This happened in 2006, not that long after the Pacers-Pistons Brawl at Auburn Hills. Artest was fresh off an 86-game suspension, which is still the longest in NBA history.

    However, looking at their careers and their skills as players, it's obvious that this was a bad trade.

    Artest was one of the most talented overall players in the NBA for a while. Stojakovic found some success with New Orleans and Dallas but was always just a glorified three-point specialist.

New Orleans Hornets Give Away Baron Davis for Two No-Names

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    Trading Baron Davis to Golden State for Speedy Claxton and Dale Davis

    Baron Davis helped make the Golden State Warriors the most exciting team to watch in the NBA. They also became the second eight seed in playoff history to defeat a one seed in the first round under his leadership.

    That's what makes it so astounding that the Hornets gave him up so easily right before the deadline in 2005. Speedy Claxton and Dale Davis were decent players but nowhere near the value that the Hornets had given up.

Milwaukee Bucks Trade Away a Young Ray Allen for an Aging Superstar

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    Trading Ray Allen to the Seattle SuperSonics for Gary Payton

    Let me say this: Gary Payton was still a pretty good point guard at this point in his career. However, he'd been playing for 13 seasons at this point, so it was clear that he was on the downhill portion of his career.

    Ray Allen, on the other hand, was an emerging star in the league. It makes it worse that Payton stayed with Milwaukee for just 28 games before signing with the Los Angeles Lakers in the offseason as a free agent.

    So basically, the Bucks gave up a young, future Hall of Famer to rent an aging Hall of Famer for just 28 games. That's bad.


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