NBA Trade Deadline 2012: 7 Tantalizing Blockbuster Trades That Will Never Happen

Ethan Norof@ethan_norofCorrespondent IFebruary 28, 2012

NBA Trade Deadline 2012: 7 Tantalizing Blockbuster Trades That Will Never Happen

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    Fans love to see blockbuster trades in the NBA just before the deadline, but it's rare when we see one come to fruition because they're so difficult to concoct.

    Names like Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol and Rajon Rondo will get thrown around in a litany of deals, and there is no doubt that interest will be high with multiple teams looking to make improvements.

    There will be a flurry of scenarios flying around, and these seven trades would all turn the basketball world upside down if they were to go down.

Rajon Rondo to the Los Angeles Lakers

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    Los Angeles Receives: PG Rajon Rondo, C Jermaine O'Neal

    Boston Receives: F/C Pau Gasol

    This scenario has received varying levels of traction, but it's obvious that both Gasol and Rondo can be had in the right deal.

    Although it leaves a gaping hole at power forward for the Lakers, it addresses a painfully obvious need at point guard in emphatic fashion with Rondo.

    Gasol would help Boston keep Paul Pierce's championship window open until both of their contracts expire at the end of the same season.

Pau Gasol to the Houston Rockets

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    Houston Receives: F/C Pau Gasol

    Los Angeles Receives: SG Kevin Martin, PF Luis Scola, PG Goran Dragic

    The Rockets are known to have an affinity for Gasol, as the team nearly dealt for him in the failed Chris Paul trade prior to the season.

    We also know that the Rockets had been willing to part with all three of Martin, Scola and Dragic to New Orleans in the deal which would have netted Gasol.

    Let's cut out the middle man and make it a two-team swap involving the same pieces.

    Scola would start at power forward in place of Gasol, while Martin and Dragic would address two major concerns currently facing the Lakers: depth and a capable starting point guard.

Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers

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    Los Angeles Receives: C Dwight Howard, SG Kevin Martin, PG Goran Dragic

    Orlando Receives: C Andrew Bynum, PF Luis Scola, future first-round picks from both Los Angeles and Houston.

    Houston Receives: F/C Pau Gasol, G/F Quentin Richardson

    Orlando has absolutely no leverage on the Dwight Howard front.

    The team can either choose to trade him and net the most promising possible package in return, or simply let him test the free-agent market and take the chance that he leaves for nothing.

    Houston lands a target the team covets in Gasol, the Lakers address depth concerns in emphatic fashion and Orlando gets a solid front line to build around into the future with Bynum and Scola.

Dwight Howard to the Golden State Warriors

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    Golden State Receives: C Dwight Howard, G/F Quentin Richardson

    Orlando Receives: SG Monta Ellis, PF David Lee, G/F Klay Thompson, future first-round pick

    It's going to be insanely difficult for the Warriors to make a legitimate push for Howard, and the team would have to sacrifice a great haul of talent in order to have a realistic chance.

    Ellis and Lee are both extremely talented players who are locked into their contracts, while Thompson would give the Magic a promising young player who comes at a cost-controlled price while still on his rookie deal.

    The Warriors would be taking a monumental risk in landing Howard without having him commit to a long-term deal.

Josh Smith to the Los Angeles Lakers

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    Los Angeles Receives: PF Josh Smith, PG Jeff Teague, SF Marvin Williams

    Atlanta Receives: F/C Pau Gasol, PG Darius Morris, SF Devin Ebanks

    Smith's name came up as a potential trade target before the season began, and he could be an unorthodox answer in Los Angeles' quest to get younger and more athletic.

    Smoove would slide right into Gasol's place, while Teague gives the Lakers a long-term answer at point guard, and the team would have an opportunity to evaluate his ceiling before being forced to pursue other alternatives.

    For Atlanta, the Hawks get a legitimate center which would allow Al Horford to move back to his natural position at power forward, and the chance to build a competitor around Gasol, Horford and Joe Johnson.

Steve Nash to the Orlando Magic

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    Orlando Receives: PG Steve Nash, PF Hakim Warrick

    Phoenix Receives: PG Jameer Nelson, SG J.J. Redick, PF Ryan Anderson, future first-round pick

    Nash would be a perfect point guard for a team that had Howard inside, but it's going to be beyond difficult to lure Nash out of the desert.

    Any deal would have to include Anderson and Redick heading to Phoenix, but the Magic would also be forced to take back a bad contract in Warrick.

    A move for Nash would leave the Magic with absolutely no depth in the second unit, and that would be a pressing area of concern.

Rajon Rondo to the Portland Trail Blazers

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    Portland Receives: PG Rajon Rondo

    Boston Receives: PG Raymond Felton, G/F Nicolas Batum, PG Nolan Smith, future first-round pick

    It's wild how often Rondo's name continues to surface as a potential trade target, and it appears General Manager Danny Ainge is giving some serious thought to dealing him.

    The Celtics would get a major boost in the addition of Batum, as the club would have the ability to extend him in the offseason or match any offer he received as a restricted free agent.

    Boston would also get additional cap space when Felton's deal expires at the end of the season, and Smith is an exciting young rookie who could act as depth on Boston's bench.

    For Portland, Rondo comes on a value deal and would make sweet music with athletic big man LaMarcus Aldridge in Rip City.

    A starting lineup that includes Rondo, Aldridge, Wes Matthews and Jamal Crawford?

    Now that would be exciting basketball.