Power Ranking the Best 100 Team Logos of All Time

Zack Pumerantz@z_pumerantzAnalyst IIIFebruary 29, 2012

Power Ranking the Best 100 Team Logos of All Time

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    Talent, determination and a creative trademark...the necessary ingredients of any respected team.

    But while not all franchises produce the same magnificent masterpieces on the playing field as they do on the drawing board, many have found a way to remain relevant in the eyes of fans. 

    From intricate reflections of their cities to abstract representations of their themes, these insignias are now sported around the world and revered for their originality.

    Hats, underwear, toilet paper, you name it, they've got it covered.

    Let's take a look at the best team logos that the four major sports have offered throughout history.

    Strap on that fitted and enjoy.

    Images via sportslogos.net.

100. NHL's Calgary Flames 1980-94

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    Part flaming beast, part letter...this is memorably hot.

99. NFL's Kansas City Chiefs 1972-Present

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    A rough surface with defined points, nice work.

98. NHL's Edmonton Oilers 1996-97

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    Dripping with talent, the Oilers paint the perfect logo. Dramatic indeed.

97. NFL's Miami Dolphins 1974-89

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    Festive, exuberant and bursting with color. If only we could say that about the Dolphins on the field.

96. NHL's Atlanta Flames 1972-80

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    Steaming with pride, we are thrust into a world of fire. Iginla is the flame.

95. MLB's Houston Astros 1965-74

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    We certainly do remember The Jetsons.

94. NBA's Minnesota Timberwolves Alternate 1989-96

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    Always looking to wreak havoc, but remaining in the shadows.

93. MLB's Chicago Cubs Alternate 1997-Present

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    The poor Cubbies are still trying to find their way, but they seem closer than ever. The angry eye is quite intimidating.

92. NFL's Seattle Seahawks 1976-2001

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    The eye of the seahawk.

91. NHL's Hartford Whalers 1979-92

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    Taking a swim into the past, now seems like the perfect time for a return from the Whalers.

90. NFL's Baltimore Colts 1953-83

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    Peyton Manning can relate to this right about now.

89. NHL's Philadephia Flyers Alternate 2011-Present

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    Flying past the competition.

88. NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars Alternate 1999-Present

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    While he's clearly fierce and zealous, the Jaguar can't do everything.

87. NHL's Buffalo Sabres 1970-96

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    Putting themselves on a pedestal it seems.

86. NFL's Cleveland Browns Alternate 2003-Present

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    Peyton Hillis or ravenous canine? Tough decisions.

85. NHL's Vancouver Canucks 1970-78

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    Just a slight indication that hockey is involved.

84. MLB's Kansas City Royals Alternate 2006-Present

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    Perhaps a bit awkward, this quietly grandiose insignia gives hope to a desperate fanbase. Soon enough.

83. NHL's Ottawa Senators 2011-Present

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    Shielding opponents away with their artistic ability, the Senators continue to dominate.

82. NFL's Cleveland Browns 2003-Present

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    Brutally solid, this team is still trying to find it's way. No. 2 pick perhaps.

81. MLB's California Angels 1995-96

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    Ah, the old days of Tim Salmon and Garret Anderson.

80. NBA's Detroit Pistons Alternate 2001-05

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    Thoroughbred and motivated, this team never shies from experimenting.

79. NFL's New York Giants 1961-74

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    Less is more.

78. NFL's New Orleans Saints Alternate 1985-99

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    The first geography lesson of the day.

77. NBA's Memphis Grizzlies 2004-Present

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    Bears would be a phenomenal addition to any game, just ask Jackie Moon.

76. NBA's Portland Trail Blazers Alternate 1990-2002

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    This would eventually represent how team brass felt after choosing Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan.

75. NFL's Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1976-96

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    Threatening and flirtatious, obviously attempting to attract ladies to the sport.

74. MLB's Houston Colt .45s 1962-64

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    Short lived? Sure. Classy and action-packed? Oh yeah.

73. MLB's Seattle Pilots 1969

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    Fluttering away from our memories.

72. NFL's New York Jets 1978-97

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    Like the angles in this piece, Gang Green is bordering on insanity as of late.

71. MLB's New York Mets 1962-98

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    It's not exactly Amazin', but the Mets logo incorporates the major themes of its city, and we can't ignore the masterful production.

70. MLB's Toronto Blue Jays 2012-Present

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    A sporadic strike or piercing bullet might be a necessary improvement.

69. NFL's Detroit Lions Alternate 1961-69

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    Sometimes the young Lion crosses two lines.

68. MLB's St. Louis Cardinals 1967-97

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    This bird has been hanging with Daisuke Matsuzaka too long.

67. NHL's New York Islanders 1995-97

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    These Isles are fearless.

66. MLB's Atlanta Braves 1972-86

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    Perhaps arrogant, this deep blue and red masterpiece makes us smile.

65. MLB's San Francisco Giants 1977-82

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    Script always gets the message across, solid.

64. NBA's Utah Jazz Alternate 2004-2010

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    While we certainly love concentric circles, it's this logo's frosty descent that has us inspired.

63. NFL's New England Patriots 1971-92

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    Pure determination, piercing focus.

62. NBA's Indiana Pacers Alternate 2005-Present

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    Pacing about what to detail...A framing success.

61. NFL's St Louis Rams 1995-99

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    Sky-high potential for the greatest show on turf.

60. NBA's St. Louis Bombers 1946-50

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    Prehistoric scripture is always fascinating.

59. MLB's New York Yankees 1913-1946

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    Classic. Reeking of history.

58. NBA's Baltimore Bullets 1963-69

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    A magnetic change to the typical basketball colors, the Bullets are soaring past their artistic competition.

57. NFL's Buffalo Bills 1962-69

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    The bruising Buffalo would be a nice addition to the backfield.

56. NHL's Detroit Cougars 1926-30

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    Following this badge of success, the Red Wings have maintained tradition.

55. NBA's Washington Wizards 2012-Present

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    There's nothing more intimidating than a gangly wizard.

54. NHL's Minnesota Wild 2000-Present

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    Wild and lethargic, we're left to admire nature with this frantic presentation.

53. NBA's Houston Rockets 1972-95

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    The subtle layering gives the brightness a solid backdrop.

52. NHL's Montreal Canadiens 1957-Present

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    While certainly eclectic, this trademark's irregular tips cause bewilderment.

51. NBA's Los Angeles Lakers Alternate 2001-Present

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    Elegant, crisp and reflective of the California lifestyle.

50. MLB's Baltimore Orioles Alternate 2009-2011

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    Reflecting architecture perfectly complements a vibrant array of colors.

49. NBA's Seattle Supersonics 1975-95

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    Bright and chaotic, very reflective of a postmodern city.

48. NHL's Los Angeles Kings 1975-88

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    We often think of Kings having been more lazy than flashy.

47. NBA's Phoenix Suns Alternate 2000-Present

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    Like the Suns, this ball can't seem to develop its screaming potential.

46. NHL's Washington Capitals 1974-95

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    Simple is often the better route.

45. NBA's Golden State Warriors Secondary 2010-Present

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    Brilliant on the eyes.

44. MLB's Detroit Tigers 1929

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    Simply abstract, defined tones reek of a classy nature.

43. NBA's Philadelphia 76ers Partial 2009-Present

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    Patriotically glamorous in flavor.

42. NFL's Carolina Panthers Wordmark 2012-Present

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    The streaky lettering makes this a masterpiece.

41. NHL's Nashville Predators Secondary 2011-Present

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    The perfect shape for a guitar pick.

40. NHL's Chicago Blackhawks 1955-64

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    Sturdy exterior, wild interior...this hunter's ready for war.

39. NBA's Denver Nuggets 1981-93

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    The hardest level on Tetris.

38. MLB's Baltimore Orioles 1966-88

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    Perhaps they need to recruit power-hitting Condors instead.

37. NHL's Detroit Red Wings 1948-Present

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    Bold, vibrant and angelic...very reminiscent of the Motor City.

36. MLB's San Diego Padres 1969-84

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    A warming, prehistoric feel to this logo provokes an instant smile. Friar's Club meets the diamond.

35. MLB's Washington Nationals 2011-Present

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    Naturally patriotic, yet dark and ominous in nature.

34. NHL's New York Rangers Alternate 2011-Present

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    Shading perfected, colors mastered...simply New York.

33. MLB's Texas Rangers 1984-93

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    Yet another necessary geography lesson.

32. NBA's New York Nets 1968-72

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    Like the aging-Pacman feel of their old logo, the Nets are stoic and unable to digest any more competition.

31. MLB's Oakland Athletics 1968-82

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    Caterin' to the masses with the colorful cartoon approach, the Swingin' A's seem destined to master the art of the apostrophe.

30. NBA's New York Knicks Alternate 2011-Present

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    Bordered by a thick blue lining, bursting with orange, this screams potential for the Knickerbockers.

29. NHL's Pittsburgh Pirates 1925-38

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    Modern art at its finest, no true definition needed.

28. NHL's Tampa Bay Lightning Alternate 2011-Present

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    Shockingly impressive, but only a slight spark.

27. NHL's Boston Bruins 2007-Present

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    Something's Bruin in Baaaston.

26. NHL's St. Louis Blues Alternate 2008-Present

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    Iconic, regal and surely inspirational. A faded hint of W.C. Handy's face in the background might be a nice touch.

25. MLB's Boston Red Sox 2009-Present

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    At least red hides the dirt.

24. NFL's Baltimore Ravens Alternate 1999-Present

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    A darkened, yet perfectly patterned coat of arms nicely details the defensive mindset of the past couple of decades.

23. NBA's Orlando Magic Alternate 1989-2000

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    Sporadic and chaotic, yet somehow precise...the magic rock attempts to hide its sparkling constellations behind the color blue.

22. NBA's Los Angeles Clippers 1984-2010

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    Quick and elusive, this representation begs us to pay attention.

21. NHL's Pittsburgh Penguins 2010-Present

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    Remember to dress properly before hitting the ice.

20. MLB's Pittsburgh Pirates Alternate 2010-Present

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    Brilliant curvature, potent coloring and a focus on old-age baseball...subtly euphoric.

19. NFL's Denver Broncos 1968-92

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    While certainly elementary, the texture and depth creates an exhilarating masterpiece.

18. NBA's New Orleans Hornets Secondary 2008-Present

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    A true rhythmic masterpiece.

17. NBA's Boston Celtics Alternate 1946-Present

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    A joyful scripture, this logo gets us ready to party.

16. NFL's Green Bay Packers 1980-Present

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    This concrete fixture represents decades of success.

15. NFL's Chicago Bears Alternate 1992-98

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    The colors may be off, but the portrait cries for respect.

14. MLB's Chicago White Sox 1949-70

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    The shade of green must be mold, this sock needs a laundry run.

13. NFL's New York Jets Wordmark 1972-77

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    Finding their way through the maze as usual.

12. NBA's Providence Steam Rollers 1946-49

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    Though long lost in the sports world, the Steam Rollers made sure they were remembered.

11. NFL's Houston Oilers 1980-96

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    A sky-blue metaphor of solid play.

10. NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers 1951-59

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    We appreciate the story telling, but it's the consistent coloring that has us intrigued.

9. MLB's Brooklyn Dodgers 1932-36

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    Plenty of broken hearts.

8. NHL's California Golden Seals 1970-74

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    A round of applause for the name alone.

7. NFL's San Diego Chargers 1961-73

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    Charging backwards with the resigning of Norv Turner.

6. NHL's Quebec Nordiques 1980-95

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    Once classy and confident, it's now time for a rebirth from the Nordiques.

5. MLB's Milwaukee Brewers 1978-93

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    An abstract display of atrocious baseball...catch it in the pocket of the glove!

4. NHL's Winnipeg Jets 1990-96

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    Flirting with a third dimension, this design is clawing for attention.

3. NFL's San Francisco 49ers Alternate 1965-72

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    Checkmate, the Niners have perfected the iconic design.

2. NBA's Seattle Supersonics 1967-70

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    While certainly abstract and magnetically striking, this insignia reeks most of biting optimism.

1. NBA's Golden State Warriors 2010-Present

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    The bridge to success, victory at last.