Patriots' Scott Pioli Offered Kansas City Chiefs GM Job

Josh KnoxCorrespondent IJanuary 8, 2009

Kansas City radio station 610 Sports, along with my buddies over at Arrowhead Pride, are reporting that the Kansas City Chiefs have offered Scott Pioli the job of general manager of the Kansas City Chiefs.

It is being said that there are two sticking points, including money and control over football operations, specifically the coaching staff.

As far as money goes, it is unclear how close theses two parties are to any sort of agreement. Unless Pioli wants some un-Godly amount of money, I don’t think this will be a problem. If Clark Hunt really believes that Scott Pioli is the man for this job and they are to the point of negotiating dollars and cents, it will happen. 

Power: Also according to 610 Sports, Pioli is asking for more control over football operations, in particularly the coaching staff. Most seem to agree that means that Pioli wants Herm gone as head coach, and as Clark has said, the new GM will definitely be a part of the decision about the head coach.

I don’t see this as a problem. I believe this could be an issue because while Carl Peterson was here he gave his head coach control over his own coaching staff.  

I believe the two sources above much more than this, but there was also a comment on the Red Zone blog stating the following (take it for whatever it’s worth)

Submitted by Rocky Alden on Jan. 7, 2009 - 6:13pm.

Okay gang, as many of you know I still have friends at the highest level in the Chiefs organization and have this info to share with full confidence: Scott Pioli is the new GM. His announcement will come Thursday or Friday at the latest. Clark and Scott are working out the finer points of his contract tonight, but the deal is sealed. Also, Clark informed Herm Edwards and his coaching staff that they will be released. All assistants can reapply through Scott.

I only share this information because I’m no longer with the team and it’s fun to share that a new day is dawning at Arrowhead. Scott Pioli will quickly move to clean out the front office and hire a new coach.

The only info I have on the new coach is it will not be Kirk Ferentz from the Iowa Hawkeyes. Kirk coaches his son at Iowa and does not want to leave until his son graduates.

Mike Shanahan has contacted Pioli, but I don’t know any info beyond that.

So, I guess now we all just wait to see if this news is true or not. I will post any news as soon as I find out.

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