Mangino's Greatest Hits: KU / NU 2005

DJ GoodwinCorrespondent IJanuary 6, 2009

The End
It was a 36-year streak and it ended on this day with a 40-15 win for the Hawks in Lawrence. Plenty of big plays in this one highlighted by the 70+ yard TD run by Jon Cornish that broke it open.

The run itself was symbolic as Cornish brushed aside that last NU tackler and enjoyed a long jaunt to the end zone. I always notice that toward the end of the run Jon secures the ball one final time.

I always took it as a realization of the significance of that one single play—one of the greatest in the history of KU football. It wasn't all Cornish though—the defense harassed Zac Taylor all day and Mark Simmons had a couple of big TD catches as Jason Swanson came into his own.

The first Swanson to Simmons TD started the party off right and let the Huskers know that KU was there to play. Simmons' last TD was another circus diving catch.

Photo That Says It All:

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"The jubilation in the locker room was unprecedented. We have never celebrated so hard and been so happy about one victory."
--Jon Cornish

"We finally took that step where we beat the powerhouse Nebraska. I know they're not the Nebraska of old, but they're still Nebraska."
--Kevin Kane

"Having all those oldtimers come up and thank you for the first win since '68 -- it's such an incredible feeling. To be able to give that back to the fans and let them celebrate and have so much fun, and to be able to witness something lots of people haven't been able to witness their entire lives. Yes, it was one of the best feelings I've ever been a part of."
--Banks Floodman

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