Today's Winners: Carl Pavano and Alyssa Milano

JerseySenior Analyst IJanuary 7, 2009

When I attended school in Miami, then-Marlins pitcher Carl Pavano was in the midst of a breakout season that ultimately led to his ludicrously overpriced Yankee contract. If there was one thing that marred his otherwise career-year, it was a comment by ex-girlfriend Alyssa Milano in FHM about the size of "Little Carl."

Pavano may have cashed in after that season, but his tenure with the Yankees was injury-filled, and he was often the laughingstock of baseball. Alyssa, meanwhile, has bounced around with a few different guys—including a few athletes—but didn't have any lasting relationships.

So both were doing well for themselves in the present, but didn't exactly build up great prospects for the future.

Well, today they both hit the jackpot. Sorta. Pavano somehow managed to sign a major-league deal with the Cleveland Indians, a surprising move considering his injury history and the fact that when he is healthy, he hasn't been very good. But despite his tumultuous four years, Pavano collected himself a new deal that could end up being worth almost seven million dollars.

On the same day, Milano got engaged to David Bugliari. I don't have much to say about that, but I'll take the time to mention that she and I share a birthday, and post this gratuitous photo:

Mazel tov to the Pavano and Milano families. Props to Bugliari, and a warning from experience to the Indians.


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