10 Biggest Pittsburgh Steelers Draft Busts of the Last Decade

Nick SignorelliSenior Writer IFebruary 20, 2012

10 Biggest Pittsburgh Steelers Draft Busts of the Last Decade

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    In the NFL, there are two ways to build a team:

    1. Through the Draft.

    2. Through free agency.

    If you are a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, there is only one way: option No. 1.

    The Steelers hardly ever sign any other teams free agents, but they are one of the best teams at selecting players in the draft.

    That is the reason for the Steelers' successes.  All three of their Super Bowl teams in the 00s, and all four of their teams in the 70s, have been built through the draft.

    But, even teams like the Steelers swing and miss on occasion.  No team is perfect, and here we will spotlight the top 10 draft busts of the last decade.

2002: LaVar Glover

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    Drafted by the Steelers in the seventh round of the 2002 Draft, Glover basically never made it to the NFL—at least not with the Steelers. He was released before the start of the regular season, and signed with the Cincinnati Bengals practice squad.

    In his career stat line, he played in two games (both with the Cincinnati Bengals), starting neither. He has no passes defensed, no tackles, no nothing.

    I know, some people would say it is an honor to even make it to the NFL, and it is. But to make it, and not get any stats?

    The Steelers didn't strike out completely in the seventh round of the 2002 NFL Draft—DE Brett Keisel was drafted 30 picks later.

    Players the Steelers COULD have drafted

2003: Alonzo Jackson

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    The 2003 NFL Draft could be one of the best for the Steelers this decade. In the first round, they traded up for Troy Polamalu. In the fourth round, they selected Ike Taylor.

    Having to use their third and sixth-round pick to trade up for Polamalu, they only had two other selections. Brian St. Pierre, who was selected in the fifth round, never amounted to more than a third-stringer with the Steelers, and JT Wall was selected in the seventh round.

    The biggest miss was their second-round draft pick, Alonzo Jackson.

    Jackson was the prototypical 3-4 OLB.  Coming from FSU, Jackson had the speed and size to look like the next great Steelers OLB.

    It didn't quite work out that way. As great as he may have done in the preseason games, when it came to real games, Jackson got destroyed.

    Jackson was with the Steelers for two years, before being released in 2005.  In 2005, he signed with the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles, and was not able to make either roster.

    Players the Steelers COULD have drafted

2004: Ricardo Colclough

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    In 2004, the Steelers struck gold in the first round when Ben Roethlisberger fell to them at pick 11. The Steelers were so excited, that it appears that they took the rest of the draft off.

    There are three players from this draft that deserve to be on this list. The first?

    Ricardo Colclough.

    Colclough was supposed to start opposite of Ike Taylor, but that never materialized.

    In 2004 and 2005, Colclough started a total of 30 games for the Steelers. Over the next two years, Colclough started another six games with the Steelers before being released in 2007.

    He signed with the Cleveland Browns, and was released with no stats.

    The Carolina Panthers signed Colclough at the start of 2008, but released him following a DUI arrest.

    Then in 2008, Colclough signed with the Kansas City Chiefs, where he played in a total of seven games over the next two years.

    Players the Steelers COULD have drafted

2005: Fred Gibson

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    In 2005, the Steelers selected Fred Gibson in the fourth round of the NFL Draft. Gibson stood at 6'4" and had good speed. The Steelers hoped he could be the replacement for Plaxico Burress.

    Gibson survived until final cuts with the Steelers, and when he was released, he joined the Miami Dolphins practice squad, where he remained for two years.

    In 2007, Gibson signed with the Atlanta Falcons, and was released three days later for missing a team meeting.

    He then signed with the St. Louis Rams on August 6th, and was released on August 31st.

    Gibson then signed with the New York Giants on September 3rd to join their practice squad, and was released five days later.

2004: Nathaniel Adibi

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    Strike two in the 2004 NFL Draft came in the fourth round with the selection of Nathaniel Adibi.

    Similar to Alonzo Jackson, Adibi was supposed to come in and become a great Steelers OLB.  The Steelers swung and missed again.

    Adibi had so few stats, that no one even made a wikipedia page about him.

2008: Limas Sweed

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    When the Steelers selected Limas Sweed in the second round of the 2008 NFL Draft, many people believed that the Steelers had finally found the stud, big receiver that Ben Roethlisberger wanted.

    Sweed had all the look of the part, unfortunately though, he didn't have the talent and ability to stay healthy needed to go with it.

    After injuries in his first two years, the Steelers finally cut Sweed's cord at the end of the lockout.

    Players the Steelers COULD have chosen

    • Mario Manningham (Giants)

2004: Bo Lacy and Friends

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    Lets be honest here, Bo Lacy gets his name on this list because he was the highest selected player in that draft class, but the rest are no better.

    Matt Kranchick, Drew Caylor and Eric Taylor were also selected, which makes this possibly the worst draft class—with the exception of Ben Roethlisberger, the Steelers ever had.

    Thanks to this class, we round out the top 10 worst draft picks for the last decade.