Arsenal FC: Top 10 Fantasy Kits for the Club

Ned Harwood@@RBStampedeContributor IIIFebruary 12, 2012

Arsenal FC: Top 10 Fantasy Kits for the Club

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    Welcome to Arsenal Kit Wonderland! If you are already thinking about next year's Gunner kits or simply want to be distracted for a few minutes by meaningless pictures, you have come to the right place.

    If you are like me, there is nothing like dreaming of new uniforms for your respective club when the season is in a lull. Fortunately for Gunner fans, I have searched through dozens of Arsenal threads and fantasy kit sites to put together what I think are the 10 best Arsenal dream kits currently on the web. Sit back, relax and enjoy fellow football fans!

Honorable Mention: A Fresh New Look

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    The metro design around the neck goes a little against tradition, but overall it isn't an ugly kit. More and more teams are starting to turn to these new-age Nike kits that emphasize originality over familiarity. If you can get over the lack of symmetry, there are actually plenty of things to like about this kit.

    For example, the Nike logo placement fits perfectly with the arching red top. There is some potential there. 

    Created by Mantralux

    Note: A lot of jerseys featured in this article are by this artist. To see the entire archive click here

Honorable Mention: Reliving the Old Days

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    This tan kit is a throwback to the classic jerseys worn in the 1950 FA Cup final. Although I can't see AFC bringing back the dust color anytime soon, the jersey does allow us to escape from the traditional yellow/red/blue trend for a few moments and reflect how things could be different.

    Not too shabby for a retro look!

    Created by Mantralux

10. Even with a Different Sponsor...

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    Switch out Jim Beam for our favorite airline and this could be one good-looking jersey. I have always wondered why Arsenal is so scared of trying out white kits in this modern age. The small doses of red make it so that no Arsenal could complain of a "Spurs" look, and the grey lettering could look very fresh across the chest. All I ask is that you look into it, Arsenal.

    Created by Powell27

9. For Any Slovenian Arsenal Fans out There

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    I understand that this does not go well with the history of the club, but it deserves a spot on this list simply for its originality. While the double crossing zig-zags look a bit over-the-top, a simple white zig-zag or a wide white stripe, could look very nice with a blue background. I am thinking of an away jersey that relates to Hertha-Berlin's current away kit, which can be seen here

    Created by kumquat_s

8. I Could Go for Some Maroon

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    Oh, Maroon, wherever did you go? For some reason, Arsenal has decided to forget about the color that was an absolute fan favorite just a half-decade ago. The gold lettering over the Celtic rings looks too good to pass up. 

    Created by Mantralux

7. Red with Cannonfire

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    The small dots inside the red base add some flavor to this fantasy kit. I love the increased amount of cannon recognition as the logo can be seen in gold on the wrist and behind the neck. Of course, the Champions League patch is what really makes this jersey so attractive to Arsenal fans! 

    Created by

6. Simple, Yet Classy

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    There is not much going on in this football kit, yet that is what makes it so stunning. The thin red line falling down the sleeves seems to give the outfit some life, yet not too much to make it eye-popping. The white neck and flat white shorts make it so that the overall kit does not seem overly red, something to which past kits (particularly 2009) have fallen victim.

    A good balance of color and a classy look give this kit a spot just outside the top five.  

    Murphy 118 on

5. Back to the Blue and Yellow

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    Arsenal have had some fantastic yellow jerseys in the past, but after seeing this, I know AFC can do better. The royal blue-yellow combination has not been used since the Invincibles and would certainly be welcomed back into the Arsenal wardrobe. It would also find a spot in my closet for sure. 

    Created by Mantralux

4. Men in Black

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    Arsenal are one of the only big clubs that shy away from the dark shade, and I can't really figure out why. As you can see from this design, a subtle-pinstriped black kit could look very sexy with the Fly Emirates and Arsenal badge on the front. It may only be an alternate, but it would be one heck of a third uniform. 

    Created by Mantralux

3. Next Year Possibly?

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    Apologies for the sample name on the back of this jersey. I do not know what the designer was thinking. In all seriousness, though, this very well could be the kit we see Arsenal sporting in 2012. The key features that I admire on this kit are the white neck and thick red stripes on the top of each sock (something we haven't had since 2008).

    I could live with this as long as I don't find Cesc Fabregas' name on the back.

2. I Repeat, Bring Back the Maroon

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    This jersey is an absolute stunner. The white lettering looks brilliant over the maroon and black striped base. It is different enough to make the kit unique, yet still stays close to home. This one would surely be a top seller. 

    Created by THE Mantralux

1. A Collar with Class

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    This is it, folks. This is the dream Arsenal kit on the web today, and, may I say, it is beautiful. The white collar (which hasn't been in an AFC home kit since Arsenal last won a trophy) looks brilliant laid over a solid red base. Also, the pure white sleeves make it seem like this kit would look far better as a LS jersey than a regular T-shirt.

    The logo size, the color balance, and the collar. It all works.

    Created by (Who else) Mantralux

But Before You Go...

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    Just count your blessings and be thankful, fellow Gooners, that we don't sport this uniform. For any complaints you have about our current kits, just be thankful the ridiculously peculiar jersey to the left is not in our plans. At least for now. Thanks for reading!

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