Kia Super Bowl Commercial 2012: "A Dream Car, for Real Life"

Ryan Klocke@@RyanKlockeBRFeatured ColumnistFebruary 4, 2012

A Victoria's Secret model! Motley Crue! Chuck Liddell! Bikinis, bikinis bikinis! 

Quite the spectacle for a sub-20,000 compact car. Kia calls this spot, "A dream car, for real life." Sure, OK. I don't think anybody really dreams of owning a Kia. The low price to entry, quality to cost ratio and warranty that sway most to the economical automaker are more emblematic of a pragmatic decision than a REM-sleep fueled fantasy purchase. 

Still, like the rising quality of the cars themselves—seriously, the mid to late 2000s were good years for the Korean company—the commercials have also improved. They're more big-budget, appealing, the kind of things people may take another look it. Frankly, their ads are just like their cars in these regards. 

For example: Remember this ad from a recent Super Bowl, where the toys come to life and have a crazy road trip? Loved it (especially the "mom" tattoo part). This one, though? Uhhhhh. Remember that kid in high school that tried to hard to get noticed by the "in crowd"? That's this ad in a nutshell. 

While it's hard to argue with Adriana Lima appearing in anything, this spot still feels forced and overstuffed with spectacle. Well duh, it's a Super Bowl commercial—you may retort. And you'd be right. It just didn't have that same feeling as the spot I alluded to earlier. (And Motley Crue, plus a Madonna halftime show—it's '80s night, apparently.) 

Bring back the toys.