WWE's 10 Hardest Chair Shots Ever

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterFebruary 3, 2012

WWE's 10 Hardest Chair Shots Ever

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    Chair shots, like wrestling itself, can be violent and sadistic.  WWE's decision to ban chair shots to the head is a clear statement that they are committed to the health of their wrestlers. 

    Though fans may miss the violent nature of unprotected head shots, they should applaud WWE for taking that step. 

    Wrestling is hard enough on the body not to include brain trauma. 

    Kudos to WWE for taking a stand and moving forward.  Wrestling will be fine without chair shots to the head.      

    While we'll likely never see shots as hard as we'll see on this list again, we can still enjoy the violent parade that was—half-cringing, half-cheering.    

10. Triple H on Cactus Jack

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    Mick Foley, playing his various personas, is on this list way too many times.  His toughness through nasty bumps played a large part in how he became so beloved by fans. 

    At Royal Rumble 2000, Triple H and Foley as Cactus Jack fought in a street fight over the WWE Championship. 

    Garbage cans, palettes and steel steps were all used as weapons.  And while the first chair shot that Foley took to the head was brutal, he felt a worse one later in the match.

    In perhaps the hardest chair shot to someone's back, the chair actually breaks from the impact. 

9. Steve Austin on Mankind

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    It doesn't take much to make Jim Ross bust out "God almighty!"  But hearing him shouting that after this chair shot, you can tell he was especially disturbed.

    Mick Foley gets whacked in the mouth with a remorseless chair shot from the Texas Rattlesnake.

    Even though it wasn't even a pay-per-view, Foley once again took some severe punishment just to please us.  There is no blocking with the hands, leaving no doubt as to the severity of this echoing chair shot. 

8. Chris Jericho on Chris Benoit

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    Much of the intensity of this shot is the added momentum of Benoit flying through the ropes.  Jericho winds up pretty well, too. 

    In a great ladder match at Royal Rumble 2001, both men took some big bumps. 

    Seeing Benoit getting hit so hard in the head, it's hard not to think about how head trauma contributed to his crimes.   

    A lot of things led to Chris Benoit's mental state at the end of his life, but skull-rattling chair shots surely played their part.

7. JBL on Eddie Guerrero

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    This is more famous for Eddie's blood pouring out of him like a fountain than the chair shot itself, but it is certainly an intense collision.

    Though it was just a bad blade job, JBL hit Eddie so hard that it's believable that Latino Heat would have bled that profusely afterwards. 

    The lack of commentary, due to the fight moving the commentators out of the way, adds a creepy vibe.  A woman squeals as the crowd lets out a collective "oh!"

    People tend to remember how horror-movie gory this got rather than how good a match it was. 

6. Undertaker on Maven

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    Maven pulled off a shocker at Royal Rumble 2002 by eliminating the Undertaker.  This only served to anger the big man.

    Taker bends a steel chair over his head in retribution.

    Unfortunately for Maven, even with the honor of eliminating the Undertaker and receiving a well-watched shot with a chair, he didn't end up having a sustained career with WWE. 

    Skip right to the shot at 2:33 in the video, or see it in slow motion here

5. Undertaker on Mr. Kennedy

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    The Undertaker created Youtube gold when he bashed Mr. Kennedy with a chair that ended up hanging around his neck like a necklace. 

    In this First Blood match at Survivor Series 2006, the Undertaker had already lost, but he took revenge in a resounding manner.

    The Undertaker is well represented on this list, having dished out some of the loudest chair shots we've ever seen.  His opponents had to have been honored to be in the ring with such a legend, but they also must have been scared to death of the Dead Man once he had a chair in his hands.    

4. The Rock on Mankind

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    Foley and Rock’s I Quit match at the 1999 Royal Rumble is remembered for the gruesome image of a handcuffed Mankind getting cracked in the head over and over with a steel chair. 

    It's hard to pinpoint which one of these shots was the hardest, but the cumulative effect of all of them has to be the worst ever. 

    The original plan didn't have as many chair shots to the head, but both men got carried away.  Foley has always been one to risk his well being in order to please the crowd.

    Many people believe they went too far.  Foley left that night bloodied and in need of stitches. 

    He's lucky he was not seriously injured.   

3. Jeff Hardy on Brock Lesnar

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    Jeff Hardy has taken some of the worst bumps we've ever seen.  He's been famously willing to take big-time, painful risks. 

    He apparently isn't shy about handing out the punishment, either.

    On an episode of Raw in 2002, he delivered a scintillating shot to Lesnar's dome.  What makes the hit have such an explosion of a sound is that he doesn’t hit him with the larger flat part of the chair, but rather the upper area. 

    Right after this, Matt Hardy gets another chair shot in. 

2. The Rock on Ken Shamrock

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    Ken Shamrock took a few chair shots from the Great One over the years, but the second one in this video is just sickening.

    Shamrock is on his knees, egging the Rock on before getting a big metal kiss.  Had Shamrock been legitimately knocked out, none of us would have been surprised.

    The crowd doesn't know how to react.  An uncertain murmur rumbles through the arena. 

    With shots like these, it's no wonder Shamrock didn't stick around with WWE. 

1. Undertaker on Brock Lesnar

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    Lesnar shows up on this list again, making it increasingly clear why he chose to end his WWE career prematurely to pursue an NFL career.

    As much punishment as those guys take, nobody from the Lions or the Dolphins is going to be cracking a chair against your skull. 

    This war between him and the Undertaker at Unforgiven 2002 ended in a double disqualification and in all likelihood, a concussion for Lesnar.

    The bent chair stands as evidence of the destruction of that shot. 

    The Undertaker, knowing just how brutal a shot he's doled out, rests the chair on his shoulder for everyone to see, letting the moment sink in. 


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