WWE Monday Night Raw (1/30/12) Live Blog: Royal Rumble Fallout and More

Kaleb KelchnerContributor IIIJanuary 31, 2012

Hey, Bleachers, this is the live blog for the Jan. 30, 2012 edition of the WWE Monday Night Raw SuperShow.

Last night, the Royal Rumble had no shortage of surprises, and had a great impact on this year's road to WrestleMania.  The final two men left standing in the ring were Sheamus and Chris Jericho, and after plenty of close calls, Sheamus finally sent Y2J crashing to the floor with with a Brogue Kick.  

There has been mixed reaction to Sheamus winning the Rumble, but regardless of what you think of the "Great White", he's going to WrestleMania.

CM Punk successfully defended his WWE Championship against Dolph Ziggler, having to deal with plenty of referee shenanigans.  In fact, Punk had to beat Ziggler multiple times before he finally got the three count.  

Daniel Bryan retained his World Heavyweight Championship against Mark Henry and The Big Show, escaping the cage due to Big Show's grip giving out and dropping him as he attempted to lift him back into the cage with one arm.  

Chris Jericho has teased that he has something to say tonight on Raw, and CM Punk has played along with it, asking if someone has something to say tonight.  Could something spark off between these two?  Also, John Laurinaitis will be evaluated by Triple H tonight to see whether or not he's a fitting Interim Raw GM.  

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