Power Ranking Every NBA Arena

Trevor Lowry@@TheTrevorLowryContributor IJanuary 27, 2012

Power Ranking Every NBA Arena

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    Just as the Staples Center is proudly sponsored by Staples, every team in the NBA is named after some sort of company.

    Although the name itself is not really all that important, every NBA team is home to one of these places that are commonly known as arenas.

    Every NBA venue may not be a Mozart and there are certainly better arenas than others, but they are all great places that are home to a fantastic sport called basketball. 

    So sit back and eat your popcorn or whatever it is you kids eat these days, but most of all, enjoy this power ranking of every NBA arena.

29. Power Balance Pavillion (Arco Arena), Sacramento Kings

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    Capacity: 17,317

    Construction Cost: $40 million

    Just looking at this picture of the Power Balance Pavilion would have most people wondering if an NBA basketball team actually plays there. 

28. Bradley Center, Milwaukee Bucks

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    Capacity: 18,717

    Construction Cost: $90 million

    This arena may not have anything on Wrigley Field, but it is still one of the oldest arenas in the NBA. That is kind of hard to believe due to the fact that it was built in 1988. 

27. Oracle Arena, Golden State Warriors

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    Capacity: 19,596

    Construction Cost: $121 million

    The Oracle Arena is the oldest in all of the NBA and they certainly have some of the greatest fans, but other than that, the arena is pretty mediocre at best. 

26. The Palace of Auburn Hills, Detroit Pistons

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    Capacity: 20,067

    Construction Cost: $70 million 

    The Palace of Auburn Hills (or better known simply as The Palace) may very well have the coolest name of all of the arenas, but that does not make it the best. Not even close. 

    The Palace does hold the most people, so at least Pistons fans can brag about that. 

25. Prudential Center, New Jersey Nets

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    Capacity: 18,711

    Construction Cost: $375 million 

    Although the Nets just started playing here in 2010, their new home is being built in Brooklyn as we speak.

24. New Orleans Arena, New Orleans Hornets

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    Capacity: 18,500

    Construction Cost: $114 million

    Luckily for Hornets fans, this place does not look as bad inside as it does on the outside. 

23. Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland Cavaliers

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    Capacity: 20,562

    Construction Cost: $100 million

    Without LeBron James, Cleveland fans just do not have that much to look forward to anymore. At least their arena isn't the worst in the world.  

22. Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia 76ers

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    Capacity: 20,444

    Construction Cost: $210 million

    This place has been named bank after bank.

    There is nothing outside of the ordinary with this arena. However, people say this place does have amazing acoustics for concerts.  

21. Verizon Center, Washington Wizards

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    Capacity: 20,278

    Construction Cost: $260 million

    There really isn't that bad of a seat in the house at this arena. Unfortunately, a Wizards game isn't the hottest ticket in the world. 

20. Chesapeake Energy Arena, Oklahoma City Thunder

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    Capacity: 18,203

    Construction Cost: $89.2 million

    The Thunder's fans are what really make this arena.

    Having Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook play at this arena every home game is a big reason for that. 

19. US Airways Center, Phoenix Suns

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    Capacity: 18,422

    Construction Cost: $157 million with renovations

    Having two NBA All-Star Games hosted here since 1995, US Airways Center must not be too shabby.  

18. TD Garden, Boston Celtics

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    Capacity: 18,624 

    Construction Cost: $160 million

    Since 1995, the Garden has had its fair share of excitement.

    As everyone may know, the Celtics were crowned NBA champions in 2008, and they also made it to the finals in 2010, but the history at this TD Garden goes way beyond that. 

17. Philips Arena, Atlanta Hawks

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    Capacity: 18,729

    Construction Cost: $213.5 million

    The Hawks are an up-and-coming team that are starting to become one of the better teams in the NBA.

    As they get better and better, the Hawks could only hope for more fans to show up to the games. 

16. Toyota Center, Houston Rockets

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    Capacity: 18,043

    Construction Cost: $202 million

    Being a newer arena, the Toyota Center is rather nice, and the Rockets are finally giving their fans something to cheer about this year.  

15. EnergySolutions Arena, Utah Jazz

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    Capacity: 19,911

    Construction Cost: $93 million

    The statues of Karl Malone and John Stockton outside of the arena are what really make this place so great.

    Amazing fanfare for the Jazz does not hurt either.  

14. Air Canada Centre, Toronto Raptors

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    Capacity: 19,800

    Construction Cost: $265 million

    Besides the fact that this arena is located in Canada, which is a huge inconvenience, this is a great arena with a really good atmosphere. 

13. Target Center, Minnesota Timberwolves

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    Capacity: 19,356

    Construction Cost: $104 million

    The Timberwolves are finally starting to put together a good team that will match very well with their arena, which is definitely above par.

12. Rose Garden, Portland Trail Blazers

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    Capacity: 19,980

    Construction Cost: $262 million

    Being the most popular team in town, the Trail Blazers get more than their fair share of fans every home game. Not to mention, these fans are extremely loud to go with the Rose Garden that has beautiful red seating.

    There is just something about the red that really makes the arena pop.

11. AT&T Center, San Antonio Spurs

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    Capacity: 18,581 

    Construction Cost: $186 million

    AT&T Center has been the home to many legendary Spurs teams, which has created a great amount of memories for these beloved fans. 

10. Time Warner Cable Arena, Charlotte Bobcats

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    Capacity: 19,077

    Construction Cost: $260 million

    Time Warner Cable Arena was opened in 2005. Therefore, it is a very new arena that has its fair share of technological advancements.

    This place is ginormous to say the least. Bobcat fans are very lucky to be blessed with this arena.  

9. FedExForum, Memphis Grizzlies

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    Capacity: 18,119 

    Construction Cost: $250 million

    The FedExForum looks good on the inside and even better on the outside, with its framed glass at the main entrance.

    This place simply just lights up the night.  

8. Pepsi Center, Denver Nuggets

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    Capacity: 19,155

    Construction Cost: $160 million

    Although the Broncos take the spotlight in Denver, the Nuggets are not too far behind.

    The Pepsi Center is an absolutely amazing place that does not really have a bad seat in the whole entire building. The fans of Denver also make the Pepsi Center a great environment to be in.   

7. American Airlines Center, Dallas Mavericks

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    Capacity: 19,200

    Construction Cost: $420 million

    American Airlines Center is easily one of the most technologically advanced arenas in the NBA.

    What better place to go with a great team like the Dallas Mavericks?

6. The Amway Center, Orlando Magic

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    Capacity: 18,846

    Construction Cost: $480 million

    The Orlando Magic have to be happy with their basketball arena. Whatever technological advancements other arenas have, the Amway Center completely puts them to shame.

    Just the arena alone has added a serious boost to the Magic's ticket sales.  

5. American Airlines Arena, Miami Heat

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    Capacity: 19,600

    Construction Cost: $213 million

    The inside of American Airlines Arena is just as good as any other NBA arena, if not better.

    With the unique scoreboard that changes colors and the flames that run through the seating, this arena looks great from head to toe.  

4. United Center, Chicago Bulls

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    Capacity: 20,916

    Construction Cost: $175 million

    The United Center is filled with the presence of Michael Jordan and all of the other Chicago greats through posters and banners. Not to mention, the statue of Jordan is one of a kind.

    This arena is huge on the inside, which doesn't even compare to the magical moments that went down at this place.  

3. Conseco Fieldhouse, Indiana Pacers

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    Capacity: 18,165

    Construction Cost: $183 million

    The architects who designed Conseco Fieldhouse definitely knew what they were doing.

    Although this arena is ranked at No. 3 on this list, there are a lot of people out there who would argue it's the best arena in the entire NBA. 

2. Staples Center, Los Angeles Lakers/Clippers

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    Capacity: 19,079 

    Construction Cost: $375 million 

    Staples Center is arguably one of the most popular NBA arenas and it is home to arguably one of the most successful franchises in the history of the NBA. 

    Luckily for the Clippers, they get to share this stage with this franchise. Sorry Clippers, but the Staples Center is home to the Lakers; you are just lucky enough to not have your own arena so you can play there.

1. Madison Square Garden, New York Knicks

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    Capacity: 19,763

    Construction Cost: $123 million

    Madison Square Garden is the most historic arena out of them all and because of this history, it is hard not to rank MSG No. 1.

    Whether you are a Knicks fan or not, it is tough to find reasons on why this arena isn't the best of all time.