WWE: Chris Jericho's Light-Up Jacket and 10 Other Awesomely Ridiculous Outfits

Giulio Romano@@JayPhoenix77Correspondent IIJanuary 27, 2012

WWE: Chris Jericho's Light-Up Jacket and 10 Other Awesomely Ridiculous Outfits

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    The days of hairy chests and speedos are far behind us.

    WWE Superstars and Divas go out of their way to develop a style that is personal to them in hopes of making it big in this business.

    It's not every day you get to be in front of a large audience, much less viewed by millions so it should be in your best interest not to fail, right?

    Over the years, however, the fans of pro-wrestling have seen their shares of awesome and ridiculous get-ups that have made or broken characters.

    Take Chris Jericho and Brodus Clay for example. Both recently returned to the spotlight and while Y2J is set to enter the best year or his life despite barely saying a word, the Funkasaurus has adopted a gimmick that will quickly fade into nothingness.

    Where is the monster heel we waited for all these months?

    Anyway, maybe he'll shed that horrible skin like a reptile revealing the Son of Kane underneath that will destroy everyone in his path.

    In the meantime, why don't you all come with me as we take a look at some nasty and nice get ups in WWE history. I promise it will be worth turning the pages.

Rick Martel the Playgirl Rabbit?

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    As I went back and forth look through the pages of history in WWE, I came to a complete stop and almost died of shame upon gazing on Rick Martel.

    He was a great wrestler and found success as a tag team Superstar but never got around to capturing that elusive singles title.

    After splitting with Tito Santana in 1989, Rick became The Model and began spraying people with his patented "Arrogance" perfume bottle.

    The man was walking around with a look of disdain on his face but in reality it should have been us gagging at his ridiculous choice of sweaters and hair style. 

    Contrary to what your button states, Rick, you were NOT a model. He was from Quebec, too...sigh!

Damien Demento as I Don't Know What

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    Damien Demento? Really?

    What the hell is that? Interesting choice of words. This character ranks way up there on the list of forgettable/forgotten people. 

    His costume must have been inspired by the Tasmanian devil himself. Someone forgot to tell good old Damien to take his anti-psychotic medication methinks.

    Despite being a laughing matter, his costume is a reminder that anything can happen or appear in WWE.

    If he and those like him wouldn't be around, then no one would have a good time reminiscing about the old days of the company.

Rick the Komodo Dragon Steamboat

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    And to think, this is the same man who was part of the greatest match of all time at WrestleMania III.

    There have been some spectacular moments in this Hall of Famer's career, but his choice of outfit upon his return in the '90s wasn't one of them. It was very cool to see him spit fire, though. That part was salvageable.

    His second stint with WWE didn't quite click, and he chose to leave a little while later. He was one of the greats who never managed to touch the company's top championship. 

    Not a good choice of costume, Ricky.

Saba Simba the Lion King

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    Tony Atlas, another Hall of Famer.

    He claims this new gimmick saved his life as he had been living on a park bench prior to the Vince McMahon phone call. (source: Tony Atlas bio, Wikipedia.com)

    I suppose coming to the ring like this is better than being poor. The character may have been unpopular but it's not like this get up is bad looking after all. Call it a little taste of Africa.

    Speaking of which, I cannot wait to go visit that continent next year for a whole month.

    Lions and zebras and elephants...oh my!

Sherri Martel Was Always Sensational

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    Scary Sherri? Eat your words, Brutus Beefcake; she is in the Hall of Fame and you are not.

    Sherri Martel was a successful Diva before there were any divas and wore the Women's title proudly around her waist. She made the jump to manager in 1989 and took Randy Savage under her wing.

    Other greats later followed like Ted DiBiase, Shawn Michaels and Booker T. 

    There is no denying her taste for over-the-top outfits and sexy dresses. She may have appeared crazy on screen, but no one was further from madness. The woman knew how to push people's buttons and get their attention.

    While Miss Elizabeth was known as the first lady of WWE, Sensational Sherri was its queen.

    Here's a toast to one of the most interesting characters and managers in history. We miss you, Sherri.

Macho Madness at Its Best

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    One of the greatest of all time.

    The fact he isn't in the Hall of Fame still puzzles/angers me. Randy Savage a.k.a. Macho Man was a genius. Very few, barely a handful actually, could do what he did in the ring and where he excelled in he equally excelled out.

    At WrestleMania IV, during the WWE championship tournament, Macho Man changed outfits four times. That is so awesome. Always colorful and lightning fast, it is a no-brainer in thinking he should be inducted sooner rather than later.

    There will truly never be another one like him. RIP Randy, I hope Liz and Sherri keep you company up in the heavens.

Doink the Nightmare Horror

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    Doink the Clown. Oh how I hated him!

    Why couldn't Crush just squeeze the air out of his head at WrestleMania IX?

    This must have been the stupidest gimmick I have ever heard or seen. None of the other in this slide show can compare. This character achieved nothing.

    His presence only made us hate and want to destroy him. It may have been its purpose all along.

    How appropriate to refer to him as "It." There is nothing scarier and more horrific than a clown. I don't care about what the kiddies want.

    No clowns at my birthday parties. Sorry, Marc.

Papa Shango

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    Light up a fatty for this pimp daddy.

    The Godfather was one of the most hilarious characters ever, but in his past life, he was incarnated as a Voodoo witch doctor that caused for black goo to fall all over the Ultimate Warrior.

    Hey, I just had an epiphany! Looking at that smoking skull up there, could Stone Cold have been inspired by Papa Shango in creating his own character trademarks?

    The smoking skull belt, the smoking skull ranch, the smoking skull jacket and T-shirt...not for nothing you know.

    I remember laughing at Papa Shango's numerous incarnations. You just couldn't hide away all the tattoos, so when Kama Mustafa and the Godfather appeared, we knew exactly who they were.

    Poor Papa, he should have left his gimmick there and taken off with one of the hoes.

The Undertaker as the Lord of Darkness

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    The Undertaker was playing the role of Satan during the Attitude Era.

    I renounce you, Satan! I will never side with you.

    Undertaker is the most phenomenal character ever. There is no one like him and he actually radiates an aura of power and destruction. No matter what gimmick or outfit he chose to wear, you would fear him. Nobody messes with the man from the dark side.

    WrestleMania XXVIII is coming closer. Who will stand against him this year? Nobody will ever end The Streak, they will crawl, they will claw and they will fight but in the end, there can be no victory.

    All will fail.

    The Undertaker can never rest in peace.

Melina as Big Bird

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    Melina is one of the greatest Divas in existence and no amount of backstage gossiping will ever change my mind.

    Back in 2010, she had been away from the ring nursing a torn ACL but she did eventually return and challenged then-Divas Champion, Alicia "Botch" Fox at SummerSlam. I was so thrilled to know she'd be in the ring that night and then I saw her.

    I just laughed. It wasn't a bad costume. It was very unusual to say the least. She went all Aztec on everyone and did the split as well. Not only did she return in style, she also regained her title and celebrated in tears with all of us.

    Too bad the celebrating was ruined by Lay-Cool. Lady Wah-Wah got beat up by two mean girls.

Triple H the Destroyer

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    Conan, the adventurer! Conan, warrior without fear!

    Triple H is known as "The Game" and always delivered on his promise to destroy. Prior to his match against John Cena, he appeared sitting on his throne, fully clad in armor and fur under the "King of Kings" moniker. 

    Bow down to the king, the song said, and he would take no prisoners. Hunter has gone through many changes throughout his illustrious career, but this specific costume must have been the coolest ever. 

    It was over the top and out of this world, everything Triple H the character works hard to be.

    Look for him to return next week on RAW to judge John Laurinaitis' work. Maybe that'll be his new thing: the judge, jury and executioner of careers.

Chris Jericho Is the Master

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    Everyone wanted him to return and wouldn't stop bothering him ever since he left. Now it has happened and already there are complaints.

    Don't you understand that this man is a master? He is like the Madonna of pro-wrestling and the champion of reinvention. 

    His light-up jacket is what inspired this article and it is something I don't own yet. Maybe it will be available on WWE.com soon. It is so cool I just have to have one.

    Maybe Y2J will make it shine in other colors down the road. I could see it with white or green lights.

    Didn't he say that this Sunday at the Royal Rumble, it would be the end of the world as we know it and I seem to compare him to a warrior from Asgard.

    It could very well be Ragnarok on the 29th. Loki (Chris Jericho) will betray you all!

There Is No End to the Madness

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    In the end, we are all crazy!

    These are just a few fun, ridiculous and nasty outfits we all have witnessed in our lives as WWE fans. There is no telling what I have missed out on from the 1980s and 1990s.

    Everyone tries to impress and we are all unique in our own way. Sometimes it is too much, but no one decides the cards they are dealt with in life, right?

    I just hope you enjoyed the ride and I ask you this: what other ridiculous being have we had in WWE over the years?

    Comment box me with some goodies or uglies down below.