Blazers Head Coach Nate McMillan Needs to Pull Some Yoda Jedi Magic

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IJanuary 5, 2009

Sadly, two of my 10 reasons on how The Portland Trail Blazers 2009 season could turn into a tale of woe have come true.  First we lost Brandon Roy to an injury, secondly we faced the Los Angeles Lakers.  That is a bit like losing a leg and then being forced to run a marathon. 

Does anyone remember the movie Empire Strikes Back?  If you don't, then you probably live in the middle of the Amazon rain forest, yet even then that would surprise me.  My point is, remember the scene where Yoda is trying to teach Luke the force by getting him to raise his ship out of the swamp where it is stranded.  Except Luke is being a whiney punk going on and on about how it is too hard and he cannot do it.

What does Yoda do?

He gets all mad, lowers his head, and uses the force to lift Luke's ship out of the swamp.  The little guy shows Luke that no matter how small you are, the force can do anything.

Nate McMillan is a Yoda figure, and it is time that he teaches this Trail Blazer team how to win without Brandon Roy.  Because without Roy, we appear to be little more than a powerful spacecraft stranded in a murky swamp, and if the pupils cannot lift the vessel out, it is up to the master to show them how! 

Aldridge is having trouble passing out of the double team, our second lineup is weak, Jarred Bayless is struggling with his shot, and we really do not have time to figure out how to solve it...we need to solve it right now!!  

Because the third part of my 10 reasons we could have a season of woe is up next...Rasheed Wallace and the Detroit Pistons.

And I would rather my predictions be a topic of conversation, not a phrophecy of woe...


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