The Sad Story of 'Twan Walker's Last Days As an NBA Player

Jersey ChaserContributor IIMarch 8, 2017

When I say Tis Tuff, in this case, I mean Tis Tuff. Our dude, ex-NBA star, Employee Number Eight, Antoine Walker, was arrested this morning on suspicion of drunk driving. And when we say suspicion, we mean most likely drunker than a frat dude on a Saturday night.

At least Charles was on his way to get some action, Twan was just alone, drunk, and chillin’ in Miami—and he don’t even play for the Heat.

Notice above we did say ex-NBA player. That is because at this time, Antoine Walker is no longer employed by the NBA, nor had he been for like a week. We do not even think he played a minute this year while he sat the bench for the sorry Grizz.

Riding the pine behind young fly dudes on a team below .500, he was one of your saltiest. Some days I would see him on the bench with a scowl that would give me nightmares for weeks after. That's how salty this dude was.

This is Employee Number Eight we are talking about getting a season's worth of DNPs. He’s only 32, not too, too old. Dudes like AI, Camby, Ray Allen, Kobe, Peja, Stevie Nash, Jermaine O’Neal, and even Big Z, who came out in the 1996 draft with Walker, are still balling. So he asked to be let go, thinking he would be picked up by one of the many teams waiting to get a championship vet.

So the Grizz bought out the rest of his contract. The word is he got 95% of his $9 million contract. Not bad, but that was on Dec. 15. That is darn near a month ago. No love from Boston, Cleveland, San Antonio…I guess those were just rumors, huh?

Rumors are only cruel if someone believes them—and Antoine did. Now he is rich, but jobless, forced into retirement from the sport he loved. So what do you do? Party it up in Miami, what else…

Too bad he thought drinking and driving would be fun. Now, with a DUI on the record, the only way this guy is going to get paid playing basketball is by going overseas. If any teams thought at all about rolling with him, they definitely aren’t going to be now.

So NBA and old school ‘Twan Walker fans (I am talking those that remember him from his days on Kentucky), most likely you have seen him play for the last time.

And you probably remember him from years ago when he was on the Heat. At least that was a good and happy time, but still his face was always distorted like he had smelled something that stunk. So, so long, Twan Walker, this is your official retirement post! Do that shake for us one last time…video here.

(P.S. And why would the officer mention in the police report that Walker appeared sleepy. Was this to insinuate that his eyes were red? Which would leave room to argue that the redness had something to do with smoking a little green plant. Naw.)