Hank Haney: Tiger Woods Finding out He Doesn't Have as Many Friends as He Thinks

Immer Chriswell@@immerrangeCorrespondent IJanuary 20, 2012

HAIKOU, CHINA - OCTOBER 28:  American professional golf instructor Hank Haney speaks during the Hank Haney Academy opening press conference as part of the Mission Hills Star Trophy at Mission Hills Hainan on October 28, 2010 in Haikou, China. The Mission Hills Star Trophy is Asia's leading leisure liflestyle event and features Hollywood celebrities and international golf stars.  (Photo by Athit Perawongmetha/Getty Images for Mission Hills)
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Apparently, friendship is hard to come by for Tiger Woods. Either that, or Woods' former coach Hank Haney has a unique way of showing his friendship.

Haney recently announced he would be coming out with his very own "tell-all" on Tiger Woods. The book so many people have been waiting to see. 

Everything about this book is wrong—the book is all about money for Hank Haney. However, let's think about it: who made Hank Haney all his money? Who put his name on the map?

Tiger Woods.

Tiger was the person who turned Hank Haney from a low to mid-level PGA teaching professional into a legend.

Haney has already reaped his benefits, so why take from the bank that has already made you so much money?

What else about this is wrong? Timing. Hank Haney could have chosen any time to announce this book.

However, he chose the week before Tiger's first tournament of the year in Abu Dhabi. Now, we all know overseas the writers don't get too many shots at questioning Woods, so this book is gold. All they are going to try to do is badger Tiger, and that isn't a good boding for the press conferences.

Let's not forget, Tiger has to focus for his first big tournament of the year. After the past few years that he's had personally, we thought he would have a real chance to capture his momentum and move on in some way. While I really hope Tiger has thicker skin and doesn't allow this to happen, it can't be put out of the realm of possibility.

Now, although I just said this is extremely wrong of Hank Haney, and unprofessional—as Tiger has said—Tiger wasn't exactly thinking in this relationship. Famous people get used all the time. Hank Haney has to be the only person among the inner-circle not to sign an agreement prohibiting writing about Tiger Woods.

Even if Tiger regards him as a friend, Haney—as the others have or would have—understood that it's just the way it had to be. With the life that Tiger was leading and the amount of time he spent with Tiger, there was also that sliver of a chance his coach would eventually let on. Overall, probably one of Tiger's bigger regrets in his career.

Will the drama ever end for Tiger Woods? Can we get a full year where Tiger does not have some person who decides to open their mouth?

Most likely not, because as we are now aware, Tiger's friends aren't turning out to be so kind to him once things end.


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