20 Worst Fan Moments in Baseball History

Mark MillerCorrespondent IJanuary 16, 2012

20 Worst Fan Moments in Baseball History

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    As America's Pastime, baseball provides millions of fans every year with the opportunity to enjoy a few hours every night under the sun, the moon, or in a few cases the roof of an indoor ballpark.

    With great lineups taking the field on a nightly basis, fans have plenty to take in, but oftentimes a few fans take things to the next level, be it a result of peer pressure, boredom, or in many cases, alcohol.

    Some fan altercations on the field have endings that embarrass the fans, while others have left a black eye on organizations themselves.

    With that, here are some of the most negative fan involved incidents in baseball.

Boyfriend Bails on Girlfriend Who Gets Hit by Foul Ball

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    It'd be bad enough if this guy wasn't man enough to try to catch a ball on his own, but after bailing on his girlfriend and letting her get hit, he's certainly lost his man card.

Disco Demolition Night

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    With an estimated 90,000 people showing up for Disco Demolition Night at Comiskey Park after a 98 cent admission was offered in exchange for used records, the evening was destined to fail from the start. 

    Looking back on it, how could anyone possibly think blowing up thousands of records in the middle of an overcrowded stadium would be a good idea?

10 Cent Beer Night Goes Bad

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    On the surface, 10 cent beer night would seem to be a great way to reward fans for their patronage and loyalty to the team. Riiiight.

    After an intoxicated fan attempted to steal a players' hat during play, members of the Texas Rangers ran onto the field in Cleveland, and subsequently a number of fans wielding weapons did the same.

    This caused mass hysteria and ultimately forced the Indians to forfeit the game, as the situation couldn't be immediately controlled.

Steve Bartman Gets in the Way

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    Taking a page out of Jeffrey Maier's playbook, Chicago Cubs fan Steve Bartman became the most hated man in the Windy City in the fall of 2003 when he would interfere with a foul ball during Game 6 of the NLCS.

    The Cubs had a 3-0 lead at the time but would end up falling at the hands of the Florida Marlins, and the curse lived on.

Dad Drops Daughter to Catch Foul Ball

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    Taking a page out of the "How Not to Be a Parent" handbook, this fan felt it more important to get that all-important souvenir baseball than to hold onto his child.

    As expected, his wife was none too happy about the situation.

Phillies Fan Gets Tased

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    Whether the security officer used excessive force on this fan is up for debate, but either way, the city of brotherly love there was no place for this guy to mess around.

Phillies Fan Taken Out...but Not Tased

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    Donning a red skin suit, this fan also made a great attempt to bypass security in Philadelphia.

    It didn't get that far this time around, however, as Matt Diaz stepped into action, tripping up the fan before he could take his antics any further.

Ball Night at Dodgers Stadium

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    Baseballs have long been used as a fan giveaways at ballparks all over the country.

    One day in Dodgers Stadium however it took a turn for the worse, as hundreds of fans opted to donate their baseballs back onto the field in protest of Raul Mondesi and Tommy Lasorda's ejections.

    As was the case with the 10 cent beer night in Cleveland, the Dodgers were forced to forfeit the game.

Fan Attempting to Meet Ichiro Gets Dropped

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    While this fan did stop short of making any contact with players on the field, he still made a huge error in stopping, because it allowed security to go Ray Lewis on him and lay him out.

Fan on Cell Phone Take Foul Ball to the Face

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Twins Fans Throw Hot Dogs at Chuck Knoblauch

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    Fans of the Minnesota Twins enjoyed a great deal of happiness with Chuck Knoblauch roaming the infield for years.

    After he left for greener pastures in New York, he became a villain of sorts in Minnesota and was subsequently booed heavily during every trip to the Metrodome.

    It culminated in 2001 when on dollar hot dog night, a number of fans in the outfield decided to throw hot dogs at Knoblauch, causing play to be stopped and then Twins manager Tom Kelly to head out to the outfield in an effort to calm the fans and restore order.

Bonehead at Home Run Derby Almost Falls from Stands

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    Coming on the heels of the tragic death of a fan in Texas who was reaching for a ball, a fan during the Home Run Derby at this past year's All-Star game did everything in his power to go that extra mile to get a baseball.

Fenway Fan Gets Leveled by Security

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    It looks like a combination of peer pressure and immense alcohol usage came into play here, as this fan decided that taking a jog on the field at Fenway was a great idea.

    Too bad he didn't know that a linebacker of a security guard was in right field ready to lay him out.

Man Falls onto Netting at Yankee Stadium

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    Seriously...how does this happen?

Jeffrey Maier

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    Twelve-year-old Jeffrey Maier became an unsuspecting star in 1996 when his deflection of a ball during the ALCS would give his Yankees a boost after the ball would be ruled a home run despite Maier clearly reaching into fair territory.

    The home run tied the game and the Yankees would ultimately go on to defeat the Baltimore Orioles en route to a World Series.

Astros Fan Manages to Escape Security

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    As we've seen, security has a way of laying out obstructions as they make their way onto the field.

    That wasn't the case in Houston, however, as this fan was able to make his way past all security after a romp on the field and would end up back on the concourse.

Senseless Fan Attack on Brian Stow

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    The 2011 season got off on a poor note, as apparent Los Angeles Dodgers fans severely beat San Francisco Giants fan Brian Stow, causing injuries that Stow is still working to recover from.

    If nothing else, the situation brought attention to the level of intensity that can occur at the game and brought about an increased sense of vigilance around the entire league.

Fans Attempt to Burn American Flag on Field During Game

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    During a game at Dodger Stadium in 1976, the nation's bicentennial year, Chicago Cubs center fielder Rick Monday was manning center field when two protesters took to the field and attempted to burn an American flag.

    Monday quickly swooped into action, immediately taking the flag from the protesters. When asked about the incident, Monday recalled his emotions during the incident:

    I was angry when I saw them start to do something to the flag, and I'm glad that I happened to be geographically close enough to do something about it.

Kid Reaching for Ball Falls onto Warning Track

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    Watching video of this kid hitting the warning track so hard, it's amazing that he was able to immediately stand up, and makes you wonder how he was able to get high enough to vault himself over the rail and onto the field.

Rangers Fan Loses Life After Reaching for Foul Ball

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    An immensely tragic incident occurred in Texas last summer, as Rangers fan Shannon Stone would lose his life after falling to the ground after reaching to grab a foul ball tossed into the stands by Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton.

    The tragedy shook both Hamilton and the entire Rangers community, and the team went to great lengths to pay tribute to Stone, including having his 6-year-old son Cooper throw out the first pitch before game 1 of the ALDS.


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