The Birth of Tebowing: A Brief History

B/R StudiosFeatured ColumnistJanuary 13, 2012

It was brisk fall day in a Denver Broncos bar in New York City.  Denver was down by 15 points in the fourth quarter.  Super-fan Jared Kleinstein sat with bated breath watching the game and praying for a victory. 

Then, the unthinkable happened:  Tim Tebow turned it around and the Broncos pulled out a win!  As the team celebrated, the 24-year-old Kleinstein watched as Tim Tebow knelt down and prayed.  With that, a light bulb went off in Kleinstein's head. 

He briskly left the bar, setup a photo on the street and took a picture with five of his friends in the now-infamous pose. 

And thus, the term, the pose, the phenomenon, “Tebowing” was born. 

A blog and a few thousand hits later, Jared Kleinstein helped ignite the country's obsession with  Tebowing by turning a person into a verb. 

Women, children and small dogs are in on the craze.  And you can get in on the movement too! Simply go to www.Tebowing.spreadshirt.com.  Anyone who “believes” can be a part of it. (For the small fee of $16.99, of course.)    

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