Top 10 Ultimate Frisbee Plays of All Time

Al Rieger@Al RiegerCorrespondent IJanuary 12, 2012

Top 10 Ultimate Frisbee Plays of All Time

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    A couple of these plays were on ESPN's top 10.  Ultimate has moved on from gym class and is played by over a thousand collegiate and club teams nationwide.  It's competitive at the international level as well. 

    Here is a list of the top 10 plays (plus a bonus clip) of Ultimate's short, but exciting history.  

No. 10

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    At the club level, players are expected to layout on almost every play.  This "bid" demonstrates perfect form and timing so the Revolver player is able to knock the disc away.  

No. 9

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    Brodie Smith is like the Kobe Bryant of Ultimate.  He won championships with Florida and was recruited by the club team, Doublewide.  A hammer is an overhand throw that makes the disc turns upside down and cuts through air faster than a normal backhand or forehand.  They are extremely difficult to catch.  

No. 8

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    Beau Kittredge plays on Revolver, an elite club team out of San Francisco, Ca.  They won the National Club and World Club championships in 2010.   

No. 7

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    This layout catch beat out the usual big name sports for ESPN's top play.  This is at the World Ultimate Frisbee Club Championship in Prague.  Andrew Flemming plays for Sockeye.   

No. 6

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    Meet Peter Dempsey who played for the University of Georgia.  A foul was called on the play but was overturned by the observer.  In Ultimate, players call their own foul and when a dispute arises, and they usually do, the observers (not referees) make the final call.  

No. 5

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    Beau again...this catch is famous around the Ultimate community.  He jumps over an opposing player for the sky.  

No. 4

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    A "greatest" is when a player jumps out of bounds and throws the disc back in-bounds to a teammate while still in the air.  

No. 3

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    Tommi Li plays for the Claremont Braineaters in California.  They won the Division III Championship in 2011, held in Buffalo, New York.  He gave everything he had to get to this disc, exploding upward, knowing full well that pain was coming.  

No. 2

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    Machine is a Chicago based club team.  A Callahan occurs when a team has the disc intercepted in their own end zone for a score.  

No. 1

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    Josh Zipperstein put Ultimate on the map with his nasty bid.  The defender lays out for the disc but he fails to keep it out of reach from the speedy Zipperstein.  It was also number one on ESPN's top plays.  Josh Zipperstein is on Chain Lightning, a club team from Atlanta, Georgia.  They won the National Championship in 2009.      

Best Ultimate Trick Shot

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