Michael Phelps Girlfriend: Who Will He Date Next?

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterJanuary 5, 2012

Michael Phelps Girlfriend: Who Will He Date Next?

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    The word on the street is that Olympic swimming superhero Michael Phelps recently split with longtime (see: less than one year) girlfriend Nicole Johnson, a former Miss California.

    Johnson was just one in a long line of beautiful women that Phelps, an American treasure, has been linked to in recent years. 

    Let's take a look back at Phelps' dating history, before we look forward. 

Ex- Lily Donaldson, English Model

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    Phelps dated Victoria's Secret model Lily Donaldson in 2008. 

Ex- Arrie Prejean, Former Miss California

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    Before Carrie Prejean became Mrs. Kyle Boller (how embarrassing...), she was linked to Phelps in 2009. 

Ex- Brittny Gastineau, Socialite

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    In 2010, Phelps was linked with Kim Kardashian's (former) BFF Brittny Gastineau, a socialite who is famous for absolutely no reason. 

Ex- Nicole Johnson, Former Miss California

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    And then in 2011, Phelps found love with another former Miss California, Nicole Johnson. 

    But it wouldn't last...

So Who Should He Date Next?

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    That odd collection of women suggests that Phelps isn't ready to settle down and that he doesn't have a specific type. Ain't nothin' wrong with tha—he's only 26 years old and now is the time to date the girls you wouldn't dream of bringing home to meet mom.

    It's time to ditch the beauty queens and bring on the strung-out actresses and the surgically enhanced bikini models.

    Thanks to the upcoming London Olympics, Michael Phelps is going to be the most talked about athlete in the world in 2012—he really needs a lady on his arm. 

    Here are five potential girlfriends that would add fuel to that fire. 

Alice Goodwin

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    Since the 2012 Olympics are going to be held in London, Phelps could show his appreciation to the host country by dating one of their own. Alice Goodwin is an English glamour model who comes from a fascinating sounding town called Stoke-on-Trent. 

    Goodwin was discovered while sunbathing by talent scouts from the Daily Star, a skeevy English tabloid that scouts talent to appear topless in each issue. Since being discovered for her talent, Goodwin has modeled for a number of men's magazines such as Zoo Weekly, Maxim UK and Nuts. 

    Yep. Nuts

Kim Kardashian

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    Surely this ample-bottomed-broad needs no introduction, but for anyone who's been a coma for the last six years—this is Kim Kardashian. The stunning Ms. Kardashian is famous for three things: 

    1. Having a big a**

    2. Starring in a sex tape 

    3. Dating professional athletes 

    Ms. Kim Kardashian is also well known for being vapid and whiny, with a voice that's irritating enough to make nails on a chalkboard sound like Mozart. But keep in mind that Michael Phelps dated Carrie Prejean—so he's willing to sacrifice a lot for a hot bod. 

Louise Cliffe

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    Because I really like the idea of Phelps dating an English girl in 2012, I'm going to press the issue by suggesting another English model. Louise Cliffe isn't just a model though--she's also a singer, writer and actress. 

    Cliffe has landed the cover of a number of men's mags, such as Maxim, Bizarre, Front, Loaded, FHM, Stuff, Zoo, Ice and Nuts.

    Yep, Nuts. 

    Cliffe has appeared on Big Brother UK with Pamela Anderson and played the role of Sophie James in the horror film Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead. That sure sounds like a winner…

    Professionally overreaching aside, Cliffe would be a great match for Michael Phelps. They could hit up all of the Olympic events together in London. When Phelps returns home a world-conquering hero, Cliffe could join him in the states—which is actually quite practical since she was signed with an American modeling agency in 2011.  

Lindsay Lohan

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    Michael Phelps and Lindsay Lohan could have a mutually beneficial relationship.  

    Phelps likes to have a good time, and Ms. Lohan knows how to have good time. He likes hot broads, and, despite years of seriously hard living, Lindsay is still looking surprisingly good. 

    Lohan has had a rough couple of years and needs to work on improving her reputation—who better to help her get some positive press than American hero Michael Phelps? Every time she'd be seen with him in public, doing something that isn't cocaine, her overall popularity would rise 3-5 percent.

    It's an outside the box match...but this great country was built on outside the box ideas. Just think of me as the Alexander Hamilton of celebrity matchmaking. 

Leryn Franco

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    At the 2012 Olympics in London, all eyes are going to be on Michael Phelps…when they're not on Leryn Franco. This Paraguayan stunner became a global sensation after being spotted competing in the javelin throw at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. 

    Since 2008, Franco has been splitting her time between a successful modeling career and training for the 2012 Olympics. 

    Unlike some of the other girls suggested on this list, Franco is the real deal—the total package. First, we know Phelps likes beauty queens, and Franco was runner-up for Miss Universo Paraguay in 2006. She's an athlete, but not butch. She's super sexy, but not skanky. She's a model, but doesn't appear in any pornographic publications. 

    The girl's got it all and anyone would be proud to take her home to mom.